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President Trump won and will continue to be our President.

Click here to read about the election fraud

But what’s happening is about so much more than just 4 years in the White House. It’s about taking our country back from a globalist organization who intend to turn us into a communist one world nation (New World Order) – they are often called the cabal or the deep state (DS).

Their plan was to crash our economy via the pandemic and then rescue us through a plan called The Great Reset.

The globalists has been running our country for at least 150 years.

Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy were the only presidents to try to stop U.S. money from being issued by private banks (managed by the globalists).

After President Kennedy’s assassination, 200 Generals in our military united to develop a plan to defeat the globalists.

Over the years, the generals groomed their replacements – keeping the number at 200. (Perhaps you remember President Trump saying he has 200 generals behind him).

These leaders asked Donald J Trump to run for President to help them remove the globalists’ stranglehold on the US.

Watch this video please: The Plan to Save the World

In 2017, posts began to surface on anonymous chat boards posing questions, puzzles in a sense. Eventually these posts were signed “Q”.  Who is Q

Others on these boards, now known as the anons, began researching the answers. 

This research movement spread across the country – helping us to learn that the government is not what it seems and the news does not tell the truth.

The Act of 1871 converted the US into a corporation. Read more about that here:The Marshall Report – The US Corporation

President Trump, Q and the military leaders began dismantling the US Corporation on his 1st day in office.

Trump Meetings with World Leaders

The EO noted below is a key component: 

Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election – Sept 12, 2018


Nothing – and I do mean nothing – has been left to chance. The stakes are high, they know it and they are in complete control.

Even now when the main stream media and big tech would have you believe all is lost.

They knew they would cheat and they have been prepared to allow Biden to be inaugurated as an illegal president.

The Military’s oath is to protect the constitution and the citizens.

They are now in charge.

We all want to see action right now. But they control the timing – it is a delicate balance based on key challenges:

  • External enemies both off the coasts and inside the country
  • Potential bombs strategically placed in or near certain cities
  • Antifa & BLM ramped up and waiting in major cities
  • Democrat citizens who genuinely believe their candidate won fair and square – and they hate Trump, so a delicate balance is at play to keep us from civil war
  • And 80 million patriots who are discouraged, disappointed, anxious and uncertain about who to trust (and mostly armed and ready to kick butt)

When Donald Trump discussed being President with his family, it came with the very real possibility that if he didn’t succeed, all of their lives were at stake. They didn’t hesitate because they knew without a shadow of a doubt that he and the military leaders would move heaven and earth to succeed.

“If a bank robber gets out the front door, into the getaway car and around the corner, we don’t just give up. We go after him and bring him to justice!” ~ Juan

When he left the White House on the 20th, he did not look concerned, scared, or defeated. He was in control and ready for the next phase of the battle.

Below are some of the “clues” Trump and the Q team shared with us on the 20th to ensure us they are still in control.

  • If you haven’t noticed, Trump has never conceded. And he has never mentioned transition to the Biden administration – he says “the next administration“.
  • 17 flags stood proudly behind President Trump when he gave his speech at Andrews
  • Eric Trumps tweet that morning closed with the statement “the best is yet to come“, a phrase mentioned by his father numerous times and noted in Q drops
  • The song “Gloria” played when Trump and his family exited marine 1 at Andrews. The same song was featured in the movie “The Called“…this important movie gives hints to the last 60 years.
  • In his farewell speech on 1/19, he emphasized the word “luck” – he said it is a very important word. He said it again in his speech on the 20th.

They continue to share hope with us through various clues every single day. Donald Trump will be reinstated as President.

I am following a few of the anons and various others who are able to give us insights to what’s happening. You can follow my daily updates for critical information here: DAILY UPDATES

For now – learn learn learn – and pray for the standoff between the deep state leaders and the military to cease in our favor.

When Trump returns, it will not be to Washington DC – we will be a new country, and we can start taking back our local communities.

If you’re in Tehama County, follow Tehama Citizens for Freedom groups on telegram, gab or We will be making plans to take back our county.

If you are somewhere, I encourage you to join your local groups if they exist – start one if they don’t.

Where We Go One, We Go All


Author: Shawn

"The burden of suffering seems a tombstone hung about our necks, while in reality it is only a weight which is necessary to keep down the diver while he is hunting for pearls" Jean Paul Richter

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