Q Trump

Who is Q

Where We Go 1 We Go All

In 2017, posts began to surface on anonymous chat boards posing questions, puzzles in a sense. Eventually these posts were signed “Q”.

Others on these boards, now known as the anons, began researching the answers.

General Flynn’s Army – Citizen Journalists

What they learned, and subsequently taught us, is that the government is not what it seems and the news does not tell the truth.

Q Alerts – you can find all of the Q drops here. Search for words and phrases (like habbenings and the best is yet to come). The videos may not be available, but you can read past messages, which include anon questions and Q responses.

X22 Report – 1/10 Show the World

Q – JFK JR – Pelosi – many clues to the Trump JFK connection

Q is the 17th letter


This is one of the many connections made through the Q Drop (Anonymous Messages).

3 replies on “Who is Q”

[…] A neo-military group known as Q has been actively planning the takedown of the deep state for 15 years. The plan went into formal action 5 years ago when Donald J. Trump threw his hat in the ring for President. They’ve been communicating with us through anonymous platforms so we can be prepared and join the fight. You can learn more about that here: Juan O Savin & Q […]


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