Important Videos

Please let me know if any of the videos are not available, we are being censored.


Monkey Werx SITREP 1.22.21

Def. Sec. Chris Miller and FEMA head Pete Gaynor are in charge of the country – 1/26/21

Simon Parkes Interview – Jan 12 – THIS ONE IS CRITICAL TO WATCH

Simon Parkes – Jan 10 Update – BE PREPARED

Great Awakenings- The Plot to Steal America

Scott McKay – The Tipping Point: US Military Ops, The Trump Plan

X22 Report – Patriots Knew The Playbook,Taking Back The Country Was Never Going To Be Easy,Buckle Up


Dominion software altered the count by deleting 2.7 million Trump votes and changing 435,000 votes from Trump to Biden.

I know – sounds like a far fetched conspiracy theory.

But what if it’s true? And what if Donald Trump and his team of intelligence experts knew about this and were prepared to combat it?

The Basics

Dominion Voting Systems is a software program used by many of our government agencies to manage elections. The transactions noted above occurred in this software program.

Hammer is a surveillance tool designed to seek out terrorist activity.

Scorecard is an application that can manipulate voting data.

Michigan – The Case for Decertification


Below are several interviews with experts involved in this sting operation which involves Dominion, Hammer & Scorecard – The bios for each are linked below.

Italian Judge about Leonardo’s Vote Switching

Interview with Dr. Dr. Steve Pieczenik

Interview with Ret Lieutenant Colonel McInnerney

McInnerney 2

McInnerney 1

Interview with Attorney Sidney Powell


Intelligence expert Dr. Steve Pieczenik

Retired Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney

Attorney Sidney Powell (Author of Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice


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