Waiting for Something to Habben

I gotta admit – this is all so stressful!

We hoped for something bigly to happen time and again. I was sure the state legislatures would deal with the election fraud. I was sure the electoral college would overturn the fraud. I was sure the senate kick the EC votes back to the states. I was sure Biden would not be sworn in.

I’m not sure of much anymore – other than this: Trump & his team are still in control.

If you’ve been waiting today for an inaugural event, take a breath. We hope for change soon – but we don’t have all the info and we have to take control of what we can.

My goals:

  • Educate people with truth
  • Open my county without restrictions
  • Create opportunities for people to get involved locally
  • Wait for the country to get dialed in

It’s ok to take a step back. But don’t give up. This isn’t over – it’s just out of our hands. So don’t let it overwhelm you. We got this.

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