X22 Report – Watch the Water

Honestly, the Q drops can be overwhelming sometimes. Scavino and Pompeo post cryptic messages which may or may not connect. Either way, it’s all just a little hard to keep up with.

The X22 Report and several others on Telegram and GAB help connect the dots – BUT they are giving us theory, not fact. Even when they are correct, we may not see the whole picture.

I’ve been limiting my intake. I don’t track every clue, I don’t search every post. I try to find the nuggets and narrow my focus.

X22Report -Watch the Water is a great report.

  • Undocumented immigrants – can travel with a simple sheet of paper given to them at the border (NO ID). Would you open the doors to your home to them? Without knowing who they are?
  • Show me the science! There is tons of evidence showing masks do not protect from virus, social distancing reduces herd immunity, HCQ is an effective treatment, and children are not as affected by covid as they are by the flu. If you have evidence of something else (science) – bring it.

In response to watch the water, one of the anons posted the comment below. I have much interest in knowing when these guys and gals realized how important their job was.

Think about it – they are just scrolling in anonymous chat boards, doin their thing, and suddenly they’re in the middle of a massive game changing puzzle – helping wake up the world.

God bless each one of them for their willingness to get involved and change our lives.

Author: Shawn

"The burden of suffering seems a tombstone hung about our necks, while in reality it is only a weight which is necessary to keep down the diver while he is hunting for pearls" Jean Paul Richter

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