Yes – I’m angry.

I strongly believe there was significant election fraud. Enough to overturn the election. Approx 80m people agree.

Maricopa County, Arizona continues to be a hotbed.

The only question I have is this: why can’t we audit everywhere in question?

If there’s no fraud, or not enough to overturn the election, then what is the harm of letting us examine the ballots and tabulators?

The only correct answer is this:

There is nothing wrong with it. Examine away!

Does that scare you? Are you worried that perhaps we are right? What if we are? What if the fraud is so deep that the results put Trump back in office?

Can you live with that? Or will you be so upset that you won’t even acknowledge that the people you voted for are that corrupt?

Honestly – that’s what should anger you. That anyone would take advantage of all of us.

So yes, I’m angry. Why aren’t you?

One reply on “Yes – I’m angry.”

I am beyond angry, it’s beyond insane that the election was stolen and not much seems to be happening, but biden is sending our country to hell! It’s so so frustrating I want to scream…..WHEN IS ANYTHING GOING TO HAPPEN TO THE LEFT WING COMMUNISTS!!!!
I worked 40 years and served my county, it’s a nightmare I want to wake up from.

Yes we need to get TRUMP back in office FAST!!!!!


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