Covid Updates

Tucker Carlson – Vaccine Truths

Tucker is and has been speaking the truth about COVID19 in general and the vaccine specifically.

In the segment below, he talks about the facts:

  • The vaccine does not protect you from getting covid (it also increases your chances of getting a morphed strain)
  • If you’ve had Covid, you have antibodies that will protect you better than any vaccine ever will
  • People who have been vaccinated are more afraid to go out than people who haven’t been (I haven’t been and I’m one who isn’t afraid – I also won’t wear a mask- period)

Tucker Carlson – Vaccine Realm of Science

Sorry to link to FB – can’t find the segment below elsewhere (although there are tons of anti-Carlson articles popping up when you seRch for it – Ken)

Tucker Carlson – Covid Shot Deaths

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