Sen Ron Wyden – Election Integrity

Sen. Ron Wyden (D) explains why the full forensic audit is vital to restoring election integrity in the USA.

“The vast majority of 10,000 election jurisdictions nationwide use election management systems that run on old software.. ripe for exploitation by hackers.. PA, WI, MI, FL, IA, IN, AZ, & NC among others are all at risk. Even GA, which passed legislation to buy new voting machines is on track to buy equipment that suffers from the significant cyber security weakness.”

“Our elections weren’t secure last week and they sure as heck aren’t secure this week and anybody who says otherwise is either selling you voting machines or simply has a malicious intent towards our elections.”

“At one point in the I.C., both sides seemed to agree that no votes were changed in the 2016 election. And, I said, the experts I talk to say that until you have a forensic analysis of a vote, until you got in there and scrub the whole system, you can’t really say that.”

Author: Shawn

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