Election Fraud Updates

AG Merrick in PANIC MODE

We know there is always election fraud. No one disputes that. The question is: HOW MUCH?

When half the nation believes there is enough fraud to overturn the election, it’s important to simply verify the results to prove either way.

Confidence in the system is indeed important. Stopping audits is not going to provide confidence. It poses more questions:

  • Why do you want it stopped?
  • What are you trying to hide?
  • What else are you trying to hide?

Also – for the record – not one single court has heard ANY 2020 election fraud case. They’ve refused to hear every case brought before them for technicality issues (such as timing or standing). No court has reviewed any of the evidence…and oh boy is there a mountain of evidence.

So this speech, the threats – all panic. And we are ok with that. Keep pushing.

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