CDC Reporting Criteria

There is some concern about the differing data between the CDC reporting of vaccine injuries and the OpenVAERS data.

The CDC data only includes VAERS events that are for domestic patients. However anyone who has been given a US based vaccine can report adverse events, anywhere in the world. This is one of the discrepancies that should be noted.


The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) was created so that ANYONE can report an adverse reaction to a vaccine (doctors, patients, family members, etc).

When a person enters information, that report is given a temporary ID number. If the CDC determines the report meets their guidelines, the event is given a permanent number and is counted by the CDC.

Essentially the CDC is is deciding which events they believe are relevant – that doesn’t mean the other events are not.

Anyone reporting to the VAERS system is saying “hey, I know about a reaction I believe was caused by the shot”. That is more important to me than the CDC parameters.

You can learn more about VAERS and OpenVAERS here: Real Risks

The CDC and Lyme Disease

They do the same thing with Lyme. They established Lyme “guidelines” for tracking purposes in the 80’s based on specific testing available at the time. Since then, better tests have come forward – but the CDC has not updated their guidelines.

I have a positive test – but it doesn’t meet CDC guidelines. That doesn’t mean I don’t have Lyme – it just means I’m not counted in the CDC database.

I am counted in reputable studies who acknowledge my testing. My doctor has been treating me for 7 years. And Social Security classified me as disabled specifically due to Lyme disease.

The CDC acknowledges that only about 30,000 cases are reported each year according to their guidelines, but they estimate the real number is about 476,000. That means 94% of Lyme cases do NOT meet the CDC criteria.

People get hung up on “the CDC says”.

CDC information means nothing.

There’s a great documentary called Under Our Skin about the CDC & IDSA failures and conflicts of interest regarding Lyme. 9 of the 12 authors of the Lyme diagnostic and treatment criteria have proven conflicts with insurance companies, pharmacies, universities and other organizations.

Watch Under Our Skin

Shawn’s Story

I had 5 negative Lyme tests. Doctors understood the symptoms could be Lyme – but they trusted the CDC guidelines. If they had treated me early, I could have been cured. I am disabled and living with horrific pain and sickness because of their failures. Yes, I’m angry.

You can learn more about my story here: Shawn’s Lyme Journey

Author: Shawn

"The burden of suffering seems a tombstone hung about our necks, while in reality it is only a weight which is necessary to keep down the diver while he is hunting for pearls" Jean Paul Richter

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