Conspiracy Theory

This very misguided post is being circulated on FB. The people posting this are doing so as an insult.

It’s not an insult – it just shows their ignorance.

My Response

  1. There are very credible experts – scientist and doctors who share important information. Just because you haven’t bothered to look into the information doesn’t make our experts any less reliable or important. In fact, during a senate committee hearing on outpatient treatment, the doctors supporting this effort had treated thousands of patients successfully – the one and only doctor opposed had not treated a single covid patient. Who do you think is the expert there?
  2. How do you know that our “random people” are random – or wrong?
    • Our random people include the inventor of mRNA technology, the chief scientist of Pfizer, and multiple virologists and immunologists who have been legitimately involved in treating patients and have grave concerns about the shot.
    • When did you first hear of Fauci? He was just as unknown as many of these experts.
    • There is tons of credible evidence. You’ve chosen not to bother to ask questions and to simply believe whatever you’re told. We have chosen informed consent.
    • Sites with dubious credibility – what sites would those be? Sites like VAERS – vaccine adverse event reporting system?

Instead of trying to insult us – how about taking the time to have a conversation with us about why we believe what we believe and where we actually get the information we have?

PS: If you know me – I’d be happy to talk with you about why I believe what I believe. Chances are, if you shared the conspiracy theory post, you don’t even know what we conspiracy theorists believe.

Author: Shawn

"The burden of suffering seems a tombstone hung about our necks, while in reality it is only a weight which is necessary to keep down the diver while he is hunting for pearls" Jean Paul Richter

2 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theory”

  1. Hi Shawn,

    I am glad to discover this group.Out of all my friends, there are only five who appear aware of the agenda this administration is pushing. There were six, but he died in June.

    My research began in 2016, directly after my husband brought to light the Democrat candidates are socialists. Jim directed me to YouTube to search the Netroot Nations 2018 Conference. I viewed them all in succession. I saw Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Cynthia Nixon, Elizabeth Warren, A.O.C., and Tom Steyer and more tell of their desire to change America into a globalist, socialist country. That’s when I turned my attention to the Republican candidates and what President Trump said resonated.

    I had seen what he said and did. I noticed what the liberal media, he called the fake news, were doing to lie about him. To make him appear as a pariah. It’s because he knows what they’re up to and he is the obstacle to stop their agenda.

    On voting night, I was on FB observing how they were counting. It did not match what the conservative news outlet reported. I had counted 300 electoral votes for President Trump! I walked from the TV to my husband in his computer room and announced he’s won! When I returned to my PC by the TV, FB still had not counted the votes for Trump correctly. They weren’t acknowledging his electoral wins.

    So we know the Socialist Progressives cheated.

    I’m well read about the Holocaust. What happened in 1939 Poland especially.
    There are people in this world who have this wicked desire to live as the elite while the rest of the population they allow to live, labor for them! Klaus Schwab is one who desires his Great Reset. He also says that people will have electronics put into their brains. These people believe they are great thinkers. They arent. Gates and these people pushing the agenda like eugenics. I believe the shot is for the sole purposes to depopulate.

    This set up we’re in began in the 1950s. Read the book The Naked Communist by retired FBI agent, W. Cleon Skousen. It is very relevant.

    So when Bush Sr went to the Rio de Janeiro summit, he was introduced to Agenda 21. He promised to implement it in America. It is in one of the federal programs.

    Are you aware of what Agenda 21 entails? Briefly, it moves people off their lands and property to a city with paths. Walking distance. No vehicles. Mass transit. And the space one resides in is a “Stack n Pack.” The kitchen and bathroom are community usage. No private ones. I began looking at the City council meeting minutes one year. A town with Santa (I cannot recall when or the exact name of town because I didn’t write it down). Anyway, I did find evidence of this Agenda 21 occurring. What happens, if I can describe this well enough, is land has a problem. The city just rezones its purpose and uses it for their discretion. I saw the complaints from the community in the Minutes. In Washington state, there is a stack n pack apartment. One can find it online and peruse photos of what the tiny rooms look like. Always, the socialists advertise, “You’ll like it!” No. Can you imagine standing in line to use the restroom? To bathe in a community shower or bath? Having to rely on a community kitchen? Okay, and lastly what I know about Agenda 21 is the powers to be pushing this want our forests, etc., referred to as The Wildlands. No one is allowed there eirher. So they want us stuck in a town, to walk, use mass transit and share! Ick!!!

    What has been happening to California, which is a model socialist state! This summer the forests are nearly gone. The Carr fire and Paradise fires have evidence of a home sliced through like a cake! Fire doesn’t discern. I cannot imagine what did it. I’ve only heard the D.E.W. rumiors. I don’t know what to believe but my stepdad who was in the military and knew much said to me when I was 17, “You won’t believe how our government will screw us over.” When I moved to Portland, he called to ask me not to live on the coast. Move inkand, he said. So after this administration, I get it!

    I listen to In the Market with Janet Parshall. On Fridays, her husband Craig, a Constitutional attorney is on with her. Janet, if you’re unaware, interviews authors. They discuss the book. I had the opportunity to listen to Kimberly Ells, of Family Watch. She wrote The Invincible Family. Per her talk and book the U.N. and P.P. are in cahoots. I heard Abigail Shrier, who has a jurisprudence. No investigative journalist is willing to stick their neck out on researching and reporting the irreversible damage of hormone therapy and surgical multilations on our American children. Abigail bravely did. Her book is titled Irreversible Damage.

    Then my research led me to the sordid, inappropriate C.S.E. which stands for Comprehensive Sexuality Education. Search for Stop the C.S.E. and view the video. It is not Sex ed that teaches puberty. This is outright porn. The philosophy is flawed and is this: Children have sexual rights. It pushes for promiscuity and abortion. K through 12 grades. California is the model and its moving across the USA. Washington school board approved it.

    They want to shape the minds of our children. Corporations data mine schools.

    I’m fed up with the electronic tracking. No privacy and I’m a Mama tiger when it comes to harming any child. I love all children. I studied Early Childhood Education because I wanted a job that left a positive outcome for our country. I did not want to brainwash them. Just be a loving, caring guide to give them opportunities to explore their world and make their own decisions. Hoping that their brains develop optimally. I have been ill 20+ years and had to quit work. I cannot do it. But, I had the opportunity to be with my grandchildren. While attending Shasta college, which has an excellent ECE program, I ran into disconnected youth at the bus stop. Everyone has the freedom still to choose their path…..but that disturbs me when I see Americans making such poor chioces. I don’t believe in writing off a person unless they’re so immersed in evil that prison is where they belong.

    I refuse to leave this world until I know our children of Tehama County have the American freedoms restored! We have no channel subscription because all or most shows and movies have the sickening liberal themes. But, regardless of UTube being google’s, we view the History Traveler who visits areas where our American soldiers fought to keep freedom. Last night we saw again what occurred in WWII at beaches of Utah and Omaha. These socialist, NWO fools slap the faces of our soldiers who fought and gave all and to our living vets.

    I always thought when the battle comes, I’d be armed in a safe place guarding the children. That’s my speciality is caring for children. I think it may be different. I don’t know because my knees gave out last year training with my husband, Shotokan karate and I have more physical problems.But! I am refusing to succumb to them but you know too what an ill body can do. A will of its own.

    I’m fighting mad. I will not comply. Our town, if everyone will agree to not comply, I see we’ll make it! I want to fortify our perimeters! I want to prepare for what they have planned next to break us. I won’t break. We have King Jesus! will die fighting for the freedom of our adult children and all if theirs! I’m concerned how to protect everyone from this creeping desolation. I will not leave this world with us and our children in bondage!

    Thanks for reading if you made it here. I’m passionate about this. And I sense we do need to realize the monsters in our administration. I am not a violent person by nature. I pray this can be peacefully resolved in America. But my gut is saying prepare for the worst.

    Yours truly,


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