Victims, Enemies, Warriors

Last night a young woman was brave enough to share that last year she had been angry with me over my stand on the mask mandates. She feels bad about that because she sees now that she was wrong.

She was scared. Mostly for her kids. She was terrified they would catch covid and die. Of course she was scared – THAT’S THE MESSAGE BEING SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS!

This young woman has done absolutely nothing wrong. She was trying to protect her kids based on information from people she trusted.

This is brainwashing – absolutely. I would go so far as to say it is mentally and emotionally abusive. When someone you trust – in this case government representatives, public health officials, doctors, and school officials – give you false information designed to terrorize your emotions, THAT’S ABUSE.

Up until the last few weeks, the covid death rate was 2 deaths per million per day. That’s the same as the seasonal flu. It’s a little higher right now and we need to understand why.

They want us to believe it’s the unvaccinated – but that’s not true. Many of those who have been hospitalized or who have died are vaccinated.

The last we were told, 50% of those hospitalized were fully vaccinated. You aren’t considered fully vaccinated until 2 weeks after your 2nd shot (1st shot for a one shot dose).

Dr. Ryan Cole is an immunologist and virologist – one of the leading experts on this subject. He has been speaking out about how the shot works and his concerns about it.

In the video below, he states that scientist gave just the spike protein (without the virus) to otherwise healthy animals – many developed the same sickness as COVID19.

Dr. Ryan Cole Video

So if 50% of those hospitalized are fully vaccinated (I hate calling it that), how many of the other 50% have gotten one or both shots but aren’t considered fully vaccinated?

Are some of those people sick because of the shot?

We deserve answers to our questions. The experts speaking out against the shot need to be heard. You can find more of their videos here:

Info About the Shot

It is time to stop being a victim and start being a warrior.

It’s time to identify who our enemies are and take a stand against them.

It’s time to recognize others who are being victimized and help them out of that state of mind – with love and compassion.

If you are not yet in this fight and you want to be, but don’t know how – get in touch with me at

Let’s do this together.

Author: Shawn

"The burden of suffering seems a tombstone hung about our necks, while in reality it is only a weight which is necessary to keep down the diver while he is hunting for pearls" Jean Paul Richter

One thought on “Victims, Enemies, Warriors”

  1. I just love this so much Shawn. I’m so grateful I got to share with everyone & mostly be able to let you know that I was wrong for attacking you. It’s such a beautiful thing to be able to step away from the brainwashing and learn that your own research is key, to listen to all sides and never just one, to move without fear, teach our children how to be leaders & not victims, that it’s okay to make a mistake but to always be humble & show compassion & to apologize when you are wrong. Last night was truly a perfect picture of community, unity, forgiveness and a room filled with Freedom Fighters/patriots. Ready to stand up against tyranny & expose the truth. Thank you Shawn & to the many others that have created a place for just that.

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