Watch The Water

In this new documentary, Dr. Ardis shares what he has learned about covid treatment.


According to Dr. Ardis, Remdesivir is essentially rattlesnake venom.

And get this! Rattlesnake anti-venom is monoclonal antibodies.

Sooo – remember when they started having 2 standards of care?

  1. If a patient had the shot, they were given monoclonal antibodies
  2. If they had not had the shot, they were given remdesivir

Billboard: 30x more likely to die

There are billboards in town that says those who haven’t gotten the shot are 30x more likely to die from covid. Are you taking this information at face value? Or are you doing research to better understand it?

The very small print on the billboard notes that the data came from a 3 day period.

During those 3 days, were they giving the same treatment to everyone or were those who hadn’t gotten the shot being poisoned with snake venom?

Why aren’t more people furious that this is happening?

Early Treatment

Dr. Ardis shares his recommendations for early treatment – nothing we didn’t already know but it’s nice to have resources.

Prescription Treatment: Dr. Ardis has teamed with telemedicine doctors available who will prescribe appropriate medications as needed – see prices below. Contact them below – I will also add them to our list of doctors providing early treatment.

Contact them here:

Synergy Pricing:

  • Long Haul Membership: $99
  • Wellness Visit: $150
  • Sick Consult $250
  • Rapid Consult: $500
  • 5-7 Day Care Pass $500+

Yes – the cost for covid treatment is high. And not covered by insurance. This is common across all telemedicine doctors treating covid and other conditions where doctors are putting their licenses on the line to treat patients outside the CDC guidelines. I learned that with tickborne disease. It’s infuriating.

Natural Remedies: He recommends Zinc, C, Quercetin & N-acetyl l-Cysteine (you can learn more on our Natural Remedy page)

You can order all here:

I truly believe in the natural remedies.

I make homemade tonic water (quinine). During times when people are sick (with any virus), we take a Tbsp a day (add it to a cup of tea or take like a shot with a little honey). The people I know who take this regularly don’t get sick! It’s easy and worth a try!

There is also strong evidence showing that people with low D get symptoms. If you think you have lower D, get out into the sun and supplement (especially during the winter).

Author: Shawn

"The burden of suffering seems a tombstone hung about our necks, while in reality it is only a weight which is necessary to keep down the diver while he is hunting for pearls" Jean Paul Richter

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