Tehama Citizens for America

Blind faith means nothing.

We aren’t getting truth from the media. Big tech is censoring us.

So we have to look for the truth – and weed out the lies and disinformation.

Introduction – START HERE

The Theory of Devolution – by Pat Patriot. The short of this theory is that the electoral college count was not legally done and President Trump has continued as commander in Chief. The clear question that comes with that is this: why did he allow Biden to appear to be President and ruin so much of this country? The answer – because he needed us to feel the pain of what’s happening so we are ready to make a change. I truly believe he can fix all of it.

The Wartime President – by SLAG

This 4 part theory talks about possible avenues to Trumps return, but it also incorporates how and where we are now.

There are people abandoning the Trump / Q ship because they do not see enough happening. But take a look at the list below (from the intro) of how much the Deep State has failed since Trump left office.

I don’t claim to have all the answers. I’m just trying to find as much truth as I can.

A few more things to learn about:

Who is Q

Juan O Savin

Trump & Tesla Connection