Unmasked: The Truth About 2020

There’s a new video at FrankSpeech.com titled “Unmasked: Has the truth about the 2020 election been uncovered?” which compiles some of the ways the 2020 election was stolen. Take 16 minutes to refresh your mind on what occurred in 2020.

Link: https://frankspeech.com/video/unmasked-has-truth-about-2020-election-been-uncovered

We cannot simply move on to 2024.

We have to go back and fix 2020.


House of Representatives

Kevin Kiley (R-CA) shared that the House “voted to end Biden’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers and passed the Pandemic is Over Act to end the national COVID emergency.”  Biden & Newsom both have stated that the pandemic is over – well, they’ve scheduled it to end on May 11.  

Read Kevin’s blog post here:  Taking the Gavel | Capitol Quagmire (electkevinkiley.com)


Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has introduced 7 pieces of legislation aimed at protecting our freedoms.  These are:

1. No vaccine passport act

2. Doss’s act (organ donations will be allowed for those who don’t want the shot)

3. Ending Discrimination in COVID-19 Treatments Act

4. No Vaccine Mandates Act (protects parents rights)

5. Parental Rights Protection Act

6. No Mask Mandates Act (prohibits mask mandates on public property and transportation)

7. Let Them Learn Act (DC has a school vaccine mandate that prohibits kids 12-15 from attending school without the shot)

Read more about these bills here:  Sen. Cruz Reintroduces Bills to Protect American’s Essential Freedoms by Blocking Current and Future Government COVID Mandates | Senator Ted Cruz (senate.gov)

Shasta County BOS Boots Dominion


Whether you believe there is election fraud in our county (and country) or not, every one of us should be able to know for a fact that it doesn’t exist.

It’s not enough for election officials to simply say it. They ought to be able to prove it. Can they? With machines – can they actually prove that fraud doesn’t exist? Can they show me that MY vote counted fairly?

The Shasta County Board of Supervisors have determined that there is enough question with the Dominion machines to be concerned. So they are cancelling their contract.

Learn more about the Shasta BOS decision:

Shasta County Agenda Item Jan 24, 2023


Courtney Kreider interview with Shasta Supervisors Kris Kelstrom & Patrick Jones – the Supervisors discuss why they made the decision to cancel the Dominion contract.

Jan 24, 2023 Shasta BOS Meeting – Watch discussions during the meeting with the County Clerk, Cathy Darling and the Supervisors.

So what about Tehama County?

We use Dominion machines. We have very outdated voter rolls. And many of us have concerns.

I personally believe our Elections Clerk is doing her job “by the book”. I do not believe she is corrupt. However, she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know! And she has been less than willing to hear and understand our concerns.

My expectation of EVERY elected official is that they be 100% transparent – more than that, they should be looking for ways to instill trust with their constituents.

During the last election, my daughter noticed a blue, ethernet cable connecting the voting machine to a small black box when she was casting her vote. Upon hearing about it, my husband looked for it when he cast his vote and then asked the poll worker about it. She told him it was a power cord. A few hours later, a third person who went to vote noted that there was no blue cable.

It clearly was not a power cord. So I have 2 questions:

  • Why was an internet cable connected to the machine?
  • Why did the poll worker lie about it?

These are very small, but important, examples of why WE THE PEOPLE are concerned about our elections.

What can we do?

The Board of Supervisors are the decisionmakers about the contracts we issue. Like Shasta, they can cancel the Dominion contract and look for alternative solutions.


This is an uphill battle. We need people who are willing to dig in and do some work. We need to review voter registration data, canvas to verify the data, learn about the issues with machines and work to find solutions to ensure we have free and fair elections. We need to talk with our elected officials about our concerns and ask them to take action.

We also need to be prepared to be part of the solution!  How will votes be counted?  Who will count them?  Who will observe the counting and ensure it is being done fairly?    

Start by learning about the issues. I have shared a lot of information here on this website – read, watch videos, study data shared by experts.

Talk to our elected officials and insist they learn as well. A copy of this message is being sent to the Tehama County Board of Supervisors. I encourage you to follow up with them – their contact info is listed below.


Got questions? Or just want to chat? Reach out: shawn@tehamafreedom.org

Can the President and VP be from the same state?

The answer is Yes. But there is a catch!

When voters cast their ballot – we vote President & VP together – it doesn’t matter if they are from the same state.

But when the Electoral College votes, they vote for each position separately. And only one of those positions can be from the state they represent.

So if the Pres & VP candidates on a ballot are both from Texas, the Texas Electors can only vote for one of them and have to give the other vote to someone else.

In 2000, Bush and Cheney were in fact lboth from Texas, but Cheney registered to vote in Wyoming so it wouldn’t become an issue. They ended up with 271 EC votes (270 are required to win). If Cheney had been a Texas registered voter, the Electors would have had to choose between Bush & Cheney. Texas has 32 EC votes so one of them would have received only 239 votes.

Learn more: https://history.house.gov/Institution/Electoral-College/Electoral-College/


On Jan 6, 2023, the 9 Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will meet in conference to vote (only 4 needed) to move to a hearing on Docket #22-380:

Brunson vs. Alma S. Adams et al (Biden, Harris, Pence & 385 Members of Congress)

The lawsuit claims the defendants have broken their oath of office “by voting AGAINST the proposition (that came from members of congress) to investigate the claims that there were enemies of the constitution who successfully rigged the election”.

These defendants have all taken this oath: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

When confronted with evidence of election fraud, all of these defendants voted to NOT INVESTIGATE the evidence.


After the 2020 election, 100 members of Congress claimed there were threats to the constitution by way of fraud in the 2020 election. The defendants were required by their oath of office to investigate these charges – whether they believed there was fraud or not. They voted not to investigate. This is a clear violation of their oath.


The lawsuit asks that the defendants be permanently removed from office, and not allowed to hold a public office again.

In addition, the complaints have requested criminal investigation.

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CASE: http://ralandbrunson.com/History/History.html

Send a Letter to SCOTUS

Please take a moment to send a letter to SCOTUS in support of this case. You are welcome to copy the short letter below or write your own.

Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, N
Washington, DC 20543

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.
Associate Justice Clarence Thomas
Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor
Associate Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr.
Associate Justice Elena Kagan.
Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett
Associate Justice Neil M. Gorsuch
Associate Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh
Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

RE: Brunson v. Alma S. Adams et al

No.: 22-380

Dear Justices,

I support Brunson v. Alma Adams et al.


Name Date

The Brunsons have a longer letter you can use at the link below.

Write Letter to SCOTUS

IMPORTANT! Send a copy of your letter to:

Loy & Raland Brunson 
4287 South Harrison Blvd. # 132
Ogden, Utah 84403

#StandWithScotus #BrunsonBrothers #BeHeard #DoYourJob #OathOfOffice

Military Flights 12-12-22

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about military flights. Seeing an uptick lately!


Boeing E-3 Sentry is an American airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft developed by Boeing. E-3s are commonly known as AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System). It provides all-weather surveillance, command, control, and communications.


Boeing E-6 Mercury is an airborne command post and communications relay The E-6B conveys instructions from the National Command Authority to fleet ballistic missile submarines (see communication with submarines), a mission known as TACAMO (“Take Charge And Move Out”).

P-8 Poseidon

P-8A Poseidon is designed for long-range anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-surface warfare (ASuW), and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions; it is defined by a unique combination of state of the art sensors, proven weapons systems, and a globally recognized platform.

Air Refuelers

Pegasus & Stratotankers are air refuelers. When you see air refuelers circling, you can assume there are likely fighter jets being refueled.


Hunter Hawkers & F5s

Overvoting / Undervoting

Overvoting occurs when you select more choices than you are allowed. Example – if there are 2 candidates for 1 position but you select both candidates.

Under voting occurs when you don’t select the full number of options. Example: you do not select an option or if there are 2 positions available and you only select one.

What happens to your ballot in these circumstances?

If you vote by mail:

When your ballot is run through the tabulator, the election worker will be notified of the over or undervote and the ballot will be sent to adjudication.

Adjudication is when an elections supervisor reviews the ballot to try to determine what the voter intended. If you overvoted but clearly marked an X through one of the choices and wrote your intended choice, they will correct that in the computer.

If they cannot determine your intended choice, they will invalidate that race (not the whole ballot, just the specific selection).

If you vote in person:

When you insert the ballot into the tabulator, a notification will appear showing overbite or undervote. You have 2 choices:

  • Accept the ballot as is. (Undervotes will be entered as is, the entire race for an overvote will not be counted.)
  • Eject the ballot and ask for a new one so you can re-do the entire ballot.

Ballot Transfers

Yes – It Happens!

Do you know someone who turns their ballot over to a nonprofit or someone else?

I’m looking to talk with people who are willing to have a conversation.

People who:

  • give their ballot to someone else
  • receive ballots from someone else
  • drop ballots at poll boxes on behalf of an organization

Email me to have a confidential conversation: shawn@tehamafreedom.org

Movie Premier – “Crossroads: One Woman’s Path to Justice”

This is the story of a courageous woman and the inter-agency team, across 2 counties (Tehama & Shasta), that fought for justice – and her life.

Last night, my husband and I attended the premier of the documentary “Crossroads: One Woman’s Path to Justice”. This is the story of a courageous woman and the inter-agency team, across 2 counties (Tehama & Shasta), that fought for justice – and her life. Corning Observer Article

courage (noun)
the ability to do something that frightens one

Every person in Lisa Dawson’s path to freedom – the dispatcher, officers, advocate, doctors, investigators, attorneys, counselors – had to play his or her role perfectly to get and keep the attacker in custody and ensure the victim felt safe enough to take every next step.

When the movie is publicly available, I will share how you can watch it. In the mean time, I wanted to share some important information about local resources and what you can do if you know or see someone being abused.

Shasta & Tehama counties both have organizations who work with law enforcement and the district attorney’s office to help victims of domestic violence. GET TO KNOW THEM! Check out their websites and learn about the programs they have available.

Some of the resources available through Empower Tehama & One Safe Place are listed below.

  • Emergency & Transitional Housing
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Victim Advocacy
  • Prevention & Education & Intervention
  • Sexual Assault & Trafficking Programs
  • Community Outreach

See their websites for additional information and other resources & programs.

Empower Tehama 24-Hour Crisis Hotline 530-528-0226
One Safe Place (Shasta) 24-Hour Crisis Hotline 530-244-0117

How YOU Can Help

Whether you have a friend you think is being abused or your see signs of abuse in a stranger, most of us have no idea how to help. Fear for their own safety or of putting the victim in further danger often prevent bystanders from getting involved.

Knowing both what to do and when to do it can be a tricky combination. Below are my thoughts along with a few links on how and when to get involved.

Start by learning what local resources are available. Keep the Crisis Hotline numbers in your phone or on small slips of paper to share with someone who needs help.

Call 9-1-1 if someone is in immediate danger.

Helping Someone You Know

  • Contact Empower Tehama or One Safe Place – they do this every day and can advise you on how to help
  • Let the victim know you are concerned about their safety – ask if they need help and tell them about local resources
  • Offer a ride to one of the organizations listed above
  • Explain that free, confidential help is available help for victims and their children
  • Let them know they’re not alone
  • Be patient – the mental control abusers have over their victims is difficult to understand; it may take numerous efforts for a victim to get help
  • The most dangerous time is when a victim leaves an abusive relationship – professional advocates can help them create a safety plan so when they are ready, they don’t have to try and figure out where to go

Helping a Stranger

  • Assess the situation – engaging may be unsafe for you and the victim
  • Discreetly make eye contact with the victim – they may be feeling very alone and isolated, let them know you see them
    • If you can safely do so: ask, whisper, or simply mouth “are you ok?” or “do you need help?”
  • Be an active witness
    • Make note of descriptions, details and vehicle information
    • Take photos or videos (if you can do so safely and discreetly)
  • If you don’t think 911 is warranted, but you think they need help, go to an area you can talk privately and call Empower Tehama or One Safe Place and ask for their advice

Voting – Nov 8 2022

Tehama County Polling Locations

Drop Box Locations & Info

The League of Women Voters put out a voters guide which explains the National and state positions & propositions.

Easy Voter Guide

I’ll be voting Republican for those that are party designated – below are my thoughts for the non- positions and propositions and how I plan to vote.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Lance Christensen has had massive support from conservative mama bears! He’s my choice.

Tony Thurmond (current Sup) – endorses by Nancy Pelosi, Alex Padilla and the Democratic Party.

California Supreme & Appellate Court Justices

California Court Justices are appointed by the Governor. Newly appointed judges are listed on the ballot during the next gubernatorial race. This is a YES /NO vote for a 12 year term – they will be listed again at that time. Take the time to read about the individuals and decide whether you want to vote to keep them in their roles. Keep in mind that if Brian Dahle (R) wins the election, he would be in the position to appoint the new justices.

JusticeAppointed byMy Vote
Patricia GuerreroGavin Newsom (D)NO
Martin J. JenkinsGavin Newsom (D)NO
Joshua GrobanJerry Brown (D)NO
Goodwin LiuJerry Brown (D)NO
Stacy Boulware EurieGavin Newsom (D)NO
Laurie M. EarlGavin Newsom (D)NO
Harry HullPete Wilson (R)YES
Peter KrauseJerry Brown (D)NO

State Propositions

I’m in agreement with all but Prop 31 in the Reform California Voter Guide. Decide for yourself what you think is important – my decisions are below.

PROP 1: Reproductive Freedom

My Vote: NO – Prop 1 isn’t about healthcare – it’s about politics. This proposition allows for abortion up to and including birth. I personally believe life begins at conception. I understand their can be circumstances when difficult decisions need to be made, but I am not in agreement with a blanket law allowing abortions at all stages of pregnancy.

The questions you have to ask yourself:

  • When does life begin?
  • Does this proposition allow for abortion after that point?


PROP 26: In -Person Sports Betting in Tribal Casinos

My Vote: NO – This gives more power to 5 wealthy SoCal casinos that are behind this proposition. It hurts small business.


PROP 27: On-line Sports Betting

My Vote: NO – Online gambling creates too much opportunity for youth involvement.


PROP 28: Funding Arts & Music Education

My Vote: NO – Arts & Music are important, but I’m not convinced this is the right solution.

There is NO formal opposition to Prop 28. Opponents argue that the measure would limit schools’ options to navigate future budget crises.

“Proposition 28 would require the state to set aside 1% of revenue in the general fund for arts education in K-12 public schools.”

Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California, believes Prop 28 would lead to budget cuts in core education programs like reading, writing, and arithmetic.

“Prop 28 sounds good on the surface — more funding for arts and music — but the language is fatally flawed to allow diversion of funding from other education programs that are already not meeting the performance goals we’ve set,” says DeMaio.

He further notes, “California’s public schools are failing and it isn’t because we aren’t offering enough music and arts programs – it is because we have a total lack of accountability within the bureaucracies that run these school districts.”

PROP 29: Kidney Dialysis Clinic Requirements

My Vote: NO – dialysis patients are they will not be able to get proper treatment. Prop 9 is too restrictive. Dialysis patients, nurses & doctors support NO on this proposition.


PROP 30: Income Tax on Millionaires for Electric Cars

My Vote: NO

“The state of California recently ruled that 90% of rideshare vehicles must be electric vehicles by 2030. Lyft is trying to force the taxpayers to foot the bill – rather than spend their own corporate money to support their drivers and comply with the new law.”

“Prop 30 revenue will be put in a special interest lock box overseen by an unelected board, redirecting general fund monies traditionally used to support California’s public schools, teachers and students.”


PROP 31: Yes or No to Banning Flavored Tobacco Products

My Vote: YES – Prop 31 makes it more difficult for youth to get their hands on addictive tobacco products. (Note: the major tobacco companies oppose prop 31)




Below is a link to the local candidates who will be on the November ballot, including contact info.

Tehama Candidates on the Ballot

Ask the hard questions – share answers with your community.

Questions for City Council & School Board Candidates

IF ANY CANDIDATES are willing to answer the questions on the above link, I would be happy to share those answers here!

RBJUHS District Board

  • Barbara Klotz is a conservative who has been supporting our group and coming to rally’s. I support her candidacy! She’s the only one I know anything about.

Red Bluff City Council

I don’t live in the city limits so I don’t get a vote, but their decisions still impact those of us who call Red Bluff home.

Who I would vote for if I were in the city limits:

  • Kris Dieters is a current councilwoman and is aligned with the majority of our local political beliefs. There is a talk about a recent decision made by Ms Dieters and 2 other councilmen in regards to Dog Island Park being a designated homeless encampment. Before you write them off, talk with them. The 3 that voted this way are and have been representing the people of Tehama County as we would want to be represented. Get the full picture before voting out the good ones!
  • Pat Hurton is a long time resident of Red Bluff, retired law enforcement officer, and pastor. He is also the current chairman of Christian Peace Officers of Tehama County. He has been attending the council meetings for quite some time and has been disappointed with some of the decisions made in the past. He sees the need for good, local representation and wants to make a difference.
  • Johanna Jones is also a current councilwoman. She is often aligned with Ms Eyestone. However – compared to those listed below, she is a less problematic choice.

Who I would not vote for:

  • Danielle Eyestone is a current councilwoman and former mayor pro tem. She was removed as mayor pro tem last year when she became visibly and verbally angry toward the other councilmen about an incident that she believed was a violation of the Brown Act (which is designed to ensure public transparency). She ended up walking out of the closed session meeting. The DA ultimately determined no violation had been committed. However 3 of the other councilmen (Parker, Dieters & Gonzales) determined her behavior was not appropriate for someone leading the council; they voted to strip her of her title as mayor pro tem. KRCR Article
  • Cody Strock ran for council 2 years ago. He is young, which is not in and of itself a bad thing! But his grand ideas, which sound good on the surface, are not realistic. When problems were pointed out to him during the last election, he became defensive and argumentative. Ask the very hard questions – but make sure you have the same conversations with some of the other sitting councilmen (Kris Dieters, JR Gonzales, Clay Parker).
  • Colton “Magi” Douglas Epperson is clearly connected to Strock. Check him out on FB.

Measure E

PLEASE VOTE NO! Measure E would repeal and replace City Council ordinance 1063, which was developed through an extensive Committee process that ultimately provides accountability among government officials and commercial cannabis businesses within Red Bluff.

Contact City Council members Kris Dieters, JR Gonzales, Clay Parker to better understand the impact of Measure E.

Measure E Text


Cannabis dispensaries, distribution, delivery, cultivation, manufacturing, microbusiness, and testing laboratories are currently allowed. In fact, three dispensary permits have already been approved for operation within the City of Red Bluff.

Passage of Measure E would rescind and replace City of Red Bluff Ordinance 1063 and while it would not invalidate the permits and development agreements that the City has diligently been working on for the past two years, current permittees may not be re-permitted at their annual review under Measure E.

Measure E has several legal deficiencies that would subject it, and the City, to legal challenges and at least partial invalidity:

(1) the residency preference would subject commercial cannabis permit applicants potentially violating our Constitution’s Commerce Clause, Privileges and Immunities Clause, and Equal protection Clause,

2) the restrictions on criminal background of applicants could be unconstitutionally vague; and

(3) the process for revoking commercial cannabis permits may violate a permittee’s procedural due process rights.

Finally, there are ambiguities within the Measure that will complicate implementation if passed and Measure E does not reflect best practices for commercial cannabis permitting ordinances.

Measure E would have a detrimental financial effect on the City because the initial fees will likely not cover the City’s costs of processing applications, requiring a subsidy from the General Fund. Additionally, Measure E does not provide for public benefit payments in connection with their applications. The financial loss to the City if this Measure is passed is estimated to be approximately $400,000 annually. Furthermore, Measure E allows consumption lounges within the City, while City of Red Bluff Ordinance 1063 does not allow consumption lounges.

The City Council is opposed to Measure E. It is unnecessary since the City has passed Ordinance 1063 which already permits cannabis operations within City limits and urges the public to vote No.

s/Kris Deiters
Councilmember Kris Deiters, Mayor

Letter to the Editor RB Daily News

“This is a misguided and ill-informed effort to remove and replace Red Bluff’s recently adopted Cannabis Ordinance. The language contained in Measure E to replace the ordinance has already been rejected by the City Council, after legal counsel determined that several clauses are non-enforceable and would subject the city to expensive and lengthy litigation.”


In February 2022, the City Council of the City of Red Bluff adopted Ordinance 1063 which authorized Commercial Cannabis dispensaries, manufacturing, cultivation, delivery, and microbusinesses within the City of Red Bluff.

Measure E seeks voter approval to repeal and replace Ordinance 1063 with an ordinance that would amend the Zoning Chapter of the Red Bluff Municipal Code to permit and regulate commercial and personal marijuana or cannabis activities.

Measure E would not invalidate the cannabis storefront permits or development agreements currently in place pursuant to Ordinance 1063, however the permit renewal process would be modified and there is no guarantee that the current permit holders meet Measure E standards for re-permitting.

Measure E would allow the following state commercial cannabis license types to operate in the City: storefront retail, retail delivery (non-storefront), microbusiness, manufacturing (including volatile), distribution, testing, cannabis events, and indoor cultivation. It would also permit cannabis consumption lounges if permitted by state law.
Measure E allows 1 storefront retail business, delivery retailer or consumption lounge for every 5,000 people in the City.

Measure E establishes a “first come, first served” process for selecting applicants to obtain a retail or consumption lounge cannabis permit. The City must select applicants based on a ranking system of “social equity” factors which prioritize applicants living in or within 10 miles of Red Bluff for the last two years.

Cannabis businesses must be at least 500 feet from schools, day care facilities, and youth centers when established.

Retailers may operate in the central, historic, and general commercial zoning districts, and industrial districts. Other commercial cannabis businesses are allowed in certain commercial or industrial zones, though cannabis event organizers may be located in any district when operating as a home occupation.

Measure E creates a permit procedure that gives the City Planning Director authority to approve applications. There is no requirement for Planning Commission approval.

The initiative requires permittees to maintain odor control systems but does not require security systems. It provides the City cannot be liable for its permitting decision, but it also prevents the City from requesting applicants indemnify the City for claims others may bring due to the applicant’s conduct.

Measure E allows personal cannabis cultivation inside a dwelling or accessory building that complies with state and local building codes. However, it does not create a mechanism for inspections to ensure compliance with such codes. Although outdoor personal cultivation is prohibited, the City Council may allow it.

Measure E allows up to 6 plants to be grown indoors per property unless cultivation is for medical use. It then allows up to 12 indoor plants per qualified patient or primary caregiver.

The City estimates that the Measure E will result in approximately $400,000.00 in lost revenue annually due to the lack of Public Benefit Fee provisions in the initiative.

Measure E can be approved by the voters by a majority vote of the ballots cast on the measure.
Measure E was placed on the ballot via a Proponent Driven Ballot Initiative.

Measure F


Measure F Text

Impartial Analysis and Tax Rate Statement


Our elementary schools are the most important asset in our community and should be our number one priority. From higher achieving students, to greater neighborhood safety and improved property values, quality schools make a difference. Teachers and staff do their best in educating our children, many classrooms and school facilities at the Red Bluff Union Elementary School District are outdated and inadequate to provide students with the schools they need to succeed. This is why our children need your YES vote on Measure F!

Although our elementary schools have had some major renovations recently through the successful passage of Measure C, our work is not done. It’s time to finish our plan to fully renovate all our schools and provide quality education to our local children. These aging schools need major classroom and infrastructure improvements to preserve the quality of education provided to local children. By investing in our schools, we can meet today’s safety, technological, and educational standards and better our community.

If passed, Measure F will provide funding to make facility improvements at local elementary schools including:
• Repairing or replacing leaky roofs
• Replacing outdated heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
• Upgrading inadequate electrical systems
• Replacing deteriorating plumbing and sewer systems
• Making health, safety and handicapped accessibility improvements
Measure F makes financial sense and protects taxpayers.
• All funds must be spent locally and cannot be taken by the State.
• By law, spending must be reviewed and annually audited by an independent citizens’ oversight committee.
• Funds can only be spent to improve our schools, not for teacher or administrator salaries.

Measure F upgrades and renovates old and inadequate school facilities, improves the education of local children, and maintains the quality of our community.


s/ Kate Grissom

s/ Ron Clark

s/ William R Moule

s/ Richard DuVarney

s/Adriana Griffin


I’m hearing a lot of recommendations to “vote early”, even from the Republican Party.  They say this because 1) once your ballot is received, they can remove you from their outreach list and 2) the longer you wait, the higher possibility you will forget.

BUT is it really better?

Please take the time to understand why it’s important to VOTE IN PERSON.

Per the Election Integrity Project, “When you return your ballot in an envelope with your name and address clearly visible, you are, in effect, waiving your right to a secret ballot, as you, the voter, are clearly identifiable. You are also subjecting your ballot to innumerable opportunities for potential manipulation as it passes through hundreds of hands of postal workers, seasonal elections officials, ballot traffickers and signature verifiers.”

Learn about how the machine data and specific mail-in-ballots can be manipulated or changed on our website: Election Integrity – Tehama Citizens for Freedom.  Contact me if you have questions or want to talk more about the vulnerability of our voting system. 

DID YOU KNOW???:  In the 2020 election, the Tehama County mail in ballots did not align in the tabulation machine correctly.  Our election clerk (elected position), assembled a team to recreate each and every ballot.  Which means, the specific ballot you filled out was not counted, a duplicate was created in its place.  I trust our clerk, but mistakes happen and without oversight, we have no way to feel confident that our ballots were counted correctly.  


  • Sign up for ballot tracking: https://california.ballottrax.net/voter/
  • Take the time to get to know the candidates and any measures or bills!  My thoughts on some of our candidates can be found here:  Local Election Candidates  I WILL BE SHARING A COMPILED LIST FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES SOON!  Email me if you have any info on candidates!
  • Find your voting location and go there on Election Day. Tehama County Polling Locations
  • Bring your mail in ballot!!
    • Historically, our county has a different ballot for same day voting. Give your Mail-in ballot to a poll worker when you sign in to vote. Be sure to mark surrendered in big letters across the ballots and envelope – but wait to do this until you are sure you will get a new ballot.
    • If you do not bring your mail in ballot, you will be given a provisional ballot. The election clerk will decide whether your provisional ballot is accepted and counted.
  • Fill out your ballot in a private booth
  • When complete, find the tabulation machine (a poll worker will help you)
    • Put the ballot(s) into the machine
    • The machine will read the ballot and show your selections on the screen – scroll through to confirm your selections are correct
    • When you are satisfied, finalize your vote

IF YOU EXPERIENCE OR SEE ANYTHING UNUSUAL – REPORT IT HERE:  https://www.eip-ca.com/incident.htm


In 2020, some counties across the country had challenges using sharpies on the ballots.  Sharpies bleed through the paper and may taint a ballot selection box on the reverse side.  Our ballots should be aligned so that can’t happen, but why use a pen that could cause any question?

When asked about it earlier this year, our local elections office stated that ball point pens gum up the machines, which means the voting/counting process has to be stopped so they can clean the machines. 

Some polling locations on Tehama County only have sharpies available.  You may want to bring your own pen to ensure bleed through does not happen.


We need people to observe the polling locations, as well as the count, on Election Day. If you are interested in signing up to be an observer, email me and I’ll get you connected with the coordinator. Training will be provided.

October 9 – TCFF Meeting

It’s been a while but we are back in town and ready to get our team rollin’ again!

We will be meeting on Sunday, October 9 @ 2pm. Email me for location info if you would like to attend – shawn@tehamafreedom.org.

We have much to discuss – but I’d like to focus this meeting primarily on two things: elections & getting people involved.


  • Introductions
  • Elections
    • Integrity – problems & resources
    • Existing officials – problems, good stuff
    • November – RB City Council
  • Engagement
    • How do we get people involved locally?
    • Meetings & Local Issues
    • Rally’s & events

Tehama County Election Candidates

Below is a link to the local candidates who will be on the November ballot, including contact info.

Tehama Candidates on the Ballot

The only opinions I personally have are about the RB City council. I don’t live in the city limits so I don’t get a vote, but their decisions still impact those of us who call Red Bluff home.

Who I would vote for if I were in the city limits:

  • Kris Dieters is a current councilwoman and is aligned with the majority of our local political beliefs. There is a talk about a recent decision made by Ms Dieters and 2 other councilmen in regards to Dog Island Park being a designated homeless encampment. Before you write them off, talk with them. The 3 that voted this way are and have been representing the people of Tehama County as we would want to be represented. Get the full picture before voting out the good ones!
  • Pat Hurton is a long time resident of Red Bluff, retired law enforcement officer, and pastor. He is also the current chairman of Christian Peace Officers of Tehama County. He has been attending the council meetings for quite some time and has been disappointed with some of the decisions made in the past. He sees the need for good, local representation and wants to make a difference.

Who I would not vote for:

  • Danielle Eyesrone is a current councilwoman and former mayor pro tem. She was removed as mayor pro tem last year when she became visibly and verbally angry toward the other councilmen about an incident that she believed was a violation of the Brown Act (which is designed to ensure public transparency). She ended up walking out of the closed session meeting. The DA ultimately determined no violation had been committed. However 3 of the other councilmen (Parker, Dieters & Gonzales) determined her behavior was not appropriate for someone leading the council; they voted to strip her of her title as mayor pro tem. KRCR Article
  • Johanna Jones is also a current councilwoman. She is often aligned with Ms Eyestone.
  • Cody Strock ran for council 2 years ago. He is young, which is not in and of itself a bad thing! But his grand ideas, which sound good on the surface, are not realistic. When problems were pointed out to him, he became defensive and argumentative. He is also the author of Measure E – which would turn Tehama into pot central.
  • Colton “Magi” Douglas Epperson is clearly connected to Strock. Check him out on FB.

Get to know these people! Email them, call them – find out if they are aligned with your values!

Personally, I’m tired of elected officials who don’t listen to or care about our values and opinions. We need people who want to take a stand for the people of our community.

When the mask and vaccine mandates were an issue last year, I sent a great deal of information to all of our county officials. Some responded with support – some, like Ms Eyestone, responded with criticism (her emails were quite dismissive because she didn’t agree with my political stand).

We have the opportunity to create change for the better – let’s do that!

13 Hours – What Really Happened in Benghazi

You may have seen the movie; and if you’re like me, it stirred emotion in you.

My daughter gave me the book for my birthday and I’ve finally had some focused time (where I don’t have a massive headache) to crack it open and digest the depth of the event.

60 pages into the 303 page account of September 11, 2012 had my soul stirred.

The book gives background – on the operatives and other staff, on the CIA compound and diplomatic annex, on the history of Libya and it’s very divided people. The movie shows some of this, but doesn’t give as sufficient detail as is needed to fully understand the people, the history, the community.

It also introduces you to Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was so much more than a small time figure head. His heart was focused on building bridges between our country and the people’s of wherever he was stationed – which were not the most glamorous of stations. Below are links to a few videos I dig up, which helped me understand (and respect) him even more.

I highly recommend the book to anyone interested in better understanding the events that took place in Benghazi on 9/11/12.

It isn’t a fiery rant against those who failed our citizens on the ground that day, it’s simply an account of how we got there and what took place. It provides the substance, but leaves the emotion to the reader.

As Americans, we should all be angry enough to want to ensure this never happens again. Truth be told, I had no clue how vulnerable we left our people in countries like that. I’m glad to know now, but not convinced our country would keep it from happening again.

The men who are hired to protect our officials, agents and assets in foreign countries deserve better. Their families deserve to know that if something goes sideways, we will move heaven and earth to back them up.

I’ll now be searching for stories as told by the Libyan friendlies who helped. I’m sure the stories are out there somewhere. They put themselves in harms way when the American state dept failed.

Letter to Tehama County Re: Moment of Truth Summit

To: ccarlson@co.tehama.ca.us, dgarton@co.tehama.ca.us, bwilliams@co.tehama.ca.us, jleach@co.tehama.ca.us, bmoule@co.tehama.ca.us, elections@co.tehama.ca.us, deyestone@cityofredbluff.org, deiters@cityofredbluff.org, cparker@cityofredbluff.org, jgonzales@cityofredbluff.org, jjones@cityofredbluff.org

I am writing to request that you take the time to watch the Aug 20-21 MOMENT OF TRUTH SUMMIT.  

While I personally think our elections clerk is doing her job by the book, I have seen enough proof to believe there has been corruption in our elections by way of the machines.  I’m not alone – I am asked often how we can do an audit of our elections.  

Tina Peters, an election clerk in Colorado, believed elections in her county were corruption proof.  She knew she was doing a thorough job.  But after several constituents asked her to do a hand count and look at the computers, she began to dig into her election data (mostly to appease those who had concerns and prove them wrong).  As it turned out, she found that the data had indeed been changed in the machines.

She first spoke publicly about this at a Cyber Symposium last year.  You can watch the videos from that and learn more about Tina here: https://www.tinapetersforcolorado.com/video

The movie “[s]election.code” (during which Tina Peters shares more detail on what she’s found and how she has been treated since) will be shown during the Moment of Truth Summit this weekend.  

Whatever you THINK may be happening, as our elected officials, doesn’t it make sense to be able to PROVE that Tehama County elections are indeed safe and secure?  If we can’t, or won’t, do that – we have a problem.  

Please – watch the summit this weekend and let’s talk about how we as a community can ensure our elections are indeed secure.  

WE WILL HELP!  We will have your back.  We just want to know you have ours.  


Shawn Greer


THERE ARE LOTS OF POSITIONS UP FOR ELECTION! If you’ve ever thought about running, you still have time to file!

The deadline for candidates to file a declaration of candidacy for the Nov. 8 general election is Friday, Aug. 12.

Red Bluff

  • 3 City Council seats open
  • 2 Red Bluff Joint Union High School District seats
  • 3 Red Bluff Elementary School District seats
  • 3 Antelope School District seats
  • 3 Los Molinos Unified School District full term
  • 1 Los Molinos Unified School District short term seat


  • 2 full term City Council seats
  • 1 short term City Council seat
  • 3 Corning High School board
  • 3 Corning Elementary School board

If you are a patriot seeking to create change for our county, WE WILL BACK YOU! Contact Shawn at shawn@tehamafreedom.org.

Important Links

Empower Tehama

The TV show Mom has a great episode addressing rape. Often women feel they were at fault because they were intoxicated or under dressed – it is NEVER your fault! And you always deserve help.

Empower Tehama has incredible resources for domestic violence and sexual assault.

If you need help, if you are being abused or have been assaulted, you can contact them directly – but if you’re scared about the process, you can also reach out to me and I will help get you in touch with them.

In addition to direct client help, they have a ton of educational resources for the community. You can help! Businesses can share brochures or place flyers in bathroom stalls. They’re also a 501c3 so you can make a tax deductible donation to help our county residents get direct help.

Individual Help

  • Sexual Assault Response Team
  • Advocacy & Counseling
  • Housing & Medical
  • Legal / Court Services
  • Teen Dating Violence Prevention
  • Stalking Victim Log

Community Education

  • Human Trafficking
  • Get Involved
  • How You Can Help
  • Brochures & Flyers


1805 Walnut Street
Red Bluff, CA 96080

24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 530-528-0226
or Toll-Free at 1-800-324-6473


Tina Peters is the Mesa County, Colorado Election clerk.

She believed the the election system, including the Dominion machines used in that county, was secure and invulnerable to attack.

But she had numerous complaints that said otherwise. Enough so that she hired a forensic auditor to dig into the machines.

What she found is shocking.

Selection Code is a documentary tracking her discoveries and showing the lengths corrupt people will go to cover up their acts. They upended her life.

All it takes for ever to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

This wasn’t just the 2020 general election. She also found corruption in a local city council election.

Folks – WE HAVE DOMINION MACHINES in Tehama County!!!!

Our election clerk and our Board of Supervisors believe they are safe. We know they’re not.

So what do we do? How do we convince them we/they need to dig into the elections data? How do we convince them to get rid of the machines? How do we get them to validate the recent elections? Why is asking to verify the validity of our elections such a bad thing?


Learn more about election fraud: https://tehamafreedom.org/live-local/government/election-integrity/