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Overcomer Blog Post

You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than who is in the world.

1 John 4:4

By Bonnie Nelson


I’ve been asked to participate in an interview about “Qanon” by someone who has previously let their negative feelings towards me be known. I am on the fence. On one hand, recent experience has proven that this person has little regard for my thoughts; on the other hand, any conversation we can have about the critical state of our country is an important start.

As I ponder this decision, I want to clarify a few things.

  1. There is Q
  2. There are Anons
  3. There is no QANON

Q began posting to anonymous chat boards (8 chan, 4kun, etc) in 2017. These posts are known as Q drops. The primary purpose of the drops has been to develop a team of citizen journalists who seek answers to deep questions about corruption in our country.

The anons (anonymous) are individuals those who responded.

Q and the anons interacted for several years – Q posing questions, the anons responding with their own questions, developing insights and building an understanding of various events that have occurred.

Qanon is a term mainstream media uses to connect anons (both real and imitation) to Q. This gives the media the ability to classify Q as a conspiracy theory and debunk the theory by associating false information with it.

The Q drops are all available at this link: Q Alerts. Some of the anon responses are included as part of Q’s response.

Through their research, the anons have identified factual information and developed working theories. They share those with us on platforms such as GAB and telegram, but most importantly, they encourage us to expand our thinking, to do our own research and develop our own understanding.

Those of us who have engaged in this process have been ridiculed, belittled, kicked off social media, and been called traitors.

Simply for thinking for ourselves. When did that become controversial?

Anyone who takes the time to simply question the information being produced by big tech fact checkers and main stream news outlets will no doubt find there are discrepancies.

What do we do with those discrepancies? We share, we talk, we refuse to be silenced.

What lies are you being told? And what are you going to do about it?

Trust The Plan

These words can be found 40 times in the Q drop. This tells me two things:

  1. There is a plan
  2. They’ve already won

Below are a few of the Q drops that include Trust the Plan. The plan is bigger than we can imagine – it’s not just about election fraud – they’re bringing down the whole house. Ask the right questions. Seek answers. Don’t settle for what you see on the news.


Juan O Savin – Voicemails

Know your enemy! It’s important for us to understand who our enemy is in this battle for our county. It’s important for us to talk about it, to expose the corruption, the wickedness.

“The entirety of the Q project is framed around a coo that took place when this attempt to capture our populous, our people, was consummated in the murder of our President, President Kennedy. That murder occurred at 12:29 PM Dallas time. At 12:29, the limo turned around the corner onto Elm St and proceeded into the kill zone.”

In Washington DC, it was 1:29 PM – 1329 military time.

In his ever unique way of helping us understand, Juan O Savin explains this in detail in the video below:

Juan O Savin Voicemails

Lin Wood on SCOTUS Cases

“No word from SCOTUS yet on whether they will allow the election cases to proceed.

The cases were set for conference today and while I claim no firsthand knowledge of how the Court operates, I assume the Justices confer together in private. Perhaps we will learn the decisions on Monday on whether the writs of certiorari will be granted. If so, the cases can proceed.A grant of certiorari requires that a minimum of 4 Justices vote in favor of granting the review. Hope that helps.”

Facebook Creates Climate Change “Mythbusting” Section

When did FB become the official decision makers of truth?

“The spread of damaging falsehoods endangers the level of international cooperation required to prevent catastrophic global warming,” Sander van der Linden, of the University of Cambridge said in Facebook’s announcement Thursday. “Facebook is in a unique position to counter the circulation of online misinformation, and the new climate ‘mythbusting’ section is an important step toward debunking dangerous falsehoods.”

Why are conservatives still on FB? If you are not on other platforms, you’re missing out on a whole lot of truth.

Connect With Me

Capital Police Under Investigation

6 DC Police have been suspended and 29 others are under investigation for their involvement in the Jan 6 Capital insurrection. They opened the gates, guided people in. One opened the door inside and led a group into the building. Here’s my question – why does this information come from the UK news? Why isn’t US news all over this? This is news isn’t it? Share the heck out of this – people need to wake up to the fact that our news is not telling the whole truth.

Daily Mail – DC Cops Suspended

Shawn’s Rampant Rant Halloween / Star Trek Connection

California Election Rejection Rate

Becker News – Newsom Recall

Recall rejection rate 50% – compared to the .06% rejection rate from the Nov 3 election. This right here – this is why we have to fight. How can anyone trust the election process when such discrepancies exist? We can’t.

So what now? Do we just accept it, hang our head and walk away pouting? Hell no!

Make a fuss. Call the secretary of state, call the governors office, but more importantly, share this information with everyone you know! The more people see and hear the truth, the more we can keep this from happening again.


February 18

Today marks 7 years since I began sharing my story here on WordPress. Read more here: 7 Year Blog Journey



NJ Governor considered for pardon – are ya kiddin me? 🤨


Bill drafted to ban twice impeached presidents from Arlington. Are you yet asking the right questions? Why do they hate / fear him so much?

The National Pulse – Arlington ban bill


2 year delta – how do we introduce truth (evidence)? What starts tomorrow (Feb 19)? Do you believe? Challenge yourself – challenge others – to research, think, seek truth.


From StormyPatriotJoe on Telegram:

OK “Think Bigger” Time

Are “Public Opinions” important (Hell yes it’s how we vote)

Right now we have Anti Trump

1. Andrew Cuomo in a DOJ investigation

2. CA Governor Gavin Newsome approaching a recall election

3. Lincoln Project totally destroyed

Big question

Would these things be going on if “Biden” was really in charge?

Bigger question

Would Trump be crushed in the media for attacking his political enemies if he was (publicly) in charge?

Biggest question

Are you starting to understand why Trumps not publicly in charge???

You will as this list keeps growing


The photos below are from Richard Citizen Journalist – on Telegram who is on scene in DC sharing pics and videos of what the city looks like every day.

He also helps coordinate meals and gift bags (cards and pics sent in from supporters, hand warmers, etc) for the troops.

February 17

Trump knew all along that bar people would come after him and he would need to be out of public view for a while. Be patient. Hold the line. He didn’t do all this to just walk away.

President Trump – Gen Flynn telegram


President Trump speaking on death of Rush Limbaugh.

Fox News – Trump on Limbaugh




Good morning & happy Wednesday! For those who don’t know me, I have multiple chronic sicknesses that keep me bed ridden most of the time. Generally, I’m down but not out – I can research and write and that’s been the goal of this site – to keep you updated. However the last few days I haven’t been able to sit up, let alone write. If you’re interested about my health journey – you can follow me at: https://philippijoy.wordpress.com/

Mainstream media and big tech continue to censor and hide the truth. Why? And what are we gonna do about it?

I have been following along with the events in our country, and what I can tell you is that we have to out news the news.

Below is information about the officer who had been killed in the capital attack. These are the things we need to learn about. Study. Research. Communicate. We are the news now.

“According to his brother, Officer Sicknick died from a stroke which stemmed from a blood clot. He died the day AFTER the Capitol breach. The New York Times made up the story about him being beaten to death by a fire extinguisher. It was a literal media hoax to help Democrats.” https://t.co/rhGLcgVQox

February 13

Full letter here


57 guilty – 43 not guilty

It takes 2/3 to impeach so – ACQUITTED HE IS!


Get your popcorn – the defense closing argument should be good theater!



One of the arguments by the house managers continues to fall on President Trump repeatedly calling on election fraud. If you haven’t been following the details of the fraud, I implore you to take a look at it here: Election Fraud – Trump Won


When this vote takes place – one side or the other will be completely up in arms about it. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is – one side will be angry.

The impeachment managers are today themselves inciting violence. Who will take responsibility for the democrat voters when they hit the streets in anger, rioting and burning buildings?

My own anger is stirred up listening to the managers lie. Lie lie lie.



Washington Examiner – Woody’s Barbershop Cottonwood CA


Watching the impeachment trial today – they just cast votes to allow witnesses. However they aren’t even sure if it’s one witness or multiple witnesses.

Lindsay Graham voted no originally and then changed his vote after the fact to aye.

Gotta day – I’m loving Trumps lead attorney. He was so dry on day 1 – with the goal of calming the American people. But he’s ramped up the last couple days and is doing a great job!


February 12

Interview with Juan:

There has been monies pre-paid for an inaugural event (barriers, signage, etc) for March 4-6.

It’s easy to get caught up in the flip out because we don’t know what’s going on. It’s easy to look around and think, based on the information we have, that the military, or Trump or whoever, should be exposing everything now.

But we don’t know what they know.

So chill – let them do what they need to do – the info will come out when it comes out. Yes the waiting sucks. Yes we want everything to happen quickly.

But we also want to make sure everyone who is being held captive is set free. We want to make sure every one of the bad guys is caught and the whole cabal system comes crumbling down. We want to make sure we never let this happen again.

So if it takes a little longer than we would like – that’s ok.


Per the constitution, the Chief Justice presides over the impeachment trial of the President. Why do you suppose the Chief Justice isn’t presiding today?

Why do you think the democrats, the rhinos, the media, Hollywood, etc hate hate hate Trump so bad?

Why do they hate us who support him?


Juan does not usually broadcast his interviews in advance – I’ll be watching today for sure!

Juan O Savin interviewThe Called – The Makings for a Perfect Day 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 – if you haven’t watched the called, take some time today – 74 minutes of understanding where we are today


Impeachment trial day 4. Trumps attorneys have the floor today.Who is nervous about the outcome?

Remember this – you are watching a movie. Anons keep saying get your popcorn. This is gonna be shocking.

It takes a 2/3 vote to remove the President. That means all of the democrats and 17 republicans will need to vote to impeach.

Do you still think this is all coincidental?

What if that happens? What if the senate votes to impeach?

Again – you are watching a movie.

February 10

The democrat impeachment managers gave closing arguments. Honestly – I had to turn it off – I just couldn’t listen to them continue to lie and twist the words of President Trump.

It disturbs my soul. I feel myself getting angry, really angry. That’s what they are bringing to the table.

What is our role in all this? BardsFM Podcast – Nahum is a really great podcast that leads to an answer. It’s Christian based – but doesn’t just apply to Christians. So if you’re not, don’t be afraid to listen.

Ultimately he listed 4 points I think are spot on – we can’t sit by and just let corruption exist:

  • We are witnesses – our testimony will carry forward to generations beyond our lives
  • We are purveyors of truth – the narrative for years has been based on lies, we need to speak truth now
  • We are light – we don’t have to be angry and dark like the impeachment managers, we can bring positivity and hope
  • We are the calm in the storm – when others are flipping out (they are and they will), we will have core knowledge to share with them to help stabilize their changing world

Tomorrow starts the Trump response. Get your popcorn ready!

Side note: the impeachment managers are disturbed more people aren’t tuning in to watch the trial – I bet a whole lot more people tune in tomorrow!


Democrats Were Only Able to Win by Breaking Chain of Custody Laes in EVERY SWING STATE

Hand Recount in Wyndham NH Found EVERY CANDIDATE SHORTED 300 Votes



Wikileaks data dump


Here is the official list of every business that has dropped MyPillow – and which now which I no longer do business:

  • Dollar General
  • ShopHQ
  • Mattress Firm
  • Kohl’s
  • Kroger
  • BJ’s
  • Wayfair
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • TSC/The Shopping Channel
  • H-E-B
  • Affirm
  • Fingerhut
  • Kinney Drugs
  • Colony Brands
  • Bluestream
  • Coborn’s
  • Chewy .com
  • JCP
  • Costco

Watch Absolute Proof Here


Enjoying the show today? Yes – show. Not a trial. Not a hearing.

Why do you suppose they didn’t criminally charge him with insurrection or rebellion?

Criminal charges could come with a 10 year prison term. And then impeachment would be a slam dunk.

Is Trump still in control? Or do you really think this sham of a trial caught him off guard?



Do you truly believe Donald Trump hires baphoons for lawyers? Do you really think this wasn’t planned? If you still think this is about a 4 year election, get in touch with me so we can talk.


Are ya kiddin me? When are we going to have the courage to say enough is enough? How about today?


Questions of the Day:
  • Why is the WH dark every day?
  • Why is the military still in DC?
  • Why is the fencing still up?
  • Why has some of it been upgraded?
  • Why does the barbed wire at the top roll inward?
  • How do you legally introduce evidence?
  • What would be the benefit of setting precedent that a sitting president (or any other elected official) can be impeached when he or she is no longer in office?


February 9 – Impeachment Trial

On another note – covid cases are dropping. Well ya know that happens when you change the testing method to look for less virus.


Ranked voting happened. If you can’t see it in the mass counts, maybe you can see it in this one line that has just 1 vote.


What did you get out of today’s hearing? Loss? Concern?

Not at all.

The democrat managers set the stage for emotion – and for cause to try a non-sitting President.

In response, the Trump legal team switched gears.

The 1st attorney – while he may have seemed dull – was actually doing two things:

1. Calming the emotion. For us – not for them.

2. Setting the stage that if we set the precedent to try a non-sitting president, we set the stage for all non-sitting presidents.

The 2nd attorney spent great time and effort to ensure we understand the constitution. He did an excellent job.

He closed with a poem by Lincoln’s favorite poet – about a ship and a storm.

Vote to move forward: 56-44.

Question of the day:How do you legally introduce evidence?


Watch Today’s Trial Episode Here

Today – 1pm EST: 4 hours of equally divided debate time between impeachment managers and the Trump legal team regarding constitutionality of trying an elected official who no longer holds office. The vote today must pass with all of the democrats and 17 of the republicans.

IF the senate votes to move forward with the trial, the trial will start tomorrow.

I would love to say the senate will vote not to move forward, however I wonder if part of the plan is to get the evidence in front of the public on national tv.


One of the most fundamental rights of an American is the right to vote in a free and fair election. So what does it say that half the country is questioning not only the validity of the results of the election, but the manner in which the election was conducted?

Trump Won – Read More Here


Miami Herald – Backup Plan


February 8

45 Office – Imprachment Trial Memorandum


Promised Kept



How in the heck are we not a whole lot more angry? This is so not ok. Free speech is one thing – this is a whole different thing altogether. Richard Citizen Journalist – Big Screen DC



Senior Establishment Republican Staffer Arrested for Running Pedophile Ring warning: graphic


Monthly Payment Tax Credit Proposal – are ya kiddin me?


Matt Gaetz on Marjorie Taylor Greene


And this is why we question everything.


Yesterday was frustrating. I admit I went to bed feeling defeated and confused. This video below reminded me that there is a purpose to what’s going on.

Future proves past” is a common Q statement – why? Because the messaging is intended to expand our thinking, to cause us to research and seek truth – and when we do, we can look back on the messaging from the past and understand the meaning.

MSM & BigTech are working overtime to stop you from learning the truth.

Don’t stop seeking it.


WE are the investigative journalists now.

Who is Q? What’s Their Purpose?


February 7

The Marshall Report – What did JFK Jr Know?


So. Many. Codes.

Posted at 7:17 EST

B52 – B1 – B2 = 55 = Hold the Line

During last nights chat session, George News made two statements (below). Psst: who is George.news? 😉

Super Bowl is the largest human trafficking event in the world


More Than 60 Arrested In Operation Against Human Trafficking In Stanislaus County, Police Say

Human trafficking operation leads to arrests in Santa Barbara County

Spanish Police Arrest Gang Accused of Trafficking Migrants Across Mediterranean

Human trafficking and prostitution ring busted

Howard County Police charge North Carolina man with human trafficking and drug dealing in Elkridge


Fencing around capital building upgraded over the last few days


Super bowl 55 & Puppy bowl 17


I’m not saying something will happen today – but it won’t shock me if it does. Sooooo many clues today!

If anyone reading this has insight into the posts below – please comment!

Nothing is a coincidence. In his farewell speech, President Trump said “LUCK – that’s a very important word”. LUCK = 12 21 3 11 12 & 21 are a mirror – 3 11 = 11.3? The Biden’s are headed to the PUPPY BOWL with a very important message



Exclusive: Special Forces Warned about Pepe the Frog, Extremist Icons Unreal. Let’s talk about what this is really about. Pepe the frog is associated with anonymous chat forums. Some of the anons associated with Q use Pepe as their icon. I follow these guys – nothing I’ve seen has anything to do with hate. They love our country and our people – and our rightful President. The army colonel who added Pepe to the hate list just showed which side he’s on.

February 6

Victory hologram over the capital – my understanding is that it was military technology, but have not confirmed that.


More signs of fear – as more evidence of voter fraud and foreign interference surface… the censorship ramps up.


“Bubble living swamp rats”!

Posted at 5:33



Q – The Plan to Save the World


The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday scheduled several high-profile contest-of-election lawsuits, including ones brought by attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, and the Trump campaign, for consideration at its Feb. 19 conference.

According to a case listing, the lawsuits include Sidney Powell’s Michigan case (20-815), the Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania lawsuit (20-845) and Wisconsin lawsuit (20-882), the Pennsylvania lawsuit brought by Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) (20-810), and Lin Wood’s Georgia case (20-799).

Read more



MelQ decode


FF to about 10:40 to listen to Juan Savin’s reminder – the military is in control, the WH is dark and empty.

Ann Vandersteel Interviews Juan O Savin, David Rodriguez, and Charlie Ward on latest news


Shared by Mike Flynn on CloutHub

Unmasked: Has the truth about the 2020 election been uncovered?


Nothing Habbenin?



✅ 234,409 Sealed Indictments

✅ Washington D.C. under fenced ARMED military lock down.

✅ Biden has not been on AF1 on or after 20 January 2017.

✅ Biden does NOT have the Football.

✅ Evidence of Election fraud & Foreign Interference (Coup d’état / Insurrection)

✅ Evidence of Global Medical Fraud and mass murder.

✅ Evidence of Stock Market insider trading.

✅ >14,940 Human Trafficking arrests

✅ >12459 Human Trafficking rescues

✅ GITMO capacity expanded

✅ Hunter Biden Laptop contents leaked

✅ Anthony Weiner Laptop content

✅ Maxwell/Epstein court documents unsealed


White House continues to go dark every night. Photo below is from 7am today.


As Trump Acquittal Seems Likely, Legal Team Prepares to Put Waters, Pelosi, Schumer ‘On Trial’

Newsweek Article – Trump Aquittal


Telegram post by MelQ – Human Trafficking Arrests

More Than 60 Arrested In Operation Against Human Trafficking In Stanislaus County, Police Say

Human trafficking operation leads to arrests in Santa Barbara County

Spanish Police Arrest Gang Accused of Trafficking Migrants Across Mediterranean

Human trafficking and prostitution ring busted

Howard County Police charge North Carolina man with human trafficking and drug dealing in Elkridge


GAB post by The Punisher Time Magazine is covering their own ass in an attempt to create plausible deniability. They know there was election interference, and they know they got caught. The CEO of Amazon, the Executive Editor of the Washington Post, the CEO of CNN, and the CEO of Wikipedia have all resigned this week. Trump’s enemies are dropping like flies. This article is an attempt to create an alibi. Time Magazine is terrified, and they should be.

Time Magazine Article – 2020 Election Fraud

February 5

When you watch the Flynn interview – remember this statement he made as well:

And the Oath to protect the constitution – WWG1WGA



“The People’s General” Offers Hope

RSB – Interview with General Flynn

Mike Flynn responded to a bet Doug made with an old high school friend regarding the election outcome. Doug suggested that because Trump is not in the White House, he owes his friend a bottle of wine. Flynn’s response, “Hold that bottle of wine…hold on to that bottle of wine. I would not concede that bottle of wine.”


Mike Lindell’s Program on 2020 Election Fraud Big Tech is taking down his video – WHY? Because they don’t want YOU to see it! For additional information – go to: Trump Won – State by State


You may have seen this before – but I share it as a reminder this morning that news outlets are being fed a script – one intended to disillusion people, to cause negative thoughts about Trump and the conspiracy theories behind his presidency. Get off msm.

Seek truth – you’ll find it.

Operation Mockingbird

February 4

It seems so simple to me – one team is wants to align us with communism and supports child sex trafficking – the other team wants to return us to a free republic and abolish evil.

Honestly, it’s hard for me to understand how on earth anyone can chose that first team, to fight for that team.

Maybe they really don’t see it. Maybe their hatred of Trump is so strong they can’t see it. Maybe they don’t care. I don’t know – but we have to get more people to see the truth.

We have to talk about it.

K.I.S.S. – Let’s Talk


Biden’s Inauguration Canon Salute

9 second intervals – more evidence the military does not recognize Biden as president


FEMA Extended State of Emergency


Dominion voting systems sent letters to the social platforms requesting them to preserve posts of Trump, certain individuals, and of the media outlets OAN, Fox News, Rebel News, and Newsmax


Burden of proof is generally on the accuser, not the defendant. Why would they want him to testify before the trial – which starts Tuesday btw. Defendants aren’t guilty simply because they choose not to testify! Can you imagine the president that statement alone sets?

So why the letter?

Because they’re panicking. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming


Who is Q?_____________________________________

They “invite the members” of Space Force to “come visit…to share an update…”? Hmmmm – are they not getting updates from one of the armed force branches?

OANN – White House / Space Force


Who else is feeling brain fried over all this chaos?

There’s way too much information to take in right now. How do we disseminate what’s important?

We are being told people need to wake people up to what’s going on – but how do we start a conversation with someone about our country right now?

READ MORE: K.I.S.S. – Let’s Talk



Richard – Pete’s Diner 1

Richard CJ – Pete’s Diner 2

Richard & the awesome folks at Pete’s diner in DC have been coordinating and preparing meals and coffee for the troops. If you feel so inclined – you can send cards or gifts to the address below or donate here:

Donations on *Venmo: Richard-Potcner, last four of my cell are 2446.

*Cashapp: https://cash.app/$RichardPotcner

(Richard is a citizen journalist in DC right now sharing amazing video)


February 3

Lights Out at the White House – 2300 every night


Words of encouragement from an anon:

Not going to lie… I’ve had some serious doubts, concerns and bouts of depression during the past 40 months since I found Q. Here are some thoughts I go back to when I need to lift myself back up by my bootstraps. I hope they help you:

  • DJT was recruited and groomed for this a LONG time before he rode down the escalator.
  • The ONLY reason he would give up his lifestyle and quality time with his family was for the children, our country and the rest of the worldwide swamp.
  • Trump is too smart. He would NEVER have entered a game that wasn’t already won.
  • Most of Q drops weren’t meant for anons.
  • It takes a LONG time to awaken people from life-long comas.
  • Cognitive dissonance is real. It’s difficult to help others realize their entire belief system and values were complete bullshit.
  • Q would have NEVER dropped a word publicly unless the mission was already over.
  • The DS would have NEVER created a LARP (Q), because it woke us up, got us digging, and–most importantly–enabled us to connect, hive and organize should we ever need Plan Z.

I hope you can copy/paste and add to this list for your own “pick me ups”.

God bless you all! #WWG1WGA


X22 Report 2.2.21 – Impeachment Countered By Constitution, Ha, [DS] Has Been Warned


Pelosi et al working overtime to discredit Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Rep Marjorie Taylor Green. Note the Q reference behind McCarthys name – lol – nice touch!

We have to stop being afraid of being taken down by Facebook or criticized by friends and family.

Do you think this would stop if the deep state got their way?

Do you think they would just be nice to us after all the so-called conspiracy theorists were removed from the picture?

Think again. They want more control. Not just of your speech. Not just of your mask. They want full control of your life.

At what point will we be willing to say enough. At what point will we be willing to start speaking boldly?

The time is now friends. Speak!


There continues to be leaders in high levels of the government who will push for war at all cost. Don’t fret – those people are not in command.


“The Air Force is deploying bombers and airmen to a base in Norway for the first time, underscoring the growing importance of the Arctic region to U.S. defense strategy.”

USAF Bombers Deploy to Norway


Who’s buying that there’s a camera upgrade? Hmmmm

White House live feed


Fight Like a Flynn (CloutHub)


February 2

Pelosi struck the gavel ending the 2/2 session and suddenly, emergency vehicles began to arrive. The regular news won’t show this…why not? Are you asking the right questions?

Capital Hill 9pm – Timothy M 2.2.21

Central Bank Rothschild Operative Arrest



We talk about what’s going on in terms of movies & popcorn & games. We brush off the ridiculous censorship on Twitter & Facebook because it isn’t much of an impact.

I want to bring a reminder back to the table of how serious this all is. We aren’t talking about a 4 year presidency.

We are talking about a worldwide network of child sex trafficking and satanic ritual sacrifice.

We are talking about our country becoming part of the great reset – which would make us a communist nation under the one world order.

We are talking about people like us – like me, like you – being classified as domestic terrorists, which comes with the sentence of execution.

It’s easy to make light of this because it’s hard to imagine any of this being real.

These people below have put their lives and those of their entire family on the line. They haven’t returned to their day jobs because failure comes with too high a price.

Trust the plan.

Trust the military.

Trust the President. The real one.


If you’ve been following Juan, most of this will be a little repetitive. Some of the highlights:

    20.4 mark – discussion leading to 11.3
    Who’s in charge?
    March 4 – May be important day in DC
    Gonna make the super bowl look more like a puppy bowl

Sean Stone interview with Juan O Savin – 1.31.21


45th President Response to Impeachment Articles


This mother is waiting for her son to come off a flight from Phoenix – her son is being detained in a quarantine facility.

It’s time to wake up. Share this – share everything. Overwhelm Facebook and Twitter with TRUTH!

They will take you down. But maybe people will start to understand that we are at war!

Child Detained & Quarantined


Censorship is increasing. Why? What are they afraid of? Who are they?

The impeachment arguments begin Feb 9. What evidence do you suppose Trumps team will introduce?

We’ve been saying all along – we want to get in front of a judge. We want the right to produce evidence.

X22 Report 2.1.21 – Panic in DC


Sean Hannity Interview with Trumps new impeachment defense lawyer


2/1 – Facebook & Instagram have deleted my accounts. Not for hate speech. Not for violence. For sharing truth and supporting my President.

2/2 – Facebook deleted my husbands account. The removed my only other moderator from TCFF – she had to rejoin and is no longer a moderator. The group now has no moderators. No one can post.

February 1


MSM reports meetings at the White House. Citizen reporters in DC show us darkness. What do you think?


What do you think?

  • News outlets share one side of the story – is that freedom?
  • Big tech censors what they don’t like – is that freedom?
  • ID bracelets required for travel – you can’t leave home without a bracelet that shows you are vaccinated. And what else? Is that freedom?


WH Wants to Revoke Trumps Security Clearance


Washington Examiner 2.1.21 – Impeachment Trial is a Sham


More National Guard coming into DC


One year delta on this Dan Scavino tweet


Placing hope in specific dates can be a let down when we don’t see action. I’m not saying something will happen today but – eyes on…


Nov 3 – 45 days – Dec 18 – 45 days – Feb 1

The Unhived Mind – Why February 1st is when it all starts – Executive Order 13848 goes into effect!_____________________________________

3 year delta

Pay attention – look familiar?


Project Veritas

FACEBOOK INSIDER LEAKS: Hours of Video of Zuckerberg & Execs Admitting They Have ‘Too Much Power’ … FB Wants to ‘Work … with [Biden] on Some of Their Top Priorities’ … ‘Biden Issued a Number of Exec Orders…We as a Company Really Care Quite Deeply About’

Expose Facebook


White House Jan 31 9:15am

January Updates

The Unhived Mind – Why February 1st is when it all starts – Executive Order 13848 goes into effect!


3 year delta

Pay attention – look familiar?


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FACEBOOK INSIDER LEAKS: Hours of Video of Zuckerberg & Execs Admitting They Have ‘Too Much Power’ … FB Wants to ‘Work … with [Biden] on Some of Their Top Priorities’ … ‘Biden Issued a Number of Exec Orders…We as a Company Really Care Quite Deeply About’

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K.I.S.S. – Let’s Talk

Who else is feeling brain fried over all this chaos?

There’s way too much information to take in right now. How do we disseminate what’s important?

We are being told people need to wake people up to what’s going on – but how do we start a conversation with someone about our country right now?

I’ve been overthinking all of it. I’ve written outlines and tried to condense conversations so I don’t overwhelm people. But maybe I’m making it too hard.

Keep It Simple Stupid – I’ve been hearing this phrase a lot lately. And maybe that’s what we need to do.

Do we really need to talk to people about Q, pedophelia, cannibalism, murder, terrorism? No – we can always have that in our back pockets but what we really need to do is focus on are the core issues:

  1. Election Fraud – Trump Won
  2. News & Big Tech Narrative
  3. Censorship – coming soon
  4. COVID19

Convincing people that Trump won is the most important thing we can do right now. They’ll start to see it – but you can be that voice of reason for people who don’t understand how their president, the guy they voted for, the people they trust, the news & big tech, lied to them.

I’m drafting talking points as a tool to start discussions. If you’d like to help – send me your input.

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We can’t be afraid to talk anymore. The stakes our too high. Trump and our military is holding their ground – we need to hold ours. Don’t lose hope – don’t lose traction.