There are 2 seats for California Senator – 1 full term and 1 partial (ends 1/3/23).

The partial term is easy – there is 1 republican (Mark Meuser) and 1 democrat (Alex Padilla).

I used to follow Mark Meuser (pre-FB ban) when he was very outspoken about the shutdowns and mandates. I liked him then. And he seems to be well liked by Republican groups. He’s also running for the full term position.

Full term position candidates I’m watching:

Corrupt and Unethical – How Do You Know?

On the last Station 19, one of the fire chiefs who is known to be cruel and unethical is now a candidate for mayor.

Many of the fire guys are frustrated when they see him on camera talking about how he knows so much about the inside, he knows how to fix things and he’s already doing what needs to be done. Sound familiar?

One of the guys, frustrated, says “What is the point of anything we do when this stupid city and this broken country and this absurd world seems to be just fine with ‘Dixons’…. we keep giving them platforms, power and government positions. Isn’t not trying to stop him like giving him a platform?”

I’ve been hearing about corruption and unethical actions of certain people in this community for years. Somehow they seem to end up getting promoted or elected to higher positions.

Why do we allow this? I hear people talk all the time about how sick they are of representatives and leaders who don’t listen to their people. And yet when we have a chance to weed them out, we don’t do it.

Why is it that we don’t demand goodness from the people in decision making roles? We keep electing them. We don’t speak up when we know there is wrong being done.

Next week, I plan to share my ballot – not because I think you should vote the same, but because I think it’s important to talk about why we vote.

You have to make your own decisions about how to vote. But I hope my willingness to talk about why I’m voting certain ways will encourage you to do the same.

I don’t really know how much our vote truly counts at the state or federal levels, but I do believe our vote counts locally. So let’s vote well. Let’s vote for people whose ethics are not questionable. Let’s vote for people who have a history of listening to people.


Did you know that in the November 2020 Election, the ballots mailed to registered voters in Tehama County did not work in the scanning machine?  Apparently a team of individuals re-created all of the Tehama County ballots so they could be run through the machine and counted.  

Issues like this are concerning.  Our local elections clerk doesn’t appear to think election fraud is a significant enough issue – but it is to me.  

Ballots will be sent out starting May 9 to every registered “active” voter.  It’s time to analyze the candidates and issues.  I’ll be sharing my decisions soon – but I want to start making decisions about HOW I will vote now.

The Election Integrity Project of California (EIP-CA) has been sharing some tips on how to vote safely.  You can find their articles below.  Some of the things that stuck out to me are listed below – but here are some tips to vote safe based on those issues:

  1. Verify your voter registration
  2. Vote In Person at your assigned poling location – Take Your Mail In Ballot!
  3. Surrender the Vote by Mail ballot you were sent – write SURRENDERED on it and tear it in half. (If you do not have your ballot to surrender or you go to the wrong polling location, you will be required to vote provisionally. These ballots are put in an envelope and held until a decision can be made about whether the person is an eligible voter.)

California SOS – Voting in Person (How It Works)


  • If you are registered to vote (even if you haven’t been active in recent elections), you can still vote! Check your registration and go to the polls.
  • When you return your ballot in an envelope with your name and address clearly visible, you are, in effect, waiving your right to a secret ballot, as you, the voter, are clearly identifiable. You are also subjecting your ballot to innumerable opportunities for potential manipulation as it passes through hundreds of hands of postal workers, seasonal elections officials, ballot traffickers and signature verifiers.
  • Even after the ballot is removed from the identifying envelope, it is subjected to intense inspection and potential duplication or adjudication before it finally can be tabulated. It takes DAYS before your ballot—potentially transformed in some way—is finally fully “processed”.
  • After vote by mail ballots are extracted from their envelopes, they are carefully inspected—for damage (torn or mangled by handlers, marked incorrectly, stray marks, erasure, food or drink spills, printer defects, Remote Access ballots which are ballots that have been submitted via email – yep, you read that right, they allow that). These ballots are “re-made” by election officials.

Vote Safe #1 – “Everybody” Gets a Ballot—So What Now?

Vote Safe #2 – Weighing Your Voter Options

Vote Safe #3 – Damaged Ballots—You’ll Never Know

Vote Safe #4 – How To Vote in Person

Vote Safe #5 – What to do if…

Vote Safe # 6 – It’s only the primaries…

Vote Safe #7 – 3 warnings: ballot tracking, redistributing & the complex senate race

Vote Safe #8 – Citizen observers – take some time to observe the polls!


Check your voter registration:  Online Voter Registration | California Secretary of State

Track your ballot:

Tehama County Elections Info: Elections – Tehama County

Qualities of an Election Candidate

I’ve been attending the candidates nights, which honestly have been a bit disappointing. One of the questions at one event was “what characteristics do you think the person in this position should have?”

This is a question we should be asking ourselves of every single position on the ballot. Honestly – for me the answer is the same across the board.

  • Strong moral values comes first: Integrity – Honest – Transparency – Sincerity – Compassion
  • Interest in the concerns of EVERY citizen they represent – including their competition, including those who are less than desirable, including those with whom they disagree. And treating those individuals with respect.
  • Elected officials take an oath to uphold and defend the constitution – I want to know they take this seriously (not just the 2nd amendment – but the whole constitution). I hear too often “I have to follow the law”, “I have to do what the state tells me”. No – you first have to know the constitution and respect it as the supreme law of the land. Period.

I don’t care if the candidate is a great public speaker. I don’t care if they have more experience. I don’t even care if they’ve had some personal life issues.

For too long, I have voted for people because I liked what they wrote in their candidate statement. Yes – that’s probably gonna tell me something, but it’s written to entice me – it’s advertising, that’s it. If I don’t sit down and talk with them, will I know what they really think?

Over the last couple of years, I’ve chatted with quite a few of our currently local elected officials. I’m disappointed in some of them – as are a lot of people.

But WE voted for them! So now it’s time for me to rethink how I make the decisions on which box to check on my ballot.

There are more candidates nights coming up. I’ll be attending them not to hear what they say from the podium, some of them are just better speakers – does that make them better human beings? No! In some cases, it just makes them better public fibbers.

What I Don’t Want in a Candidate

Apathy – Indifference

I had emailed one of the candidates a while back and I spoke to her briefly at one of the forums. I gave her my business card and after I walked away, I watched her hand my card to an associate. I don’t know what she said, but the associate rolled her eyes and the official nodded her head.

I suppose there’s an off chance she wasn’t speaking about me, but that’s not the first time I’ve felt her lack of interest in my concerns. Her email responses have given me the same impression. They’re short and snippy and basically have the tone that my concerns are not important to her.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have an opponent or I would very seriously be talking with them.

Disrespect – Passive Aggressive

Some of the candidates are being unbelievably disrespectful to their opponents.

I understand having disagreements with the other persons platforms. I understand looking back at past experience and actions that have been taken. But using a public forum to try to embarrass or belittle your opponent will not win any points with me.

One of the candidates for controller/auditor is Krista Peterson, currently the 2nd in command of that office. She has worked there for 19 years, literally training for this position. On paper she might seem like the logical choice.

Her opponent is Candy Carlson, current Board of Supervisors member (which is an elected position that makes the decisions about how our county is run overall).

I’ve had several opportunities in recent years to have lengthy discussions with Candy. Long before she put her name in for this position, she had been publicly stating that she has concerns about the way our finances are being managed. She has an opportunity to make changes that will help the BOS make better decisions and I commend her for wanting to do so.

During the candidate forums, Krista chastised and belittled Candy because Krista doesn’t think that the controller’s office is doing anything wrong.

I take issue with this For 2 reasons:

  1. Candy is a current elected official who has been doing her job well and is respected by many – she is voted into office by the people and is responsible for the overall budget of the county. In asking deep questions about the finances, she is looking to protect her constituents. If Krista truly thinks the finances are properly handled, she should have simply offered to sit down with Candy and discuss the issues.
  2. Candy is also a citizen. If she has concerns about the practices of an elected official, it is her RIGHT to seek answers. No elected official should ever speak down to a citizen. When that citizen has a concern – it should be addressed. It’s really that simple.

History of Bad Behavior

I support one of the candidates for sheriff in large part because I know the history of bad behavior in regards to the other.

Chad Parker wants change for that office. he has great ideas about how to affect that change. Don’t get me wrong – I think he has the experience to do the job, but if the other candidate had integrity, it would be a toss up.

Dave Kain is currently 3rd in command at the SO and seems to think he deserves to be sheriff because he’s in the line of succession. But he won’t even acknowledge the concerns that many of us have.

Both my husband and Chad left the agency because the environment had become incredibly toxic. Approximately 40 other people in the last 4 years have also left. That’s more than 30% of the entire agency staff.

People need to hear this – no one wants to talk about it publicly because they don’t want to be thought of as whiners. But how do you know that there’s a morale issue if you don’t listen to the people who are suffering?

Kain would have us believe employees left because of salary. That’s simply not true – we know this because we’ve spoken with numerous people who have left. Yes some went to other agencies at a higher wage, but that’s not why they started looking.

He claims the exit interviews all support his line of thinking. Well, he actually did my husband’s exit interview – he was told about the concerns, he didn’t acknowledge a single one.

I have a huge list of issues like this – true concerns about whether he will continue to bully and belittle people if he becomes sheriff. He is doing it now during the campaign – so why wouldn’t he continue it in office?

It makes me sick to think people have bought into his ability to con them.

He’s led a dirty campaign and continues to treat my husband and Chad with disrespect. I don’t want someone like that in any elected office.


If you are like me and have historically voted based on who has more name recognition or a better candidate statement, I want to challenge you to rethink how you’re voting. Ask yourself questions and have conversations with others.

What are qualities you think are important in a candidate?

What issues with current candidates do you see?

Do you want to see continuity in the way an office is run? Or do you want to see change?

I’m sharing my concerns because I think people need to know more about who‘s on the ballot. I want to hear from you too. Email me confidentially at if you want to share information about a candidate.

AND VOTE IN PERSON! Learn more here:

Maricopa Audit Results

Arizona’s certified election results:

  • Biden – 1,672,143
  • Trump – 1,661,686
  • DIFFERENCE – 10,457

Keep that number in mind.

Some of the issues presented:

  • 23,344 Mail in Ballots voted from prior address
  • 10,342 potentially voted in multiple counties
  • 9,041 more mail in ballots returned than had been sent
  • 3,432 official result does not match who voted
  • 2,382 in-person voters who had moved out of Maricopa county
  • 836 votes counted in excess of voters who voted
  • 618 voters not part of the precinct register
  • 17,322 duplicate signatures on ballots
  • 1771 blank signatures
  • 17,126 duplicate votes
  • 1 batch of 50 ballots was run through tabulators twice
  • 430 rejected votes unaccounted for, with no images
  • 397 mail in ballots received without record of being sent
  • 282 deceased voters

When a ballot is rejected by the scanner, a process is in place to duplicate that ballot (essentially someone copies the data directly to a new ballot). There should be 1 DUP (duplicate ballot) for every 1 DSD (damaged sent to duplication).

The table below shows 2,592 more DUPs counted than DSDs.

Links To Audit Info

The America Project – Audit Publications

Attorney Matt DePerno Legal Opinion on how state can Decertify

FULL HEARING: Audit Report Released to Senate

California Recall Election

There are 2 questions on the ballot:

  1. Do you want Gavin Newsom removed from office?
    • Yes means you want him out
    • No means you want him to stay
    • Requires 50% +1 vote
  2. Who would you like to replace him?
    • The one with the most votes wins – does not need to be majority

Some ballots say you can use pen or pencil. DO NOT USE PENCIL! How easy would it be to erase and select someone else?

Please watch the short video below about the importance of putting the ballot in the envelope so no one sees your vote.

About the Cyber Symposium

News outlets are working hard to discredit the symposium by sharing half truths and flat out lies. They make it seem like it’s one guy showing a bunch of data with no actual evidence of fraud.

That’s not what this is.

This event brings together legislators (48 states are represented), data experts, cyber experts and civilians fighting for truth.

They’re showing the legislators how their election systems were hacked and how election data was changed.

On Tuesday evening, the clerk/recorder (elected official who runs the county election) of Mesa County, Colorado, shared her story. She thought elections in her county were secure. Prompted by complaints from citizens, she started looking into her system more thoroughly and discovered things were much different than she thought.

When she discussed this with the Colorado Secretary of State, she was fed lies and threatened. When the clerk/recorder was flying to the symposium, the Secretary of State executed an illegal warrant and ransacked her office.

The data the Secretary of State was trying to hide is being presented today. The cyber and data guys are digging in and finding many ways the data was changed and when and how.

So what does this do for our country?

It is getting the legislators engaged to create better laws that protect our elections. One they just discussed is requiring backups be created weekly (no, it’s not being done by every county).

It’s also getting the county elections offices to realize that they don’t know what they don’t know. The clerk/recorder last night proved this. Now the question is – will your local elections office take ownership and dig into their machines?

One of the legislators from Wisconsin just shared that their state just past a vote to allow dominion to “update” all of their machines. The cyber guys are now working with the Wisconsin legislators to do a forensic backup before they allow the “update” and talking with all of the legislators about making forensic backups.

That’s what this is all about – educating the legislators and helping them find ways to secure our elections moving forward.

What they’re finding on the Colorado server:

  • Dominion employee wiped years of log files and left only 3 remaining log files.
  • They found a batch file that de-hardens the system. “Removing Security Restrictions” 10/19/2020. SQL Server De-hardening within the batch file. Batch files are scripts written by developers and system administrators to execute a series of commands instead of running individually from a command prompt.

What can you do?

Contact your state legislators and encourage them to watch the symposium.

Contact your county elections office and insist they watch the symposium – specifically the Colorado clerk who spoke last night.

There is no doubt in my mind that the 2020 election was fraudulent across the board. The evidence that has been presented first at the state congressional hearings, then in the absolute proof series and now in this symposium is just what it has been called – absolute proof.

You cannot watch this stuff and come to any other conclusion.

Fulton County, GA – Hard Evidence

Tucker on Fulton County

Fulton County continues to be on the radar for election fraud in the Nov 2020 election – as it should be!

The recently released ballot scans support everything we questioned in Nov…especially duplicate counts and falsified tally sheets.

I don’t know what we gotta do to force every county to be audited, but darn it, that needs to happen!

Who Hacked Into Maricopa County’s Voter Files And What Data Did They Get?

It seems a lot of people had access to Arizona’s Voter Registration Information…

On Nov. 5, Information Technology (IT) professional Elliot Kerwin signed a receipt for property seized from his condominium by the FBI who were acting under authority of a warrant issued by U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael Morrissey. The warrant permitted federal agents to search Kerwin’s home and vehicles for evidence of a conspiracy to commit computer intrusion from Oct. 21 through Nov. 4.

This was the breech discussed in today’s Senate hearing. Why won’t Maricopa County allow the auditors to see WHAT he stole and HOW he stole it?

ONE MORE REASON the corrupt County officials and SOS are stonewalling this audit. They do not want to reveal what actually happened before, during and after the Nov. 3rd Arizona Election.

🔗 Link to Full Article


🇺🇸 National Audit Watch Channel: @AuditWatch

Arizona Senate – Auditors Give Update

So first – everyone wants to know why it’s taking soooo long. Two main reasons:

  1. The county has not provided all of the required equipment and data that has been subpoenaed and court ordered AND
  2. The county will not make themselves available to answer questions for the auditors (this is the first time the auditors have performed an audit where the key players refused to participate).

Full Hearing Here

I came in late and didn’t fully grasp every detail (it’s overwhelming!)…but here are a few of the concerns the auditors shared that are delaying the completion of the audit report.

The senators had asked for an updated and a list of items they need in order to finalize the audit.

Server Issues

  • Dominion apparently holds the router key fobs (required for admin login) for their equipment. Which means only dominion has complete access to the tabulators – therefore, there is no way the county can certify that the results are accurate.
  • The election server admin passwords are all the same – this is not a beat practice for security
  • Splunk logs (centralized data analysis) – the routers only hold a certain amount of data – someone ran 37,000 queries looking for blank password accounts (on one day), which reset the data so the auditors can only go back to Feb 5

When a ballot is damaged, a duplicate is created to run through the tabulator. There should be one original and one duplicate. As you can see under the serial no…there are often more than two.

When a ballot is printed, the circle and cross are used to ensure each side is aligned correctly so that IF there is bleed thru, the selection doesn’t contaminate the vote on the other side. The first circle cross shows the maximum allowable offset. The second circle cross shows how far many of the ballots were. More than 168,000 ballots were outside the allowable offset limit.

If you remember there had been concerns about sharpies being used at one point so Maricopa issues a newsletter stating they only use Vote secure paper (thick, coated, so it won’t bleed thru) but the auditors found that many of the ballots were printed on standard paper stock which can cause votes to be cast for the wrong candidate (especially if the circle cross calibration is off).


The auditors highly recommend canvassing.

EB32 – gives record when sent
EB33 – gives record when received

Should be an EB32 for each EB33. There are 74,243 mail in ballots where there is no real clear record of them being sent out (meaning they can’t find the EB32 for those ballots).

The Senate included canvassing as part of the auditors contract but the Dept of Justice asked the Arizona senators to hold off because it’s intimidating to knock on doors (ironic that they are doing vax knock on doors).

Voter roles

11,326 were not on voter roles on Nov 7 but were on the Dec 1 version.

The court determined Voter registration was required by oct 15 – 3,981 individuals voted but reg after Oct 15.

18,000 who voted in the 2020 election were removed very soon after election – the auditors are asking to see the removal documentation.

Envelope signatures

They have an affidavits which specifically state that so many mail in ballots were received that the standard of signature comparison were reduced and eventually, they were told just to not bother reviewing signatures at all. Maricopa states they have the envelop signature files to the auditors, however the auditors do not find them in their data. They are requesting a new subpoena be given specific to just the envelope files.

Additional information needed for complete and final report:

  • Backup copy of the database of voter roles with who made any changes
  • Chain of custody from beg to end
  • Systems for duplication of ballots – which machines or software was used?
  • Portable media and external hard drives with backups – at least 3 orange drives they know about – they have recd one
  • Network diagram to show how the election dept shares system with sheriffs office
  • Digital copies of policies and procedures – they have some hard copies that they are told do not match the official docs
  • Some of the data of the over seas uniformed voters seem a little off – so they would like the documentation of what’s been sent and received

There will ultimately be one of two outcomes:

  1. The auditors receive the required data and can state with certainty how much fraud may have existed or
  2. The auditors will finalize their report stating the findings are incomplete and indicating that the election cannot have been certified.


On a final note, the senators dismissed the auditors first and had them escorted by armed security before others were released due to concerns for their safety.

Liz Harris, Bobby Piton & Ed Solomon – Call to Action!

💗4:30PM AZ Time BREAKING NEWS (6/29/21) PLUS an URGENT call to action 💗

Please join us with Bobby Piton and Ed Solomon for some late breaking news at 4:30PM AZ time today (6/29) on one of the following links.

NEW Action Strategy for ALL citizens:

Demand a Concurrent Session now—before Legislators end session Wednesday, June 30th.

WHAT ACTION? Please contact AZ Legislators in the list below (no matter what State you live in).

Ask the AZ Legislature to gavel in a Concurrent Special Session to keep the AZ Legislators working. They can take a recess, yet this Concurrent Special Session brings them back to work immediately after audit results.

WHY? We MUST have the FULL Legislative body to fix our elections in 2020 and 2022! A judiciary committee doesn’t have the power. Does President Fann really want this accomplished? Ducey signed off on the electors, do you think he will call a Special Session?

Sample EMAIL/CALL to Action and list of AZ Republican Legislature:

Subject: Gavel In a Concurrent Special Session

Dear Senator/Representative,

Support to gavel in a Concurrent Special Session NOW before Sine Die.

We MUST have the FULL Legislative body to fix our elections in 2020 and 2022! Take your recess, yet we need you BACK, to address the audit results.

We the People are counting on YOU to help save the country and right the wrongs.

Please stand with us to show the WORLD that Maricopa County will follow through and set the example for other states that will face the same challenges.





Senate Republicans;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

House Republicans;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Trump Rally! 6/26 Ohio

Live Rally Feed!

Right Side News & Newsmax covering it in entirety. Other stations started turning off their cameras. If you’re watching those stations – just stop it. Stop supporting fake news.

Trump says we can’t look forward to 2024, we won’t have a country left if we don’t look back and deal with the 2020 fraud. Yes!

He said: “they used covid to cheat…they used covid to rig the election…it’s as simple as that”

Closing statements:

“Our movement is far from over – in fact our movement has only just begun.

We are one movement, one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God.

So with American pride swelling in our hearts and American courage stirring in our souls, I say these words to you tonight:

We will make America powerful again.

We will make America wealthy again.

We will make America strong again.

We will make America proud again.

We will make America safe again.

And we will make America great again!”

Marjorie Taylor Greene!

Richard Citizen Journalist – Telegram

Vincent Fusco – so excited!
What an amazing crowd.
Trumps Arrival
NOT a “former” President precession!

General Flynn discusses Trump being reinstated:

“…what should happen if we find out that there are a sufficient number of electoral votes that are reversed because proper audits are done, and Trump now has over 270, right? Then you reinstate the guy and you get rid of the guy that’s there.

And everybody’s gonna go ‘ohh this is unconstitutional!’ BULLSHIT…

So, that is unprecedented at the Presidential level but it doesn’t mean that it’s not gonna happen or cannot happen.”

Georgia Declines Prosecuting the Double Voters They Catch

This article is from December 2020 – just before the senate runoff election.

The 3 questions to talk about voter fraud:

  1. Is there ANY voter fraud? Clearly the answer is yes. We know this.
  2. How much? In this case, start with 1700 votes. Just start there.
  3. What’s wrong with auditing to understand exactly how much? The perception of not letting us see the ballots is simply that there is much to hide. Demand to see the ballots in your county.

Bobby Piton – Phantom Voter Analysis

Findings will be shared publicly on 6/14 @ 3:30 CST

The voter integrity team that I assembled with the American Public’s generous support has some Outstanding news to share.

One team member took all of the official canvas results for all of Maricopa County for all 740+ precincts in a format that would allow me to examine those results with the phantom voter scores of each precinct.

All of the analysis that Edward Solomon has performed in MI, I have been able to replicate with this data and it appears at first glance to be a statistical match(i.e. same fraud in MI is occuring in Maricopa regarding mail in ballots and overall voting).

The Phantom Voter scores by precinct highlight and proved what I have been saying… The Dems deployed an army of Phantom Voters in Trump heavy precincts to blunt the blow out and mask the manipulation that took place.

Edward has held this same hypothesis with his methodology stating that they had to stack the deck in Trump heavy counties to tie out to his math.

Edward and I will be showing everyone the findings at 3:30 CST tomorrow.

This methodology will work for every single state and I will be contacting some of the volunteers that reached out yesterday to see if they will have time to work on putting the results of every precinct in America into a format that allows me to quickly run this analysis using my method while Edward runs it using his. This will serve as a wonderful check.

God Wins. This is God’s Will to expose all of this corruption and both Edward and I feel that the speed at which we have been able to see things and run the analysis is beyond our normal capabilities. We both feel God deserves all of the credit, we simply served as the instrument of God’s Will.

We both Feel Blessed. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. God Bless You, Your Family and Friends and May God Continue to Bless the Greatest Nation in the History of the World… The United States of America!

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America – June 12

The statement below is a reminder that the Presidential election is not the goal. Trump kept Hillary from stealing the 2016 election – he most certainly could have kept Biden from winning in 2020.

His “loss” has exposed to our countrymen just how wicked the DS players are – and how far they will go to cover up their lies.

But it’s also exposing more and more who within our country and around the world are in that club.

Trump already knew. They needed us to know. And I don’t think they’re done.

Be patient.

JUNE 12, 2021

“…I think it’s great to have a US President part of the club and very willing to cooperate,” said French President Emmanuel Macron.

This was a quote by the President of France. He and many other Leaders before him, in France and throughout Europe, were ripping off the United States like never before. We were treated very unfairly with horrible trade deals, and paying for a large portion of their defense. They were taking advantage of the United States and therefore, of course, they like Biden because now they will be allowed to return to their old ways of ripping off our Country. If I were a leader of these countries, I too would like Biden far better than President Trump. They will now get very rich off the United States just like they have in the past until a change is made. I am for AMERICA FIRST!