Absolute 9-0

In this 4th episode of the Absolute series, Mike Lindell talks anonymously with one of the cyber experts who has been weeding through the data saved during the election data hack.

The raw data is available to be shared with other cyber experts and will be submitted to the Supreme Court. These 3 cuts show line by line where the hack came from, where it was directed (within 400’), and the result (ie: line 1 shows the intrusion reduced the Trump vote count by 3,215 votes).

FrankSpeech – Absolute 9-0 Full Documentary

Scientific Proof – 2020 Election Fraud

We know the election was stolen. Honestly, I believe Trump let it happen so we could see how bad it is.

This documentary shows state by state, county by county, the algorithms (instructions to the computer) that were implemented to steal votes.

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In several counties, they identified voters who had never voted prior to 2020. They went to each of those voters homes to confirm the person existed and actually voted. 32% did not exist!!! 32%!!!