Juan on Michael Jaco

Juan on Michael Jaco

A couple highlights:

  • Trump is still commander in chief
  • The fall “storm” season is coming!
  • We still have a ways to go – it’s gonna get worse before it gets better
  • 3rd Edition of Kid By the Side of the Road – “Storm Edition” – coming soon!

Kid by the side of the road 2nd edition: https://allpatriots.gumroad.com

The Called – Makings for a Perfect Day: https://www.thejennifermac.com

107 Daily: https://107daily.com


Juan O Savin Update

There is SO much disinformation out there folks. Just listened to President Trump on Fox – how much of what he said is for show? We can’t know – but we do know that nothing is as it seems.

Don’t get caught up in the chaos. Don’t trust false news. Stand your ground – and just keep doing the next right thing, whatever that is for you.

The link below is to a short commentary by Juan O Savin… yes it’s all overwhelming, but remember, as he says, congress is corrupt, the courts are corrupt – that has to get fixed so our President can actually do his job.

Justice is coming. Pain is coming. This is not an easy road.

March 10 Update

Juan O Savin – Voicemails

Know your enemy! It’s important for us to understand who our enemy is in this battle for our county. It’s important for us to talk about it, to expose the corruption, the wickedness.

“The entirety of the Q project is framed around a coo that took place when this attempt to capture our populous, our people, was consummated in the murder of our President, President Kennedy. That murder occurred at 12:29 PM Dallas time. At 12:29, the limo turned around the corner onto Elm St and proceeded into the kill zone.”

In Washington DC, it was 1:29 PM – 1329 military time.

In his ever unique way of helping us understand, Juan O Savin explains this in detail in the video below:

Juan O Savin Voicemails

Juan O Savin

The Calling – The Makings for a Perfect Day

This video is beautifully done, and shares a lot of what’s going on and has been going on over the last 60 years. It is important information for what’s happening – it has many clues and secret meanings.

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