04-28 Convoy Rally

Adobe Overpass @ I-5 in Red Bluff

The convoy has been in Sacramento the last couple of weeks. A group of them headed to Washington today. They rolled through Red Bluff around 3pm. The video below is about 3 minutes of the convoy. There were so many truckers honking for us today though. Such a cool thing to communicate with fellow patriots with flags & horns.

Learn about The People Convoy and watch the live-feeds to follow where they’re at and what they’re doing. Check out their feeds and support them if you feel so inclined. I’ll be watching today’s playback to see us from their point of view!

Oreo Express pulled off to hang out with us for a bit. Thanks for stopping Oreo! We appreciate you so much!

Us seeing Oreo

Oreo seeing us

Oct 18 – School Walkout

Old Courthouse Lawn 11am – 1pm

We estimate 500 people came out to the old courthouse lawn today – we heard from school resources that approximately 2/3 of students were absent today.

Parents, students, teachers, and other community members shared their concerns about the mandates.

It’s not just the shot – we caved for masks, many are caving for testing – but that doesn’t mean we agree with those.

The fight doesn’t stop after today – whether you send your kids back to school or decide for other options, we encourage you to step up your communication with your school administrators and boards.

Go to the meetings, send emails, make phone calls.

Contact state and local elected officials – let them know how you feel.

We have links to school boards and government officials on the front page of our website.

More photos in the KRCR article