Red White & Blueprint

I am following the Shasta County efforts to restore the government to We The People.

We may not follow the same path, but we are going to do the same in Tehama County.

I encourage you to watch the RWBP Episode 2 to see some of the challenges they have been facing.

  • Finances – what’s the covid relief rounding being used for?
  • Dept Heads are rewarded with bad behavior – 5 of our 6 employee unions voted no confidence against Bill Goodwin, yet our BOS voted to renew his contract (4-1 following gender lines).
  • Our SO is losing employees every week – there is no effort by our board to help fix that. Finances are ONE piece – but there needs to be a strong effort to rebuild a critical component of our county safety.

If you have a specific concern or issue that needs to be addressed in our county, email me confidentially at