02-21 Adobe Overpass Rally

We wanted truckers going to Barstow to know we appreciate them, so we gathered on the I-5 Adobe overpass with a big “Thank You Truckers” sign and lots of flags. The response was amazing.

We also had 2 pick ups there collecting supplies to send down to the truckers. Huge thanks to both Walker family & Steve Greunwald for supporting the convoy!

With their own contributions and our supplies, the walkers filled 12 hefty tubs.

With their own contributions and our supplies, the walkers filled 12 hefty tubs.

Steve planned to go with the convoy all the way to Texas. The Walkers planned to drop supplies in Barstow on Tuesday and return home the next day. They just couldn’t come home – they went on to Arizona and now they’re going all the way to Texas too!

Natalie is sharing videos and pics along the way. The photos below are from Adobe.

Nov 7 – Tehama Citizens for Freedom Meeting


Thank you to all who attended! 

Our discussions were primarily around early home treatment, school shot mandates, and how to get our community involved in both.


While we question the origins of covid, as well as the data being shared and how it’s being managed, we know people who have been very ill and we want to help our community. 

Early treatment is available! 

Natural Remedies:  https://tehamafreedom.org/covid/treatment/natural/

  • Homemade quinine (hydroxychloroquine) can be made in large batches to share with others – it is good for 3 weeks (you can reuse the rinds to make candied citrus peels too).  Recipe at the link above – you can find other remedies there as well, including preventative measures. 
  • If you or someone you know has a cold or covid, contact tehamacitizensforfreedom@yahoo.com and we will bring natural remedies to you. 
  • If you do not feel better within a few days, or if you get worse, DO NOT WAIT – contact one of the telemedicine doctors to get prescription medication:  https://tehamafreedom.org/covid/treatment/outpatient/


The shot has now been authorized for emergency use in children 5 to 11.  The governor has instructed the state to include the shot as part of the next cycle of vaccines.  That means our schools will likely start mandating it for the next semester (August for schools on a semester, March for schools on a trimester). 

School boards & superintendents continue to push back on parents saying they cannot override the state orders.  Parents need to show up to school boards and meet with superintendents to demand they take a stand. 

There are school districts in California taking a stand.  Happy Valley School District in Shasta County voted to not comply with any mandatory covid19 shot mandate.  It can be done. 

A parent from Sacred Heart school drafted a petition that was signed by 80% of the parents stating they reject the vaccine mandate.  We will be drafting a letter for parents to sign for the other schools too. 

Parents at the meeting want to help get parents to attend school board meetings. 


  • 11/11 6pm – California Co-op Connect @ E’s Locker Room (Lakeside Dr, Red Bluff)

Come connect with other parents and educators looking to create co-ops.  RSVP to 916-594-0023 if you are coming.  Organized by @lindseygunsauls

  • 11/18 11am – Monday Mandate Walkout 

Bring a sack lunch and join other parents in your school district to make plans to address the local school boards.  (No speakers – just connecting with parents)

  • 11/18 School District Board Meetings

Let the board know you will not allow your child to get the shot.  The public is allowed to comment (limited to 3 minutes each) at the beginning of the meeting. 

  • 4:30pm – Reeds Creek School
    • 5:45pm – Corning Union High School
    • 6pm – Los Molinos
    • 6pm – Antelope SchoolParents have been passing out flyers & hoping to have a strong turnout to let the school board know where you stand on the shot mandate.

Oct 18 – School Walkout

Old Courthouse Lawn 11am – 1pm

We estimate 500 people came out to the old courthouse lawn today – we heard from school resources that approximately 2/3 of students were absent today.

Parents, students, teachers, and other community members shared their concerns about the mandates.

It’s not just the shot – we caved for masks, many are caving for testing – but that doesn’t mean we agree with those.

The fight doesn’t stop after today – whether you send your kids back to school or decide for other options, we encourage you to step up your communication with your school administrators and boards.

Go to the meetings, send emails, make phone calls.

Contact state and local elected officials – let them know how you feel.

We have links to school boards and government officials on the front page of our website.

More photos in the KRCR article

Aug 27 Freedom Friday at Five

Thank you to all who came out and all who drove by and showed their support with honks and whoops and hollers!

Join us Friday, Aug 27, for a walk to support freedom in Tehama County.

We will gather in front of the old courthouse on Washington and walk past city hall, over to main, back to walnut, and return to the courthouse.

Bring signs, flags, water & good shoes!

Sept 3 Medical Freedom Rally

Awesome turnout of about 70 ppl – we were on all 4 corners and had such incredible response from those driving by. There are more of us than people know!

There’s a lot of pressure to get the shot. I get it – it’s scary seeing people get so sick. But I beg everyone to just dig in a little and do the research.

There are doctors treating successfully. You don’t have to wait until your in ICU to get help. Learn about the shot. Learn about the treatment. Make an INFORMED DECISION!

Antelope & Main

5:30 – 8:00 PM

Sept 10 – Nationwide School Walkout

On September 10th at 10am your local time, parents will be pulling their kids out of school to take a stand against mandates and politicized curriculum. It’s time to show strength in numbers! Please coordinate in your community and either keep your children home that day or sign them out at 10am. It’s time to start taking action for our future generations! We will continue to plan walkouts and ways to support parents as we work to make impactful changes in our schools.

If you have any questions please use the form on our site – https://www.freedom515.com/contact

Sept 14 Board of Supervisors

Meeting starts at 10:30

Location: Board Chambers – 727 Oak St

Audio and real-time commenting via phone 530-212-8376 – conference code 933876. 5* to be placed in the queue to speak.

Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors agenda includes 2 items of concern:

Item 19: Approval and authorization to enter into a 3 year contract for the Executive Director of health services. My understanding is that this person supports all mandates.

Below is a link to the letter I sent to the board. I encourage everyone to contact the board (by phone and/or email) and ask them to delay the hiring process until we can be assured we have someone who will support the majority of our county.

Item 22: Approval and authorization to sign the data use agreement with CDPH for the COVID19 Rapid Outreach & Deployment program. This is a data tool the state is using to track covid. I don’t know all the details but honestly, I’ve had enough Covid tracking.

If you are available Tuesday, please attend the meeting and speak when the item is discussed.

You can also speak to non-agenda items at the start of the meeting during public comment.

Please feel encouraged to share.

BOS Agenda

Agenda packet

Item 19: page 195
Item 22: page 229

Sept 17 Freedom Friday at 5

Join us at Main & Oak at 5pm to show our community that we aren’t backing down from fighting the mandates. Bring signs & flags!

There are doctors treating successfully. You don’t have to wait until your in ICU to get help. Learn about the shot. Learn about the treatment. Make an INFORMED DECISION!

Sept 3 Rally Photos

BOS – IMPORTANT MEETING! (Draft Resolution in Support of Voter Rights)

Our county Board of Supervisors meets tomorrow, Tues, Aug 17 for their regular meeting.


I would like to encourage you to attend this meeting if possible – or you can send emails or call in to have your comments included in the meeting minutes.

There are 3 issues I think need to be addressed:

1. Covid mandates: while there is nothing on the agenda at this time, it is important for our board to hear from us every week. They need to know we are taking a stand – and we need to ask them to stand with us.

You can speak on this during public comments at the beginning of the meeting.

The next issues are the last 2 items on the agenda – you can speak on these issues when they are discussed during the meeting:

2. Discussion of salary increase for management employees – most of the employees in our county are paid a much lower wage than other counties in California. It is time for this to be rectified. To their credit, the board recently passed an increase for our sheriffs association. The fact this is on the agenda is a good sign.

I will be supporting this effort.

3. Draft Resolution in Support of Voter Rights

As you can see in the draft resolution below, there is one statement of grave concern:

  • “…curtailment of early voting, elimination of same-day registration, reduction of polling places, vote dilution tactics, and needlessly cumbersome voter ID laws reduce and restrict the full expression American political voice.”

This draft resolution is being considered because a former supervisor brought it to the table.

H.R. 1 is currently being circulated through congress, sponsored by a Democrat representative, is very concerning. I encourage you to read more about it here: HR 1

I am strongly against these measures because they create opportunities for fraud in our elections.

I believe EVERY American has the right and responsibility to vote. EVERY AMERICAN!

But making it easier for people to vote also makes it easier for people to cheat. This is not ok.

I will share more today about my concerns but I wanted to get this out to you all as quick as possible.

Please please please – if you can, plan to attend this important meeting tomorrow.

Public comments will be shortly after 10am – salary increase and voter integrity at the end of the meeting (dependent on how long the other items take).



Agenda Packet

TCFF Meeting – July 18 1:30

Location: Westside Grange 20794 Walnut St

Grassroots: Change from the ground up!

This meeting will be a working brainstorming session that focuses on who we are and what we do.


  • Introductions
  • Mission & Vision (Team Session)
  • Issues – freedom rally, masks at schools, etc)


Email: tehamacitizensforfreedom@yahoo.com


Social Media:

If you are unable to make the meeting but would like to be involved, please email Shawn at Tehamacitizensforfreedom@yahoo.com