California’s $100,000,000 Cannabis Bailout Plan

Businesses were initially given a provisional, temporary license to operate with the expectation that they would transition to a permanent annual license “a process that requires a costly, complicated and time-consuming review of the negative environmental effects involved in a business and a plan for reducing those harms”.

We have a cannabis working group here in RB. I am not opposed to legal shops that sell certified cannabis. But this is an issue we need to consider in allowing local grows and shops.

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Red Bluff City – Cannabis Advisory Committee

Red Bluff City Council is holding a special session on Tuesday, May 11 at 11:00 am to discuss recommendations of a cannabis advisory committee.

The agenda packet from the May 4 meeting can be reviewed here: RB City Council Agenda Packer May 4

I will post the link to the zoom meeting and any additional info when available.