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Tuesday – Board of Supervisors Meeting

Location: 727 Oak St. Red Bluff

  • 10am – Regular Meeting  AGENDA  
  • 11am – Public Hearing re: REDISTRICTING  (see attached)
  • 5pm – District 1 Interviews  AGENDA
Current Districts


2Candy Carlson
3Dennis Garton (chairman)
4Bob Williams
5John Leach
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Oct 26 – District 1 Board of Supervisors Interviews

The Board of Supervisors held interviews for the vacant District 1 Supervisor position on Tuesday, October 26th.

This position will be on the ballot in June. I believe several of the candidates are planning to run. If you are in District 1, I strongly recommend you watch the entire interview process to help you make a decision. You will learn a lot about the candidates.

The following applicants were invited to be interviewed:

  • Robert Burroughs
  • Daniel King
  • William Moule
  • Justin Donaldson (chose not to interview)
  • Terry Knight
  • Dale Morgan
  • Jason Browne

You can read thier candidates statements here: Agenda Packet

The interview & selection process was awkward but certainly entertaining.  
There is no formal process for how a supervisor gets appointed in situations like this.  The only rule is that the supervisors must appoint a person within 90 days of the vacancy, if not, the governor appoints one.  
None of us – or the supervisors – wanted that.  

Ultimately our board agreed to run the position as a PT hire (which is ridiculous) and accept applications. They also allowed the administration (their staff) to select questions to ask during the interview process.  The board was not allowed to ask their own questions.  

They allowed public comment before the interview – which again, seems ridiculous.  How can we comment if we haven’t heard their responses?  
Overall, the questions were mostly from a staff perspective (something you’d ask an employee), not a public perspective and not from the supervisors perspective.  

The Q&A happened – the supervisors took a “poll” – each writing down their 1st choice:

  • Bob Williams & Dennis Garton – Daniel King
  • Candy Carlson – Bill Moule
  • John Leach – Jason Browne

The vote requires a majority – so 3 votes to pass.

After some debate, which was largely focused on a statement from Mr. King that he had cleared 1 day a week for the job (Candy expressed her concern for that), Supervisor Garton moved to open public comment again.  

It really is a FT job, and there were at least 4 other very good candidates.  
Seeing they were at a stalemate, they sought direction from counsel, who stated that once they make a motion, they must make a decision or the selection moves to Newsom.  She also stated they were allowed to make 3 motions.  

So Dennis motioned to appoint Dr. King.  Bob 2nd.  

  • Candy motioned to appoint Moule, no 2nd (so it doesn’t count).
  • John motioned to appoint Jason Brown, 2nd by Candy.      
  • One more motion would force a vote for all 3 items.  There would not have been consensus and it would go to Newsom.

After what was a visibly difficult decision, Bob Williams spoke and said King was his #1 choice and he didn’t want to select his #2, but that his #2 would be Moule – so he suggested Candy motion again.  

She did – Bob 2nd – chairman Garton directed staff to call the role (in reverse order of the motions) – she called Role to appoint Moule, Dennis, Candy & Bob all voted yes – John voted no.  Moule is now District 1 Supervisor.  

You can listen to the recorded audio on the county website of watch the whole 4 hour meeting on Liz Merrys Facebook – links below.  

Audio: County Recording
Part 1 – 1st few hours

Part 2 – Ending

Local TC Covid TC Government Issues Updates

BOS Resolution Opposing Mandates

While we wish this resolution included some better information explaining the concerns about shot safety and covid treatment protocols, we appreciate the Board taking a stand against the mandates.

TC Government Issues Updates

BOS Letter re Executive Director, Health Services Agency

Item 19 of this Tuesday’s agenda is the request for approval and authorization to sign an Employment Agreement with Jayme Botke for the position of Executive Director, Health Services Agency.

In light of the current issues relating to mandates and restrictions being set forth by the state and federal government, I strongly urge you to delay filling this position on a permanent basis until we, your constituents, can be assured that her values and beliefs on covid mandates and issues align with ours.

The majority of our county residents strongly oppose these mandates and we are actively fighting against them.

We strongly oppose ANY official who does not agree with the following:

  1. Covid mandates are ineffective and not supported by science. Numerous studies have shown masks to be ineffective and shutdowns do more harm than good.
  2. Covid mandates do not take into account very serious health and financial consequences of individuals, businesses and communities.
  3. Areas that have the most strict mandates also have the most severe covid cases. Case in point, Los Angeles has 25% of California’s population but has 35% of California’s Covid cases and over 40% of the deaths.
  4. Masks, testing and shot mandates deny persons their constitutional right to make an individual decision about his or her own medical treatment. Doctors in our county are already denying treatment to patients who have not gotten the shot and employers are already terminating employees who choose not to get it.
  5. Safe and effective outpatient treatment protocols are being used by doctors throughout the world. Our local doctors are not even aware these protocols exist. You can learn more here:

Our public health Director should be open to supporting our county in our efforts to bridge the education and communication gap on all of the above issues.

My understanding is that Jayme Botke agrees with and supports all mandates.

While we wish her no ill will, we do believe it is critical that our Health Director supports the efforts of our community and not place additional burdens on local businesses, employees, families, and students.

I urge you to reconsider this decision and seek an alternative solution.

Please – do not enter into contract with Jayme Botke. Delay the decision pending further discussions on her stand on the above mentioned issues and consider other options.

Our county cannot bear another official who sides against us.


Shawn Greer

TC Government Issues Updates

Conservative Poll Watchers Needed

Contact your elections office to see if you can help watch the polls!

TC Government Issues Updates

Red Bluff Daily News

I was confronted by a man last week after he overheard a conversation I was having about our rally on 8-14.

He let it be known he was against our stand and proudly stated he was a columnist at the RBDN, as if that somehow made his opinion more valid than mine.

I truly believe news should be unbiased. The daily news has proudly announced to the world – they are not.

This horrible man attended our rally and perused our website – picking and choosing information to use against us, calling our rally a “pro-disease rally” (because we are against masks and the shot), calling us extremists and ending his article with “if you listen to these people or to the base of the Republican Party, you just might end up very ill or even dead”.

Honestly, I wouldn’t give this moron the time of day. He clearly came with an agenda of collecting anything he could to write a hit piece against us.

I’ve had it with our media and I want to ask you to do two things:

  1. If you have a subscription, consider canceling it. They clearly don’t understand that the majority of Tehama County are aligned with our thinking.
  2. Write a letter to the editor, or call or go see him. Let him know how you feel about their writers deliberately attacking Tehama citizens.

We have to take a strong stance. We cannot support businesses that so blatantly disregard our views and flat out lie about the information we share.

If you have ideas about how to continue our efforts, get in touch with us at

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BOS – IMPORTANT MEETING! (Draft Resolution in Support of Voter Rights)

Our county Board of Supervisors meets tomorrow, Tues, Aug 17 for their regular meeting.


I would like to encourage you to attend this meeting if possible – or you can send emails or call in to have your comments included in the meeting minutes.

There are 3 issues I think need to be addressed:

1. Covid mandates: while there is nothing on the agenda at this time, it is important for our board to hear from us every week. They need to know we are taking a stand – and we need to ask them to stand with us.

You can speak on this during public comments at the beginning of the meeting.

The next issues are the last 2 items on the agenda – you can speak on these issues when they are discussed during the meeting:

2. Discussion of salary increase for management employees – most of the employees in our county are paid a much lower wage than other counties in California. It is time for this to be rectified. To their credit, the board recently passed an increase for our sheriffs association. The fact this is on the agenda is a good sign.

I will be supporting this effort.

3. Draft Resolution in Support of Voter Rights

As you can see in the draft resolution below, there is one statement of grave concern:

  • “…curtailment of early voting, elimination of same-day registration, reduction of polling places, vote dilution tactics, and needlessly cumbersome voter ID laws reduce and restrict the full expression American political voice.”

This draft resolution is being considered because a former supervisor brought it to the table.

H.R. 1 is currently being circulated through congress, sponsored by a Democrat representative, is very concerning. I encourage you to read more about it here: HR 1

I am strongly against these measures because they create opportunities for fraud in our elections.

I believe EVERY American has the right and responsibility to vote. EVERY AMERICAN!

But making it easier for people to vote also makes it easier for people to cheat. This is not ok.

I will share more today about my concerns but I wanted to get this out to you all as quick as possible.

Please please please – if you can, plan to attend this important meeting tomorrow.

Public comments will be shortly after 10am – salary increase and voter integrity at the end of the meeting (dependent on how long the other items take).



Agenda Packet

TC Government Issues Updates

5 Oregon Counties Vote to Secede to Idaho

Several NorCal counties are interested in this option as well! One of several that’s been considered.

RB City TC Government Issues

Red Bluff City – Cannabis Advisory Committee

Red Bluff City Council is holding a special session on Tuesday, May 11 at 11:00 am to discuss recommendations of a cannabis advisory committee.

The agenda packet from the May 4 meeting can be reviewed here: RB City Council Agenda Packer May 4

I will post the link to the zoom meeting and any additional info when available.

TC Government Issues

Red White & Blueprint

I am following the Shasta County efforts to restore the government to We The People.

We may not follow the same path, but we are going to do the same in Tehama County.

I encourage you to watch the RWBP Episode 2 to see some of the challenges they have been facing.

  • Finances – what’s the covid relief rounding being used for?
  • Dept Heads are rewarded with bad behavior – 5 of our 6 employee unions voted no confidence against Bill Goodwin, yet our BOS voted to renew his contract (4-1 following gender lines).
  • Our SO is losing employees every week – there is no effort by our board to help fix that. Finances are ONE piece – but there needs to be a strong effort to rebuild a critical component of our county safety.

If you have a specific concern or issue that needs to be addressed in our county, email me confidentially at