October 9 – TCFF Meeting

It’s been a while but we are back in town and ready to get our team rollin’ again!

We will be meeting on Sunday, October 9 @ 2pm. Email me for location info if you would like to attend – shawn@tehamafreedom.org.

We have much to discuss – but I’d like to focus this meeting primarily on two things: elections & getting people involved.


  • Introductions
  • Elections
    • Integrity – problems & resources
    • Existing officials – problems, good stuff
    • November – RB City Council
  • Engagement
    • How do we get people involved locally?
    • Meetings & Local Issues
    • Rally’s & events

Tehama County Election Candidates

Below is a link to the local candidates who will be on the November ballot, including contact info.

Tehama Candidates on the Ballot

The only opinions I personally have are about the RB City council. I don’t live in the city limits so I don’t get a vote, but their decisions still impact those of us who call Red Bluff home.

Who I would vote for if I were in the city limits:

  • Kris Dieters is a current councilwoman and is aligned with the majority of our local political beliefs. There is a talk about a recent decision made by Ms Dieters and 2 other councilmen in regards to Dog Island Park being a designated homeless encampment. Before you write them off, talk with them. The 3 that voted this way are and have been representing the people of Tehama County as we would want to be represented. Get the full picture before voting out the good ones!
  • Pat Hurton is a long time resident of Red Bluff, retired law enforcement officer, and pastor. He is also the current chairman of Christian Peace Officers of Tehama County. He has been attending the council meetings for quite some time and has been disappointed with some of the decisions made in the past. He sees the need for good, local representation and wants to make a difference.

Who I would not vote for:

  • Danielle Eyesrone is a current councilwoman and former mayor pro tem. She was removed as mayor pro tem last year when she became visibly and verbally angry toward the other councilmen about an incident that she believed was a violation of the Brown Act (which is designed to ensure public transparency). She ended up walking out of the closed session meeting. The DA ultimately determined no violation had been committed. However 3 of the other councilmen (Parker, Dieters & Gonzales) determined her behavior was not appropriate for someone leading the council; they voted to strip her of her title as mayor pro tem. KRCR Article
  • Johanna Jones is also a current councilwoman. She is often aligned with Ms Eyestone.
  • Cody Strock ran for council 2 years ago. He is young, which is not in and of itself a bad thing! But his grand ideas, which sound good on the surface, are not realistic. When problems were pointed out to him, he became defensive and argumentative. He is also the author of Measure E – which would turn Tehama into pot central.
  • Colton “Magi” Douglas Epperson is clearly connected to Strock. Check him out on FB.

Get to know these people! Email them, call them – find out if they are aligned with your values!

Personally, I’m tired of elected officials who don’t listen to or care about our values and opinions. We need people who want to take a stand for the people of our community.

When the mask and vaccine mandates were an issue last year, I sent a great deal of information to all of our county officials. Some responded with support – some, like Ms Eyestone, responded with criticism (her emails were quite dismissive because she didn’t agree with my political stand).

We have the opportunity to create change for the better – let’s do that!

13 Hours – What Really Happened in Benghazi

You may have seen the movie; and if you’re like me, it stirred emotion in you.

My daughter gave me the book for my birthday and I’ve finally had some focused time (where I don’t have a massive headache) to crack it open and digest the depth of the event.

60 pages into the 303 page account of September 11, 2012 had my soul stirred.

The book gives background – on the operatives and other staff, on the CIA compound and diplomatic annex, on the history of Libya and it’s very divided people. The movie shows some of this, but doesn’t give as sufficient detail as is needed to fully understand the people, the history, the community.

It also introduces you to Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was so much more than a small time figure head. His heart was focused on building bridges between our country and the people’s of wherever he was stationed – which were not the most glamorous of stations. Below are links to a few videos I dig up, which helped me understand (and respect) him even more.

I highly recommend the book to anyone interested in better understanding the events that took place in Benghazi on 9/11/12.

It isn’t a fiery rant against those who failed our citizens on the ground that day, it’s simply an account of how we got there and what took place. It provides the substance, but leaves the emotion to the reader.

As Americans, we should all be angry enough to want to ensure this never happens again. Truth be told, I had no clue how vulnerable we left our people in countries like that. I’m glad to know now, but not convinced our country would keep it from happening again.

The men who are hired to protect our officials, agents and assets in foreign countries deserve better. Their families deserve to know that if something goes sideways, we will move heaven and earth to back them up.

I’ll now be searching for stories as told by the Libyan friendlies who helped. I’m sure the stories are out there somewhere. They put themselves in harms way when the American state dept failed.

Letter to Tehama County Re: Moment of Truth Summit

To: ccarlson@co.tehama.ca.us, dgarton@co.tehama.ca.us, bwilliams@co.tehama.ca.us, jleach@co.tehama.ca.us, bmoule@co.tehama.ca.us, elections@co.tehama.ca.us, deyestone@cityofredbluff.org, deiters@cityofredbluff.org, cparker@cityofredbluff.org, jgonzales@cityofredbluff.org, jjones@cityofredbluff.org

I am writing to request that you take the time to watch the Aug 20-21 MOMENT OF TRUTH SUMMIT.  

While I personally think our elections clerk is doing her job by the book, I have seen enough proof to believe there has been corruption in our elections by way of the machines.  I’m not alone – I am asked often how we can do an audit of our elections.  

Tina Peters, an election clerk in Colorado, believed elections in her county were corruption proof.  She knew she was doing a thorough job.  But after several constituents asked her to do a hand count and look at the computers, she began to dig into her election data (mostly to appease those who had concerns and prove them wrong).  As it turned out, she found that the data had indeed been changed in the machines.

She first spoke publicly about this at a Cyber Symposium last year.  You can watch the videos from that and learn more about Tina here: https://www.tinapetersforcolorado.com/video

The movie “[s]election.code” (during which Tina Peters shares more detail on what she’s found and how she has been treated since) will be shown during the Moment of Truth Summit this weekend.  

Whatever you THINK may be happening, as our elected officials, doesn’t it make sense to be able to PROVE that Tehama County elections are indeed safe and secure?  If we can’t, or won’t, do that – we have a problem.  

Please – watch the summit this weekend and let’s talk about how we as a community can ensure our elections are indeed secure.  

WE WILL HELP!  We will have your back.  We just want to know you have ours.  


Shawn Greer


THERE ARE LOTS OF POSITIONS UP FOR ELECTION! If you’ve ever thought about running, you still have time to file!

The deadline for candidates to file a declaration of candidacy for the Nov. 8 general election is Friday, Aug. 12.

Red Bluff

  • 3 City Council seats open
  • 2 Red Bluff Joint Union High School District seats
  • 3 Red Bluff Elementary School District seats
  • 3 Antelope School District seats
  • 3 Los Molinos Unified School District full term
  • 1 Los Molinos Unified School District short term seat


  • 2 full term City Council seats
  • 1 short term City Council seat
  • 3 Corning High School board
  • 3 Corning Elementary School board

If you are a patriot seeking to create change for our county, WE WILL BACK YOU! Contact Shawn at shawn@tehamafreedom.org.

Important Links

Election Results

Voter Turnout

We have 37,815 registered voters.

In the 2018 primaries, 14,697 voted.

In the 2020 primaries, 18,285 voted.

In the 2022 primary, only 14,004 voted.

What can we do to increase voter turnout?

  • Booths at the farmers market and other events to get people to register or update their registration?
  • Coordinate rides for those who cannot make it?

What ideas do you have? Email me: shawn@tehamafreedom.org

LOCAL RESULTS – Updated June 13

Tehama Summary Report

How To Vote In Person

We voted at Ridgeway Park – the ladies there were very nice and patient with us.  

You MUST take your mail in ballot or your vote will not count today – they will do a provisional ballot to verify that you did not vote twice.

Here are the steps vote in person:

  1. Tell them you are voting in person
    • Write “surrendered” across both ballots (there is an A and B).
    • Put the ballots inside the envelope and seal it 
    • Give it to one of the workers – they will wrote surrendered on the envelope
  2. Tell them your name – you will sign a log and they will give you an in-person ballot
  3. Fill out your ballot behind one of the curtains
  4. Take your ballot to the machine and insert each form separately
    • If the ballot is accepted correctly, you will be able to scroll through and confirm your selections
    • Hit the green CAST butron

That’s it! Easy least – anyone can do it!


Adopt a Ballot Box

If you have time to watch poll boxes today, document any strange activity

List of Voting Boxes

IMPORTANT NOTE: Electioneering (wearing campaign paraphernalia, handing out campaign literature, talking about politics, advising voters in any way) is NOT legal within 100 feet of a drop box.

  • Dress neutrally and just watch. You may be near the box as long as there is no appearance of interference with voters submitting their ballots.
  • Check with the elections office in your county to find out the schedule for emptying the boxes you have “adopted”. Try to be there at least once when boxes are being emptied.
  • Go at different times of the day and night.

Look for:

  • Is the area safe and secure?
  • Is the area accessible?
  • Is there surveillance?
  • Is the box staffed by credentialed elections office employees?
  • If so, are the ballots inspected for voter error and required signatures?
  • Is the box securely sealed?
  • Is anything other than ballots being inserted into the box?
  • How often and securely is the box emptied?
  • Is the box often over-stuffed?
  • Are the ballots carefully and respectfully treated?
  • Is there a 2-person chain of custody at all times?
  • Is the transporting container locked/sealed for security?
  • ON ELECTION NIGHT: is the box locked at EXACTLY 8:00 p.m.to prohibit further ballot drop-offs?


VIP – Vote In Person

Mail-In Ballots, whether you mail them or drop them in a poll box, are susceptible to adjudication by the elections office.

Adjudication: a formal judgement on a disputed matter

When the poll workers run stacks of ballots through the tabulator (up to 50 at a time), the machine identifies any and all “problem ballots”. These may be damaged, mis-aligned, bleed thru, multiple choices for the same position, etc.

When that happens, they make a decision on how to correct the problem. That’s adjudication.

Adjudication essentially gives the worker the ability to make a change to your ballot. (These systems are set to make changes to one ballot or all 50.)

If the ballot is damaged, workers will recreate the ballot on a new one.

In the 2021 recall election, the majority of Tehama County Mail-in ballots did not align in the tabulators – ALL OF THOSE were recreated by a 4 person board. Action News Now Story on Ballot Errors

We are trusting people we don’t know with our vote. We are trusting they will do the right thing. I don’t doubt that our elections clerk is honest and wants to do the right thing – but she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know (and she clearly isn’t interested in learning what we know).

The Tehama Elections Clerk is up for re-election this year and has no opponent. We need someone new to run in 2026!

This is one of the reasons it is so incredibly important to have POLL WATCHERS from multiple parties. These volunteers ensure the workers making changes are doing the right thing.

In 2020, certain precincts denied access to Republican poll watchers. Do you remember seeing the workers board up the windows and set up barriers too far away to see the details of what they were doing?

In some cities, specifically in the swing states, the workers shut down on the night of Nov 3, sending the poll watchers home. But they continued counting after the watchers left.

One precinct claimed there was a water main break. It turned out that it was a minor leak in a restroom that was easily fixed. There is video showing workers pulling bags of ballots out from underneath skirted tables and scanning batches through the tabulators 2,3, even 4 times over – after the watchers left.

I want to encourage you to do 2 things in future elections:

  1. Vote In Person (you scan your ballot – it doesn’t get adjudicated and you know for certain what is recorded)
  2. Become a Poll Watcher – anyone can sign up at the elections office and they give you a badge to formally watch the polls. For training:

Learn more about the 2020 fraud issues here: https://tehamafreedom.org/live-local/government/election-integrity/

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Jim Gibson

  • Accountability – for teachers and administrators
  • Basics – teach math, reading, science, history (not politics or sex ed)
  • Commitment to parents and taxpayers

George Yang

Lance Christensen

not 100% sure where he stands on some the issues but seems to have massive support from some mama bears!

Ones that concern me:

Tony Thurmond (current Sup) – endorses by Nancy Pelosi, Alex Padilla and the Democratic Party.

Marco Amaral will implement ethnic and gender studies.

Joseph Guy Campbell is calling for gun control.

US Representative 1st District

Doug LaMalfa has been in this role a long time. I’m ready for a change.

Tim Geist is the only other republican on the ballot. I like what he has to say but I’m not seeing enough information to feel confident in him. Check him out – watch his videos – let me know what you think!

My concern is that if we divide the vote too much, we could end up not having a conservative in the running at all.



Oh good Lord – 26 candidates for Governor!

  • 13 republicans
  • 4 democrats
  • 2 green
  • 7 no party affiliation

Brian Dahle is apparently the only one financially supported by the Republican Party. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. I’m not excited about his plans – they just feel questionable to me.

Anthony Trimino – I like him. I like what he stands for: freedom & liberty, faith, family, empowering parents, medical freedom, reducing state tax, economic opportunity, natural and holistic health & wellness. Right now I’m leaning strongly towards him.

Reinette Senum – I agree with a lot of what she wants to do, with the exception of cannabis. I believe medical marijuana can be helpful in the right situations (it can be harmful for some illnesses – like mine, so making it available without understanding the consequences is a concern for me). I also don’t agree with allowing it for recreational use. You may feel differently- that’s just my stand. For that reason, I won’t be voting for her. But her platform is strong otherwise.


These are the only 2 I’m considering because quite frankly, we can’t afford to split the vote too much and I don’t think any of the others have much of a chance.

That said – I’d love to hear your thoughts! Am I missing something?

Email me at Shawn@tehamafreedom.org.

Other State Positions

I have separate posts for Governor, Lt Governor and Secretary of State.

I’ve lumped the remaining state positions here because there’s not a lot to talk about. Do your research, but here’s my thoughts:

Controller – Lanhee Chen

Treasurer – Jack M Guerrero

Attorney General – leaning towards Nathan but like that Eric isn’t a politician

Insurance Commissioner – I like Molnar

State Board of Equalization 1st District – Ted Gaines

State Assembly 3rd District – James Gallagher

Lieutenant Governor

There are 8 candidates for Lt Governor. I’ve narrowed my choice down to 3.

But what does the Lt Gov do?

The Role of Lieutenant Governor:

  • serves as Acting Governor when the Governor is absent from the state – automatically becomes Governor if a vacancy occurs in the Office of Governor
  • is President of the State Senate (recent Lieutenant Governors have delegated the responsibilities to the Senate Pro Term)
  • serves as a voting member of
    • the Board of Regents of the University of California
    • the Board of Trustees of the California State University system
    • the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges system
  • serves on, and rotates with, the State Controller, as chair of the three-member State Lands Commission, which oversees the control and leasing of millions of acres of state-owned land, including offshore oil resources, as well as use and permitting for all navigable waterways in California
  • serves as a member of agencies that directly impact Californians’ daily lives from addressing water storage for farmers to managing our forests to preventing forest fires:
    • California Ocean Protection Council
    • California Coastal Commission
    • California Emergency Council
    • other key agencies
  • chairs the California Commission for Economic Development (which writes the Economic Plan for the state of California and is in charge of working with all 58 counties and 482 municipalities which are suffering with jobs leaving the state)
  • chief economic ambassador of California, responsible for promoting the trade and investment for the State

David Hillberg – Aviation Mechanic / Actor

David Fennel – Entrepreneur

Clint W. Saunders – Mental Health Worker

I’m leaning toward David Fennel – unless something surprising turns up, he’s probably got my vote. But I wanted to share the others I’ve been considering too – for you to think about.

Tehama County Candidates

Our small county has little impact on the federal and state election. But we control the entire local election.

Red White & Blueprint has a saying: “Drain Your Own Swamp”. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to oust the currently elected officials – it means that we need to get better at selecting candidates on future elections.

That starts now.

It’s not enough to read the campaign statements, go to the campaign forums or count signs around the county. We have to get to know the people running. We need to listen to understand their platforms, we need to understand their values, we need to listen to what others have to say about them (positive and negative).

We need to vote for people who listen to WE THE PEOPLE once they get into office.

When there are people who have grave concerns about specific candidates – we need to listen. It’s not enough to excuse certain actions because the candidate has an explanation – we need to vote for ethical people. If we don’t, then we will simply continue to get the same swamp we’ve always had.

If you have read my posts, you know where I stand on this years local elections. But I am sharing my decisions again here and I want to encourage you to take the time to really dig into discussions with people.

The decision to vote for any candidate lies with each of us as individuals – but if we can’t talk about the real issues, we will continue to vote for unethical individuals who don’t listen to WE THE PEOPLE.

Board of Supervisors

We have 5 BOS members in Tehama County – each representing approximately 1/5 of the county population (by district). These individuals make up the executive and legistlative branches of our county and hold some judicial powers as well. They oversee the entire operation of the county and make decisions about how our county operates. LEARN MORE ABOUT BOS HERE

For about 8 years, the board was made up of 4 men and 1 woman (Candy Carlson). If you’d attended any of the meetings during that time, it was easy to see that the men were closely aligned and often took a stand against Candy. In recent years, 2 of the men stepped down and men who replaced them are not aligned with the other 2.

The 2 remaining men are up for election this year. My personal opinion is that both men are good men, but they have failed to listen to the people of the county for too many years and that has hurt their reputation with many. I believe they try to do their job well and in the interest of what they believe is right.

The county government employees are represented by one of 6 unions. In 2020, the County Administrator (who is appointed by the BOS and is the top staff member) was up for contract renewal. 5 of the 6 employee unions voted not confidence in this person. Many employees shared their concerns with the BOS either in writing or at their regular meetings, and the Board held a special evening meeting which allowed members of the community to come speak alongside the employees. MANY attended and spoke, and at the end of the meeting, the 4 men voted to renew the contract, Candy voted against and shared not only her conversations with employees and the public, but her own troubled interactions with the Administrator, who refused to provide important information to her and often refused to meet with her at all.

I personally met with some of the men to discuss my own concerns about several appointed individuals. One of them told me point blank that if someone complains about one of his employees, that person loses credibility – he will protect his employees at all cost.

I’m sorry, but that simply does not sit well with me. Our elected officials have a responsibility to listen to us. THEY REPRESENT THE PEOPLE – not just the employees. If one of their employees is doing a bad job and multiple people have a complaint, they should be taken seriously and the issue needs to be addressed.

For this reason, the two men up for re-election have opposing candidates. (My district is not up for election this year, so I am not voting for these positions)

District 3

Dennis Garton is the sitting Supervisor. Email: dgarten@co.tehama.ca.us https://www.co.tehama.ca.us/board-of-supervisors/district-3/

His opponent is Pati Nolan. I don’t know Pati well, she seems very nice but I’m not sure I agree with all of her issues or the way she has spoken about other elected officials (not just the one she’s running against). Email: waterwitch1965@gmail.com

So I’m not sure how I would vote here. I think if I were in this district, I would start by sitting down with Dennis Garton and asking what he will do to change the way he is viewed by the community. Will he listen to the people he represents? If not, I’m not sure he’s the right choice.

District 4

Bob Williams is the sitting Supervisor. He is well liked by some of his district and engages with those people often. Others in the district don’t feel like he represents them at all. Email: bobito3342@gmail.com https://m.facebook.com/supervisorbobwilliams

Matt Hansen is a Lieutenant at the Red Bluff Police Dept. He is retiring at the end of this year and wants to make a difference in the community. He has a lot to say about how Mr. Williams has handled district 4 issues. https://hansen4tehama.com/


The auditor/controller is the chief accounting officer for the county and is responsible for things like the county budget, payroll, accounts receivable & payable, assets & liabilities, and required financial statements. LEARN ABOUT A/C HERE

The current A/C is retiring. The second in command, Krista Petersen, is running as replacement. She has been with the county for nearly 20 years and has been training for this role. I met her briefly at a candidates forum – we spoke on personal matters and she was incredibly kind to me. That said, I was disappointed in how she treated her opponent during the public debates, at one point wagging her finger and chastising the other.

Candy Carlson (current district 2 Supervisor) is Krista’s opponent. I’ve personally spoken with Candy on many occassions and while we are not of the same political party, she has always checked her party politics at the door and has been very unbiased in our discussions. She listens and she is open to changing her mind.

Candy has shared publicly and in private conversations about her concerns about the county budget for years. She has many years of experience in accounting and has the benefit of having been on the Supervisor end of the county budget, so she has a different perspective than Krista.

I will be voting for Candy because while I believe Krista has the experience to do the job, her behavior towards Candy has shown she has no interest in listening to either the citizens of the community or the Board of Supervisors.


I’ve spoken a lot about my views on the sheriff’s candidates. I want to dig in even deeper here because there are critical issues people need to understand before they make their selection.

The current Sheriff, Dave Hencratt, is retiring. Sheriff Hencratt is a good man and a good cop – he is very well respected in our community and by my husband and me.

Background on My Involvement

My husband, David Greer, retired as a Lieutenant from the Sheriff’s office in 2018, not because he was ready to be done, but because the environment and morale were so toxic that it wasn’t worth staying. If you’re interested understanding more – contact me, I’m happy to talk about this.

He went to work as a part-time reserve investigator at the RBPD focusing on standards and ethics (in large part, this was to keep his badge active so he could run for Sheriff in 2020). MANY current employees (including several on Kain’s current campaign) met with my husband and were eager to be part of his campaign team. Their concern? Dave Kain, current Captain and 3rd in command, was also going to run and they did not want that because of the way he treats others.

Due to several very severe family health issues, when it came time to start a committee and file paperwork for the campaign, David made the decision not to run.

Shortly after, Chad Parker threw his hat in the ring. Chad and I had began having discussions – largely because he wanted to better understand what Tehama Citizens for Freedom was all about and how he as Sheriff could support our efforts. Through these discussions, I got to know Chad better and learned about his thoughts on changing the Sheriff’s office. And I liked what I heard.

The issues our family was facing changed and David became available to be more involved. Chad and David have talked about David returning to the Sheriff’s office as 2nd in command – and David has agreed. He wants to make a difference – he wants to see the agency return to the family environment it used to be – he wants to see our county return to the safe community it used to be.

I say all this because I want you to understand that yes, we have skin in the game, but I also want you to understand WHY. Both of us are happy to answer any questions about our involvement. But what I really what you to know is that we didn’t back Chad only because our views on Kain were negative – we back Chad because of his own ideas and values.

There is absolutely NO benefit to David returning to work. It doesn’t impact our finances. It takes him away from home and creates a toll on our family. If we did not believe wholeheartedly that our county desperately needs a change in leadership, he would continue in his retirement, enjoying our property and family, traveling in our RV and simply living life.

I fully support my husbands desire to make a difference for our county and I pray he gets the chance to do that under Chad’s administration.

Chad Parker

Chad has great plans – I encourage you to get to know him and decide for yourself if you like what he wants to do. You can read about his plans and watch his videos: https://chad4sheriff.com.

He is also happy to talk and answer questions – so feel encouraged to reach out to him! chad4sheriff@gmail.com

Dave Kain

If you’ve followed me at all, you know I have major concerns about Kain. My concerns continue to build the closer to election we get. I’ll share all of this below, but I also want to encourage you to reach out to me if you have any questions – shawn@tehamafreedom.org.


I add this first because this is the biggest issue. And while there is one incident we keep talking about, it’s not just one incident – it’s a pattern of behavior that is known by law enforcement throughout the county.

The issue is what’s called a Brady violation. Learn More Here

You may have heard him state he has been exonerated. What’s the truth?

Here are the facts:

  • In 2002, Kain was part of a drug task force investigating a certain individual. He and another officer falsified the reason for making a car stop on that individual.
  • Other officers involved were disturbed by this incident and reported it.
  • The District Attorney’s office did an investigation.
  • The DA sent the investigation to the Dept of Justice for review.
  • The Dept of Justice responded with 2 recommendations:
    1. They did not think criminal charges were warranted (because they were protecting an informant)
    2. They believed the incident should be discoverable under Brady v Maryland. LEARN MORE ABOUT BRADY HERE

Below is a copy of the DOJ letter (which I received directly from the DOJ via a public information request – you can submit your own request at: https://oag.ca.gov/contact/publicrecords_form)

I personally obtained this letter directly from the DOJ via a public information request (you can read that here). This is public information folks!

Why is this letter so important? Because it shows that the officer was willing to violate someone’s constitutionally protected rights.

Let me pose a hypothetical theory to you. What if you were the driver who was pulled over? An informant told the officer you had drugs. You don’t – but instead of providing honest information about the real reason for the car stop (the informant info), the officer manufactured a cause saying you were not using your wipers in the rain (even though it wasn’t actually raining). The officer searches your car and finds nothing. Would you be angry? Is this not a violation of the constitution? Yes – it is!

Kain has provided information that he considers to be “exoneration”. One is a letter from his current boss stating Kain was cleared of the incident. The other is a letter from county counsel. Neither of these letters are exoneration. Any evidence proving his innocence would be sent to the DOJ and they would issue the exoneration. Short of that – NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!

To add insult to injury – Kain also states that Dave Greer “cleared him of this incident” when he performed his background investigation to be hired by the Sheriff’s office. Kain stated publicly (even put a video of himself on his FB) that he was given authorization to read his background file because of the accusations.

There are a few things that need to be addressed here:

  1. The investigator doesn’t “clear” the individual of wrongdoing. He provides information to the sheriff so he can make an informed decision about the applicant.
  2. Was the letter available to the investigator? If not, then the background doesn’t matter.
  3. The investigator is prohibited from commenting on the background – IT IS CONFIDENTIAL!
  4. When a potential employee agrees to a background, they sign a waiver stating they understand they are never allowed to read the file. Why? Because the investigator needs to be able to assure the people he speaks with that nothing they say will get back to the individual in question.

If anything, the fact that Kain read his own background file simply shows he continues to practice unethical behavior. Couple that with the fact that his initial response when the letter was released on social media was to deny it completely and call the other candidate a liar, I am more convinced than ever that having him as sheriff would be an absolute nightmare for our county.

Community Partnerships

Kain often touts his relationship with some of the community organizations. The ones I’ve heard him mention do not feel the same way.

Board members of 2 of those agencies are part of Chads campaign, as is a retired CPS worker. These individuals (4 total) have all shared that Kain does not have a good relationship with any of the organizations.

Some of the employees of one of those agencies asked for a private meeting with Chad, which I attended. They expressed individually their disappointment in the current lack of engagement by our sheriffs office.

501c3 agencies are prohibited from ANY involvement in politics. The employees and board members are not allowed to publicly talk about the candidates (positive or negative) in representing those orgs. So they cannot make formal statement to say that one candidate lies about their involvement. They can speak privately and of their own views.

This leads back to ethics. It is not ok to say you have a strong relationship with someone who cannot rebut that statement when that relationship does not exist.

If you know someone who works for these organizations, you can speak to them one on one.


I sense these individuals are all ethical and want to do the right thing. Unfortunately I think some of them do not understand what the citizens want (and at least one just doesn’t care).

These positions will be up for election in 4 years – others will be up in 2 years. I want to encourage people to consider running. Look into the roles, think about your own qualifications (most require nothing more than residency) and really consider it.

I’d be happy to support you and help however I can!

  • Assessor – Kenneth Brown
  • Clerk/Recorder – Jennifer Vise
  • Disrict Attorney – Matt Rogers
  • Tax Collector – Parker Hunt

Closing Thoughts

Yes – some of this is harsh. Honestly, there is a lot more I could share about the subject of ethics in regards to this individual. The list is long and disturbing. Even more disturbing is that I’ve learned other officials in our county have been complicit in attempting to keep us, the people, from knowing about some of it.

So I’ll say it again – I want ethical people in positions of power in our community. It starts with voting for people who will do the right thing FOR US – no matter what.

Ask questions. Don’t settle. Vote well.

And if at all possible – VOTE IN PERSON!

Brady Violations – Why It Matters

Recently a letter was shared publicly that was written by the Dept of Justice to the Tehama County District Attorney in regards to a Brady concern.

There are many questions regarding the relevance of this letter. Right now, as we go into this election, the decision of relevance lies with the voter. That may change in January when SB2 goes into effect, but for now, it’s simply one piece of information that we need to evaluate to decide if we as individuals think it’s an issue. This post is intended to educate you on this issue and offer resources for you to do your own research and make your own decision.

What Is A Brady Violation?

A ruling by the United States Supreme Court in Brady v. Maryland (1963) and subsequent rulings (i.e. giglio) requires that organizations:


In the 1963 Brady v Maryland case, John Brady argued that information pertinent to his defense had not been disclosed by the prosecution.

Brady and another individual had been convicted of murder and sentenced to death. The other person had made a statement that it was he, not Brady, who committed the murder. The prosecution did not give that statement to the defense.

The Supreme Court held that withholding exculpatory evidence violates due process “where the evidence is material either to guilt or to punishment.”

Exculpatory evidence is evidence that might exonerate the defendant.

Congress later passed the Freedom of Information Act [FOIA; 1967] making these Brady Disclosure(s) part of the public domain.

Read more about Brady v Maryland and other pertinaent cases: Brady material

Officer Misconduct

Per the DOJ, “It is a crime for one or more persons acting under color of law willfully to deprive or conspire to deprive another person of any right protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. (18 U.S.C. §§ 241, 242). ‘Under color of law’ means that the person doing the act is using power given to him or her by a governmental agency (local, State, or Federal). … The types of law enforcement misconduct covered by these laws include excessive force, sexual assault, intentional false arrests, theft, or the intentional fabrication of evidence resulting in a loss of liberty to another.”

Dept of Justice – Addressing Police Misconduct

Office of Justice Programs – Police Officer Truthfulness

“In the performance of their duties, police officers frequently engage in a significant amount of deceptive conduct that is essential to public safety. Although lies justified by necessity, lies told in jest, and white lies may be acceptable forms of deception in law enforcement, malicious lies are the true evil of officer misconduct. Intentional deceptive conduct can include deceptive action in a formal setting, failure to bring forward information, or creation of false evidence.”


What is a Brady (or Giglio) List?

When officer misconduct incidents are investigated by the DA’s office and sent to the Dept of Justice for review. Should the findings be substantiated and it is determined the individual should be not be called as a witness, the District Attorney is responsible for writing a letter stating that fact and should keep a list of anyone who has been given a letter.

It is the District Attorneys responsibility to disclose those offenses to the defense any time the individual is expected to be called as a witness. Not doing so is cause for removal of their license to practice law.

The website https://giglio-bradylist.com is a nationwide platform designed to maintain these disclosures in a comprehensive and standardized manner to help agencies manage their Giglio-Brady lists.

The Giglio-Bradylist is not an open forum where anyone can share information publicly. Informational on this site primarily comes directly from District Attorney’s offices and the Dept of Justice.

Individuals can submit concerns or complaints for review, however there must be specific documentation proving the incident is valid to be included on the list.

The following statement is taken from this website:

Senate Bill No. 2 –

In January of 2023 Senate Bill 2 will take effect. In a nutshell the purpose of this bill is to increase accountability for police officer misconduct.

Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) has been tasked with reviewing matters of this nature and decertifying those officers which meet the requirements set forth in the bill.

Learn more about SB2: https://post.ca.gov/sb-2

The new law adds Penal Code section 13510.8, which authorizes the Commission to suspend or revoke certification of a law enforcement officer who has committed “serious misconduct.”

That section defines “serious misconduct” to include the following acts:

  • 8(b)(1): dishonesty related to the reporting, investigation or prosecution of a crime
  • 8(b)(2): abuse of power, including but not limited to intimidating witnesses, knowingly obtaining a false confession or knowingly making a false statement
  • 8(b)(3): physical abuse (unreasonable/excessive use of force)
  • 8(b)(4): demonstrating bias based on race, national origin, religion, gender identity, etc.
  • 8(b)(7): participation in a law enforcement “gang”
  • 8(b)(8): failure to cooperate with an investigation into potential police misconduct
  • 8(b)(9): failure to intercede when seeing another officer use excessive force

The information below is from the POST Presentation: Decertification, Investigations & Reporting Obligations. POST will be reviewing investigations prior to Jan 2022.


Did you know that in the November 2020 Election, the ballots mailed to registered voters in Tehama County did not work in the scanning machine?  Apparently a team of individuals re-created all of the Tehama County ballots so they could be run through the machine and counted.  

Issues like this are concerning.  Our local elections clerk doesn’t appear to think election fraud is a significant enough issue – but it is to me.  

Ballots will be sent out starting May 9 to every registered “active” voter.  It’s time to analyze the candidates and issues.  I’ll be sharing my decisions soon – but I want to start making decisions about HOW I will vote now.

The Election Integrity Project of California (EIP-CA) has been sharing some tips on how to vote safely.  You can find their articles below.  Some of the things that stuck out to me are listed below – but here are some tips to vote safe based on those issues:

  1. Verify your voter registration
  2. Vote In Person at your assigned poling location – Take Your Mail In Ballot!
  3. Surrender the Vote by Mail ballot you were sent – write SURRENDERED on it and tear it in half. (If you do not have your ballot to surrender or you go to the wrong polling location, you will be required to vote provisionally. These ballots are put in an envelope and held until a decision can be made about whether the person is an eligible voter.)

California SOS – Voting in Person (How It Works)


  • If you are registered to vote (even if you haven’t been active in recent elections), you can still vote! Check your registration and go to the polls.
  • When you return your ballot in an envelope with your name and address clearly visible, you are, in effect, waiving your right to a secret ballot, as you, the voter, are clearly identifiable. You are also subjecting your ballot to innumerable opportunities for potential manipulation as it passes through hundreds of hands of postal workers, seasonal elections officials, ballot traffickers and signature verifiers.
  • Even after the ballot is removed from the identifying envelope, it is subjected to intense inspection and potential duplication or adjudication before it finally can be tabulated. It takes DAYS before your ballot—potentially transformed in some way—is finally fully “processed”.
  • After vote by mail ballots are extracted from their envelopes, they are carefully inspected—for damage (torn or mangled by handlers, marked incorrectly, stray marks, erasure, food or drink spills, printer defects, Remote Access ballots which are ballots that have been submitted via email – yep, you read that right, they allow that). These ballots are “re-made” by election officials.

Vote Safe #1 – “Everybody” Gets a Ballot—So What Now?

Vote Safe #2 – Weighing Your Voter Options

Vote Safe #3 – Damaged Ballots—You’ll Never Know

Vote Safe #4 – How To Vote in Person

Vote Safe #5 – What to do if…

Vote Safe # 6 – It’s only the primaries…

Vote Safe #7 – 3 warnings: ballot tracking, redistributing & the complex senate race

Vote Safe #8 – Citizen observers – take some time to observe the polls!


Check your voter registration:  Online Voter Registration | California Secretary of State

Track your ballot:  https://california.ballottrax.net/voter/

Tehama County Elections Info: Elections – Tehama County