Devolution – Army Continuity of Operations

If you still have any doubt that Devolution is a real Continuity of Government and Continuity of Operations plan, allow me to alleviate those doubts.

I was originally going to use this information in part 10, but my plans have changed and part 10 has gone a completely different (and exciting) direction.

On July 2nd, 2021, the Army published two informational Pamphlets:

AR 500-3 – U.S. Army Continuity of Operations Program

AR 500-3 was considered a “Major Revision”


AR 500-30 – U.S. Army Continuity of Operations Program and Planning Procedures

AR 500-30 is a “New Department of the Army Pamphlet”

Devolution – Patel Patriot

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What is devolution?

Did Trump stop the electoral college?

Is the military in control?

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