Back to School – PARENT CHOICE!

With our schools re-opening in August, many parents in Tehama County are concerned about the covid restrictions and requirements that will be enforced by the local administration. We are asking local school districts to not enforce the states guidelines – parents should decide what is best for their own children.

We encourage all school administrators to read the information provided below, including the comments from parents.

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Kids in particular are more likely to be struck by lightning than die from coronavirus, scientists say.

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California has strict “guidelines” for covid. We disagree with these guidelines.

K-12 Guidance 2021-22 School Year (


Mask mandate and use efficacy in state-level COVID-19 containment | medRxiv

Facemasks on Children – Get Real with Covid ( – Journal of American Medicine Association (Pediatrics) This article has been retracted by JAMA, however the authors maintain their results are valid. The point is: there is no evidence that ma sks prevent viral transmission and significant evidence of increased risk, and potentially harmful effects.

Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings—Personal Protective and Environmental Measures – Volume 26, Number 5—May 2020 – Emerging Infectious Diseases journal – CDC

Respiratory etiquette is defined as covering ones mouth and nose with a tissue or mask, turning the head and covering the mouth or coughing and sneezing into a sleeve or elbow, but not a hand.

The CDC review did not identify any published research on the effectiveness of respiratory etiquette in reducing the risk for laboratory-confirmed influenza and one laboratory-based study reported that common respiratory etiquette, including covering the mouth by hands, tissue, or sleeve/arm, was fairly ineffective in blocking the release and dispersion of droplets into the surrounding environment on the basis of measurement of emitted droplets with a laser diffraction system.

The CDC “systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza”.

“In theory, transmission should be reduced the most if both infected members and other contacts wear masks, but compliance in uninfected close contacts could be a problem.”

“Proper use of face masks is essential because improper use might increase the risk for transmission.”

Exposing the Maskerade: Questions Every American Should Ask About Indefinite Mask Mandates

Testing & Vaccines

Expert Testimony – Dr. Ryan Cole, Virologist & Immunologist, shares how the mRNA shot works and why vitamin D is the most important supplement you can take.

Legal Action Against Covid19 Vaccination for Children

Additional Information

Outpatient Treatment – why would you inject yourself or your children with an experimental shot, technology never used before as a vaccine, when there is an effective, inexpensive treatment that has very limited side effects? It makes no sense!

Natural Preventative & Treatment – these are natural alternatives to the rX protocols and a basic protocol for preventing colds and flus. Protect our most vulnerable (sick and elderly) – let kids gather and build our natural community immunity.


(Aug 3, 2021)

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 Look at the survival rates!

I love children, and every decision I make is based on my children and what is best for them and their future. I believe that children are our future, bit their mental health as well as their physical health is at risk. Last year my kindergartener sanitized his hands so much that his hands started to crack and bleed all over, we actually thought he had fell off of playground equipment it was so bad.
Over breaks we would lotion his hands excessively to get them to heal and had to tell him only to use the hand sanitizer if he had to, but to just wash his hands. I don’t think he was being instructed to use excessive sanitizer but his fear of getting sick and the freedom to use it compelled him to use it to a point that hurt him.
Children do not know how to wear masks properly. They are constantly messing with their masks, dropping them and putting them back on. They are not protecting them, if anything it is more of a concern for the germs an bacteria they are holding to their face with the masks on. Everytime they touch their faces they spread germs..
My oldest had pneumonia back in 2018 from the common cold, this was the scariest time of our life and I would not wish it on anyone. What I worry about is the extended use of masks on anyone, but especially children. There are studies showing that masks worn by children have numerous bacteria inside the mask that can cause phamonnia and other illnesses. A properly worn mask may help with the spread of viruses but children do not know how nor do they need to wear a mask. It is not healthy to wear a mask for extended times and although I do it because I have to, to provide for my family I worry every day on the unknown health risks that could affect me. A child should not HAVE to wear a mask all day at school! I don’t think anyone should have to wear a mask. If your sick STAY HOME!
We have a choice to send our kids to school, and if more parents don’t want masks than want them let us make the choice. If masks really help let those that believe that send their kids to school with masks. Masks should not be required. What really doesn’t make sense at all is that we require our kids to wear masks except when eating, because when we are eating COVID and other illnesses just don’t spread…right? Masks make no sense in a school setting and our kids should not be forced to wear them.
Vaccines should not be administered at any school site while school is in. There are plenty of sites available. Parents should have a say in their kids vaccinations and a school should only educate not brain wash young minds one way or another. The Vaccine is not FDA approved and there are too many side effects and as humans we have a right to choose not to vaccinate ourselves and our children. A question I have for you…How many children have gotten seriously ill from COVID? WE NEED TO START MAKING DECISIONS FOR OUR OWN COMMUNITY. Make decisions that HELP the CHILDREN. Teachers can be fully vaccinated if they choose to, there is no reason to mandate masks in our schools

Both of my children have developmental disabilities and neither can handle the mask. It is our family’s choice that we don’t wear masks. We understand any risk in that and completely accept that. Each family should have their own rights to choose if they want to have their children wear a mask and or vaccinate. We deserve our rights to choose.

Our children need to breath.

Heartbreaking watching my kids going to school another year with masks on! Let them breathe!

I had to homeschool due to masks. And was very hard to work and do that. I need my kid in school with no mask enjoying 3rd grade.

As Parents our number one concern is our children’s health and well being. Let Parents decide what is best for our children. Children DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PROPERLY WEAR MASKS, which means that if they are effective the use of masks on a child makes it in effective. There are health concerns for our children in wearing them for extended periods, including bacteria found in the masks that is more risk than COVID on our children. PLEASE make a decision for our children, listen to the parents and know we are only looking out for our children.

If the state is not going to enforce the mask mandate, than neither should our county. Wearing masks makes it difficult for children to hear their teacher, and vise versa. Students, especially English language learners rely on nonverbal communication. Soft spoken children aren’t even speaking in class anymore. All staff who want to be vaccinated, have been. Why are we still continuing to do this to the population who is at the lowest risk? You can do literally anything without a mask- rodeo, stores, summer camp, dance class, baseball, football, stop clubs, sporting events, fairs/carnival, the list goes on! How come schools? We need people on the board who are going to do their job- stand up for the rights of the parents and students! If you don’t want to do that-step down and let someone who will join the board. If you are a healthy individual, you do not need to cover your face. When, in the history of humanity, have we treated people sick until proven healthy? We complied last year-but not this year! Our kids, our choice!!!!! Other counties in Ca are not requiring masks in school, why not us!?! How about parents can sign waivers, releasing liability. When the panic began. The lack of knowledge about Covid 19 justified the behavior- but that excuse has vanished. This virus is not dangerous to children. Students have been isolated, causing depression, anxiety, masks hinder learning, and it is harming them emotionally, physically, ans socially. My children have not worn masks any place this summer, have done every activity and sport available, have not practiced social distancing or anything, as well as most children in our community, and there has NOT been a huge outbreak. Masks decreases breathing, especially in our hot climate. We demand transparency with the decision being made, and we want our voices heard!!!!!

My son who has Autism relys on Facial expressions to decipher emotions. Anyone who wears a mask is not helping any child with special needs. Also, As a teacher of exceptional needs children I have witnessed first hand the anxiety that we have caused in our little ones.

I have three boys. My eldest is high functioning autistic, with a speech delay and severe asthma. Not only does the mask frustrate and annoy him, he is dizzy and exhausted by the end of the school day. He can’t articulate as well with the mask on and doesn’t understand his teachers, peers and various therapists with masks on. When the pandemic started, his pediatric pulmonologist at UC Davis advised us to not put a mask on, citing the things he is breathing out can damage his already weak lungs as they are being forced back in by a mask. My second son is dizzy and frustrated at the end of the day. I DO NOT want my 4 year old to start his school experience being constantly reminded and forced to wear a mask, especially since there is ZERO science behind him wearing one in any case.

I know there are countless emails coming in with dissatisfied parents. I’m sure reading them all (hoping you do) is tiresome and full of the same concerns and information. Just know I stand with them. We are the voices of our children…school administrators should be included here, standing with parents to stand up for the children and do what’s right. If we don’t speak for them, who will?
My children actually don’t want to go to school if they have to endure masks again. They tell me they HATED them. They also were constantly complaining of headaches which isn’t normal for young, hydrated children. I’m not afraid to pull my kids out of the public school system, but I do want them to stay IF there can be some sort of normal compromise. If something isn’t backed by science- just say “no”
Keep the cleaning up (hands and surfaces) and add air purifiers- sure! But stop the masks. Just end this madness.
Enough is ENOUGH

Distance learning hampered interpersonal relationships between my daughter’s and their teachers as well as with their friends. Communication was way more difficult and it was much harder to keep them motivated.
Masks were just one more thing to have to worry about in the morning, and they have proved to be useless in preventing the spread of any virus.

My son has a speech disorder and the mask hinder his speech. Please unmask our kids.

We purposely chose to keep our kids on distance learning last year for the sole reason of NOT wanting our kids to have to wear a mask.

Please look at the data on youth. There is absolutely NO threat of Covid to the average child. Masks are debilitating for our children and unnecessary!

My son definitely hated wearing a mask, he often had a soar throat from wearing it all day . Masks make it hard to see friends and teachers expressions.

I personally think that to force a child to wear a mask in order to get an education is both irresponsible and over reach by those in charge. Any school that requires a mask for a child who has minimal chance of contracting covid 19, not to mention dying from covid 19 as oppose to developing antibodies as the human immune system is the greatest defense against such a sickness should not be allowed to in charge of educating children.

My children both suffer from heat rash they had a very tough time wearing the masks when they would break out from them. It doesn’t go away unless it is aired out and that was near impossible with having tk wear it all day everyday. My oldest daughter has a tough time with smells. She constantly had a head ache in class due to all the smells getting trapped in her mask. Causing her to loose focus in class. She already struggles and does and tries her best but the head aches were hindering her ability to focus at all!

Masks are detrimental to health when it is 90+ degrees out.

The masks divide our students and the constant scare of covid is creating an unhealthy fear and distancing of peers. Kids need the social interaction to develop emotions and social skills; facial expressions and interaction are critical for that development. With the virus posing no statistical threat to health or safety of students or staff, through infection or asymptomatic transmission, it is illogical and even irresponsible to keep our kids masked. Our leaders need to lead and stand up to the asinine guidelines from the state and/or health department. Our kids are the most important asset moving into the future!

Last year my son kept saying he couldn’t breath and he kept getting a cough and sore throat. Had him tested and it was negative. Had poor attendance because I would keep him home because of the cough and sore throat. We did not what to have him tested every time so I would just keep him home.

ITS OUR RIGHT!!!!! Mask your own kid leave mine alone!

The media, and all the testing and quarantine scared my daughter into severe panic/ anxiety attacks.. I also work at Berrendos middle school and I have seen what goes on with the masks. It is not good for the children or the adults..

One of my children suffer from asthma and has had to endure wearing a mask and restricting her breathing when doing activities outside and then coming indoors. The school nurse is no longer allowed to administer her nebulizer and most of the issues of her breathing come from having to wear her mask. This is ridiculous. My other child has allergies and is Constantly having issues with breathing as well when all they need is some Fresh air.

As my daughters first year in elementary school it didn’t go as planned and that’s fine. We ran the course with the rest of the world. However we feel it’s no longer needed. She has asthma as it is and it’s already difficult for her to breathe. The rest of the world is open up, masking at school is pointless. Yes we can be more cautious with spreading germs, and we’ve had over a year to learn to do so. Please consider this decision and the harm you are placing on our youth.

We all did our part with the whole kids in masks everyday all day enough is enough please let them take them off and breath normally without one on and get back to normal breathing in fresh air.

We obeyed the rules last year. However, it is not fair to expect these kids to go all summer free and then require them to return to a place they are supposed to feel safe, and are required to wear a mask. Masks need to be optional.

Masks should be a choice not forced. My youngest child had to stay home on distance learning last year while their older siblings went to school because with her breathing problems she cannot wear a mask all day. It isn’t fair to her and similar kids to miss out on learning because of a forced mask wearing policy. These kids have done fine without maks all summer. Played sports, gone to camps, etc without masks so why be forced to wear one at school?

My son get in trouble multiple times for letting his mask go below his nose last year. He told me he could not breathe. We tried distance learning but it was just not working for us, both my husband and I work full time. Our son has a hard time at school, so for him to stay on task and learning almost independently was very difficult for him. He lost many months of learning and gained weight. When he finally returned to in person class, he was happy. But wearing a mask for 8 hours a day is difficult for anyone. Even during PE time the kids were running with masks. This is not healthy.

Should be our right to choose my children don’t want to wear mask don’t need to either

Our children have not been wearing masks over the summer and participating in sports with no masks. Both of my children have asthma. One of them has speech issues which masks make it worse for her. The Department of Education and the local school districts need to stand up for our childrens well being. Our kids deserve clean fresh air. There is something called the healthy schools Act. Classrooms are required to have a percentage of fresh air per student. But they are requiring them to wear a masks. Doesnt make much sense. The virus has lower risks for kids. I say lets go back with no masks!!!!

My son has breathing issues. Wearing a mask makes it difficult for him to breath

Let’s get back to teaching and stop worrying about something with 99% survival rate.

My oldest attends RBHS and suffers from PTDS. The masks give her anxiety. I am not okay with other peoples fear dictate her mental health by making her wear a mask that she is not okay wearing.

Children read emotions they need the teachers smile, they need the teachers stern face, they need expression!

My sons faced challenges daily at school and was subject to multiple disciplinary actions simply for not wearing their masks correctly (falling down below their noses) and even received multiple pinkslips. The masks irritated their faces, they would get hot and sweat into the masks and they felt like they couldn’t breathe while at school due to wearing a mask. Both of my boys learning was obstructed last year because the teachers were more focused on constantly telling all of the kids to wear their masks properly. Kids should feel comfortable at school and they shouldn’t have to pick between being able to breathe freely and going to school.

My children, and any children for that matter, should be allowed to breathe clean, fresh air.

I organized a rally for our children to go back to school last year so I absolutely agree that we need to return them to normal. NO MORE NEW NORMAL. Let them be kids again.

My daughter has autism and my son has adhd /add and they both benefit from face to face teaching and no masks. That is how my daughter receives information. My children need some normalcy. It should be a parents choice whether they physically want them to attend school or wear a mask.

My kids have rights if they feel like they need to wear a mask that is there right! Forcing them to wear one and have them tell you that they can’t breath, can’t hear the teacher when they are trying to teach, and say it’s too hot outside while they are playing during recess!!! Let them be kids!!!

My daughter is hard or hearing and the masks/face shields restrict her from being able to hear well even with technology. This causes a great deal of stress and anxiety from not being able to keep up with the teacher

My children both felt an insufficient amount of air with the face coverings. Especially during sports.
The emotional communication among children during their school years is so meaningful. Facial expression is so important not jst between students, but also student/ teacher.

My kids have complained constantly about the masks making it hard to breath, especially while playing outside or doing physical activities. My children developed Premature acne directly where the masks lay. They have tanlines on their faces from the masks. My son was told that if he removed his mask in his 4th grade class, that he would be shifted to distance learning! It is unacceptable to threaten children with segregation, masked v. Unmasked. Not to mention the dozens of masks that litter the campus, and the access points to the campus.

Stopped by the preschool and found my 4 year old son running outside alongside the other children in full masks. Terrible decision. He wouldn’t know the difference but I do. We need oxygen for our muscles to grow. Including our brains. Please let us chose and make it an option for those who want to put a mask on their children. Our children have a right to breath freely.

Our choice our body!!!! Let the kids breathe!!

Parents should choose if their child wears a masks or not.

I do not consent to giving away my parental rights to the state, county, or school district.

We as parents should be able to decide what’s best for our children, and masks are not the option! 2 if my children have bad allergies and the masks make it so much harder for them to breathe!!! Unmask our children!!!

Mental and emotional damage, high anxiety, depression, anger, to name a few. My 2 middle schoolers spent more time distance learning than in the classroom, which also led to daily bouts of crying, wanting to give up, stress, and arguing. They suffered from feeling isolated without sports and seeing friends. They had to be left home alone the entire time because as a solo mom, I had to keep working. You can bring the short periods of time they were actually able to attend school, the stress, anxiety, and frustration levels we’re still high due to mask mandates and social distancing and not being able to do their normal activities.

He complained constantly of headaches but also it’s not normal and he’s very aware of this! We just had a conversation the other day how he strongly dislikes it and just wants to be normal with his friends!

Unmask our children and let them breathe fresh air and learn.

It causes to much psychological harm on my son who suffers from adhd and anxiety.

We had many days last school year where my boys would come home with their masks soaked in sweat and damp from them breathing in them all day. The wetness left a rash around my youngest sons mouth. Both of my boys also voiced more than once that they can’t breath well and by the end of the day felt like they were going to pass out. I think outdoor mandates should most definitely be lifted because of obvious reasons and I do believe that it should be the parents choice to mask their child or not. Lots of kids are vaccinated and lots of them have also learned how to be cleaner and give personal space through out this pandemic. With children having the lowest amount of cases and with the reopening of the state I strongly feel the mandate for masks should be lifted and it should be the parents choice. Thank you.

Unmask our children and let them breathe fresh air and learn.

 I do not wish for my five year old son who has asthma to have to wear a mask for 8 hrs a day if he is sick I will keep him home until no mask

Mental and emotional damage, high anxiety, depression, anger, to name a few. My 2 middle schoolers spent more time distance learning than in the classroom, which also led to daily bouts of crying, wanting to give up, stress, and arguing. They suffered from feeling isolated without sports and seeing friends. They had to be left home alone the entire time because as a solo mom, I had to keep working. You can bring the short periods of time they were actually able to attend school, the stress, anxiety, and frustration levels we’re still high due to mask mandates and social distancing and not being able to do their normal activities.

Our Right to Choose!!!! Let Them Breathe!!!!!

Masking is killing our children is so many ways. I mentally emotionally and physically. Last year my child was able to wear a Face shield because I absolutely refuse to put a mask on her. This is not normal and no kids should have to go throw this again.\

My daughter tearfully begged me to let her do homeschool this year if they have to wear the masks again. She has always loved school until all of the restrictions placed on them last year.

My son is adhd/add and was constantly in trouble for being a 9yr old boy taking his mask off because he said he can’t breathe. My daughter has autism and can’t even begin to understand her peers or classmates with a mask on she can’t see their face.

He complained constantly of headaches but also it’s not normal and he’s very aware of this! We just had a conversation the other day how he strongly dislikes it and just wants to be normal with his friends!

My son loves school, last year was the first time he told me he didn’t want to go to school anymore. When I asked why, he began to cry which is unlike him, and said he doesn’t want to wear the mask anymore! His teacher made him drop his name down on the behavior chart for not wearing his mask properly!!! He pulled it down to get some fresh air!!! It crushed him! My heart was broken for him! These kids should not be forced to wear a mask and be punished if it’s not worn properly just to get fresh air! No more masks!!!

I can’t handle the thought of my boy not being able smile at his friends! And he has allergies which makes him have trouble breathing and has a constant runny nose. It will be nearly impossible for him to wear a mask that doesn’t get covered in his own snot. I transferred him to William Finch Charter school last year because they have an amazing homeschooling program. I really want to put him back in the school he has gone to since kindergarten with HIS friends BUT if masks are mandated I will keep him at William Finch.

Getting pictures from school employees while my child was out playing on those hot days her having to hide to take a clean breath while in the tunnel and sweat is beating down her face and her Rosie cheeks.

My oldest son is has impaired hearing and masks make it a challenge for him to hear things properly. Also, both of my children suffer from allergies and wearing a mask doesn’t help matters at all.

My children get headaches, bloody noses, and complain of not being able to breathe. They have been discriminated against for taking them off. Refused to eat school lunch and breakfast without putting on a mask. Told that their rights don’t matter to Covid regulations. Told they can do homeschooling if they won’t put on a mask. My children don’t need permission from anyone to make their own medical choices.