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Report Vaccine Harrassment:

Peggy Hall – Employers are required to accommodate religious exemptions under title VII, US Civil Rights Act

90 minute free training

How to secure effective exemptions in your workplace or school

Interview with Brian Festa, Executive Director of We the Patriots USA – a civil rights attorney and parent to a vaccine injured child. His organization supports fundamental rights for citizens across the country.

We are trying to make a litigation machine to fight back against this tyranny.

You have the right to NO CONSENT to any medical intervention, including masks, covid testing and vaccines.

MUST WATCH – for all healthcare workers, teachers, state employees and anyone else being forced to take the shot or swab or lose your job!

Plaintiffs Needed


Professionals for Medical Informed Consent & Non-Discrimination

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Additional Legal Resources to Fight Vaccine Mandates – From: Rock Harbor Church

If you believe your rights are being infringed upon by your employer, school, college, or any group that discriminates against you for not complying with their vaccine or mask mandates – contact an attorney.

Liberty Counsel

Liberty Institute

Pacific Justice Institute

Advocates For Faith and Freedom

Alliance Defending Freedom

National Legal Foundation

Christian Legal Society

Thomas More Society

American Center for Law and Justice

Center for Law and Religious Freedom

Christian Attorneys of America

Christian Law Association

National Association of Christian Lawmakers

Pacific Legal Foundation

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