Shot Injuries

We want you to be aware of the injuries & deaths that have occurred as a result of getting the shot. There are several reporting systems for vaccine injuries. The information below is from the ones run by the CDC & WHO.

You can also scroll to the bottom of the page to find websites with stories from those who have been injured by the shot.

VAERS – Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

VAERS is run by the CDC and is estimated to be 1-10% of the actual numbers. Doctors should be, but are not, reporting to VAERS. It takes 20-30 minutes per patient to complete the paperwork – so they don’t. Individuals may report as well.

We strongly recommend anyone who believes they have been injured by the shot report to VAERS.

The VAERS database is difficult to maneuver. OpenVAERS was created to make it easier to find key data. The CDC only reports for US domestic patients. However anyone in the world can report to VAERS for US manufactured vaccines.

Adverse Reactions – UPDATED October 22, 2021

VAERS Reporting Criteria


WHO global database of reported potential side effects of medicinal products. Side effects – known technically as adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and adverse events following immunization (AEFIs) – are reported by national pharmacovigilance centres or national drug regulatory authorities that are members of the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring (PIDM).

Enter the search term “Covid-19 vaccine” to find adverse reactions to the shot.

Adverse Reactions (count in brackets) – UPDATED Nov 3, 2021

Stories of Shot Injuries