Did Trump Win 2020?

One of the most fundamental rights of an American is the right to vote in a free and fair election. So what does it say that half the country is questioning not only the validity of the results of the election, but the manner in which the election was conducted?

Witnesses and whistleblowers continue to report fraud, voter interference and equal rights violations in all 6 states under investigation. Every person who surfaces or shares information relating to the investigations and lawsuits associated with the election is ridiculed, criticized, and belittled.

I’m not asking you to take my word for it. I’m asking you to take a break from mainstream news reports, take a break from Facebook fact-checks – do your own research, watch the state legislative hearings, listen to the testimony of the witnesses & whistleblowers, review the reports of experts who provided data and statistical analysis.

“To suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker.”- Frederick Douglass

MSM & Big Tech platforms continue to censor information relating to the election. They simply delete anyone who shares this information. Why?

See for yourself why 80 million of your fellow citizens believe wholeheartedly that the 2020 Presidential election was rigged and stolen.

We have never asked for the election to be handed to Trump. Our ask has always been to allow investigators to perform a forensic analysis to determine

  1. Was there fraud?
  2. Was it enough that Trump would have won?

To date, NONE of the lawsuits filed by President Trump (or any state) have been heard. The media says that means there’s no evidence. That’s not true – the courts denied the hearings for ridiculous reasons such as jurisdiction or timing.

Under Penalty of Perjury

Each of the states held a legislative hearing where a fraction of witnesses & whistleblowers who signed affidavits under penalty of perjury shared experiences on Election Day and expert testimony.

You can access the links to these sessions by clicking on each states listed below.

The legislatures from all 6 swing states and New Mexico sent a second set of electoral college ballots to be cast for the Jan 6 vote by congress.

Knowing full well that significant evidence of fraud occurred, including foreign interference, members of Congress voted to accept the primary democrat ballots without discussion or review of any of the data from the states (except Arizona which was interrupted by Antifa).

Let me note that voting to certify an election where fraud was evident is an act of treason.


Equal Rights Violations – ERV

Equal rights essentially refers to ensuring a level playing field. If one county in a state is afforded specific abilities during an election, every county in that state should be given the equal rights to do the same.



Allied Security Operations Group – Antrim County Forensic Report


State House Election Hearing – Dec 10

Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Dec 3

  • Counting process: 1 republican poll watchers for every 10 ballot counters.
  • Monitors were not allowed to stand still for more than 10 seconds (remedied, but should never have happened)
  • DeKalb County – 11/18 – found stack of ballots marked 10,707 Biden, 13 Trump, the actual count was 1,081 Biden, 13 Trump
  • Fayette County – 11/17 – 2755 ballots found that were included in the original count
  • Walton County – 11/17 – one of the scanners containing 284 ballots was not uploaded to the machine
  • Floyd County – 11/16 – 2600 ballots founds that were not included in the original count


  • State of Secretary data shows 202,377 more ballots were cast than voters who voted
  • 47 USB drives with 50k votes for Biden and chain of custody logs for 100k votes have gone missing.
  • ERV – Poll watchers in democratic counties allowed voters to “cure” problem ballots, this was not allowed in republican counties
  • ERV – In Allegheny county, there was 1 polling box every 4 square miles, in republican counties, there was 1 every 1100 square miles.
  • Pennsylvania law requires all ballots be received no later than the day of election. The Secretary of State unilaterally, and without the authority to do so, determined that ballots could be received up to 3 days post election.
  • Ballots of dead persons have been identified
  • Witness testimony under penalty of perjury: Truck driver testified his normal route is from Lancaster to Hartford to New York and back to Lancaster. In Oct, he picked up his load in Lancaster, which contained huge bins of ballots. He drove to Hartford to drop the ballots – they did not offload in Hartford. He had to wait 6 hours and they finally told him to deliver the ballots to NY. This made no sense as they were PA ballots. He drove back to Lancaster because it was late and parked his truck and trailer. In the morning, his trailer was gone.

Arizona – Nov 30

Arizona State Senators sponsor resolution to hold Maricopa County Supervisors in contempt for not complying with subpoenas


  • Wisconsin law allows for vote by mail for persons who are indefinitely confined due to injury or illness. The rules are very strict. The state allowed changes to this law without going through the legal legislative channels. Note: the ask isn’t to throw out all the ballots – it’s to allow a forensic analysis to determine if the ballots are valid.
  • 60,000 absentee ballots were not allowed to be inspected by poll watchers


  • Declarations of voter irregularities from over 400 peopleRepublican electors have filed to have the Nevada election either declare Trump as the winner or annul the election.
  • Observers were routinely denied access to the ballot duplication process
  • Alleged vote buying occurred in Native American outreach programs
  • 20,000 out of state voters
  • 1,500 dead people voted
  • 14,000 voter addresses are vacant or non-existent
  • 42,000 were double voters
  • Poll watchers were not allowed to watch the count of approx 140k absentee ballots
  • 8,000 ballots were filled out improperly, they do not have names or addresses on the envelopes so it is unclear where they came from