Petition for Hand Counts

Please join our petition to hand count all individual races for future elections.

Sign at: Republican Women’s Headquarters (Main & Ash)

You can download and print the petition, signature & information sheets to help obtain signatures from registered voters. Return signature sheets to the Republican Women’s headquarters or Stacy Pearce (530)515-4907.


Free & Fair Elections

One of the most important rights and responsibilities of an American citizen is the ability to vote in a free and fair election.  So what does it say that half the country is questioning not only the validity of the results of recent elections, but the manner in which the election was conducted?

Mainstream Media & Big Tech platforms continue to censor information relating to the election. They simply delete anyone who talks about it. Why?

There are 2 kinds of people who say there’s no election fraud (or not enough to change the outcome):

  • Those who haven’t looked into it
  • Those who are in on it

I’m not asking you to take my word for it.  I’m asking you to take a break from mainstream news reports, take a break from Facebook fact-checks – do your own research, watch documentaries and state legislative hearings, listen to the testimony of the witnesses & whistleblowers, review the reports of experts who provided data and statistical analysis.

Some of the ways votes have been proven to be stolen in 2020:

  • Mules were used to stuff ballot boxes – they would drive to various non-profits, pick up pre-filled ballots and then deliver them to ballot boxes.
  • Technology – the machines are designed to weight the votes (so they can give .75% of a vote to 1 candidate and 1.25% to another. This happened. See the California actual vs weighted here:
  • Registration rolls across the country have not been thoroughly updated in many years. This is true of our county as well! This leaves the opportunity for voting by people who are deceased or who have moved out of state. Yes – this happened!
  • Fraudulent ballots were added – there is evidence of ballots being pulled out from under tables and trucks delivering pre-filled ballots (in some cases, across state lines)
  • Fraudulent ballots were run through the tabulators multiple times (again – it’s on video!)
  • Equal Rights Violations (ERV) – Equal rights essentially refers to ensuring a level playing field. If one county in a state is afforded specific abilities during an election, every county in that state should be given the equal rights to do the same.


Election Integrity

Did Trump Win 2020?

The Navarro Report:

Peter Navarro researched the possibility of election fraud in the 6 battleground states. He developed 3 reports identifying multiple methods used across the states to steal the election. Read them for yourselves.

Vote Irregularities & Illegalities by State (See link above for details)

Does it matter in our small county

YES!!!  IT DOES!  Maybe we don’t have a major impact on the state or country as a whole – but our local elections matter!!! 

A forensic audit of the 2020 Election in Antrim County, Michigan found numerous problems with the Dominion Voting Machines (which are used in Tehama County).  In 2020, Antrim County had 22,083 registered voters – Tehama County had 37,034.  If it was a problem there, it can certainly be a problem here. Take a look at data from 2 schoolboard races in Antrim: 

The Presidential race on election day showed Biden for the win.  Compare that to the Nov 5 & Nov 21.