For Who Do We Vote?


What a long list of candidates!

Who are you voting for and why?

This page is all about that. At this moment, I know who I’m voting for locally, but I haven’t made a decision on most of the others. Have you?

Share your thoughts on who you’re voting for and why (all comments will be kept anonymous unless you specify otherwise).

At the end of the day, we all have to make our own decisions, but I think talking about it is helpful.

Election Integrity in Tehama County

Is it really all that important?

Yes, it is! I encourage you to learn about our local elections as well as the problems from past elections.


There are 2 seats for California Senator – 1 full term and 1 partial (ends 1/3/23). The partial term is easy – there is 1 republican (Mark Meuser) and 1 democrat (Alex Padilla). I used to follow Mark Meuser (pre-FB ban) when he was very outspoken about the shutdowns and mandates. I liked him then. … Continue reading “Senator”


Did you know that in the November 2020 Election, the ballots mailed to registered voters in Tehama County did not work in the scanning machine?  Apparently a team of individuals re-created all of the Tehama County ballots so they could be run through the machine and counted.   Issues like this are concerning.  Our local elections … Continue reading “VOTE SAFE – VOTE IN PERSON”

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