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Tehama County Issues


Tina Peters is the Mesa County, Colorado Election clerk. She believed the the election system, including the Dominion machines used in that county, was secure and invulnerable to attack. But…

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Live Local Field Manual

I got my copy of the Live Local Field Manual (LLFM) a couple days ago and have been flipping through it a little – digging into the first section this…

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No Matter What It Costs

This election year is unlike any other for me. Over the last 2 years, we have learned so much about our world, and in particular, our country. The covid chaos…

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Integrity in Our Community

When I first started this group, our BOS was considering a penalty ordinance for individuals not wearing masks and businesses not enforcing them. I was proud of our board for…

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Nov 7 – Tehama Citizens for Freedom Meeting

MEETING NOTES – NOV 7, 2021 Thank you to all who attended!  Our discussions were primarily around early home treatment, school shot mandates, and how to get our community involved in both. EARLY HOME TREATMENT While we question the origins of covid, as well as the data being shared and how it’s being managed, we…

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Where Are The Warriors?

Last year, businesses were shut down for months on end – leaving many to burn through savings or shut their doors altogether. The shot has been killing and destroying lives – and yet we give it first to the elderly and now to children. Employees have been disciplined or lost their jobs and students have…

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Victims, Enemies, Warriors

Last night a young woman was brave enough to share that last year she had been angry with me over my stand on the mask mandates. She feels bad about that because she sees now that she was wrong. She was scared. Mostly for her kids. She was terrified they would catch covid and die.…

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Oct 26 – District 1 Board of Supervisors Interviews

The Board of Supervisors held interviews for the vacant District 1 Supervisor position on Tuesday, October 26th. This position will be on the ballot in June. I believe several of the candidates are planning to run. If you are in District 1, I strongly recommend you watch the entire interview process to help you make…

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Affadavit – Military Injunction to Stop the Shot Mandate

The video is navy surgeon Lee Merritt explaining the severity of the shot. AFFIDAVIT OF LTC. THERESA LONG M.D. IN SUPPORT OF A MOTION FOR A PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION ORDER 39. The subject matter of this Motion for a Preliminary Injunction and its devastating effects on members of the military compel me to conclude and conduct…

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Maricopa Audit Results

Arizona’s certified election results: Biden – 1,672,143 Trump – 1,661,686 DIFFERENCE – 10,457 Keep that number in mind. Some of the issues presented: 23,344 Mail in Ballots voted from prior address 10,342 potentially voted in multiple counties 9,041 more mail in ballots returned than had been sent 3,432 official result does not match who voted…

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George Washington & Mass Innoculation

Last week, one of our Supervisors read a letter by someone who noted that George Washington had required vaccination of military troops in 1777. At the time, 90% of deaths were caused by disease, mostly small pox. Washington said “Necessity not only authorizes but seems to require the measure, for should the disorder infect the…

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BOS Resolution Opposing Mandates

While we wish this resolution included some better information explaining the concerns about shot safety and covid treatment protocols, we appreciate the Board taking a stand against the mandates.

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