Local Action

Board of Supervisors Meetings

  • Sept 2020 – As a condition of the CaresAct funding distribution, our County Board of Supervisors were required to implement a method of enforcing the mask mandate. They were considering a Penalty Ordinance that would allow for specific persons to cite and fine businesses and individuals who were not complying. We gathered at the meeting and shared our concerns – the Board heard us and agreed to hold off on the ordinance.
  • Dec 2020 – the Board revisited the penalty ordinance. We spoke again and they agreed that businesses would be allowed to decide for themselves whether they required masks.
  • August 2021 – we addressed the board on 2 issues:
    1. Our concerns over the states increasing mandates. No action taken.
    2. Our concerns about a voter rights resolution which had been introduced by a former board member. The Board passed on the resolution.

School Mandates / Parent Concerns

August 2020 – CDPH mandated all students return to class wearing masks this year. They also have authority to the local districts to decide how to enforce the mask mandate.

We worked with parents to draft a letter to the local school districts expressing our concerns:

  • Their job should be to focus on teaching, not being the mask police
  • No one other than parents will make medical decisions for children (including testing and the shot)
  • Parents need to be allowed on campus

247 families signed the letter – representing 440 students in 32 schools.

We are continuing to work with our local leaders to find solutions to these issues.

Election Integrity

We are working with organizations across the country and in California to help ensure our elections are free and fair. Stay tuned for more information on how we will be engaging in our local elections.


Our right to assembly and free speech is protected by the Constitution of the United States. We are gathering in our community and uniting with surrounding counties to express these freedoms.