What Does It Mean to Live Local?

Patriot Jarrin Jackson has been encouraging us to Live Local by focusing on four key areas – Speech, Sheriff, Schools & Shopping.  I’ve modified these categories and added two more – but ultimately I think the idea of living local falls into one question: HOW CAN I HELP?

As you peruse the 6 categories below – think about that question. Everyone has something they bring to the table. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of time – start with a few minutes, an hour – whatever you can do to help make our community stronger, better. You don’t need to go through us to help – but if you’d like to get involved with our organization or if we can support your efforts in some way, email


Speak truth, become a student and a teacher simultaneously of other things your moral compass points to.  


Attend school board meetings, get involved!  Don’t just assume things are all good, go find out.


Buy local as much as you can, avoid big corrupt chain corporations.  Support local businesses.  

If you run a local, patriotic business, WE WANT TO SUPPORT YOU!

Chamber of Commerce

STRIKE BACK FOR FREEDOM – find out which companies to boycott and who to support.



Get to know our Sheriff – they are elected by the people and should represent us. They have constitutional authority over the county.

We have an election coming up next year for this position.  Our current Sheriff has stated he will not be running – 2 others have announced their candidacy.  GET TO KNOW THESE TWO!  Attend candidates nights, ask hard questions, talk to people who know them!  This is a critical decision.

Home & Health

Whether you’re planning for a home garden, stocking up supplies or needing information on covid medical treatment and natural remedies – we are putting together resources for you!

If you have tips for our community – please get in touch! Email us

Churches & Organizations

Community Churches & Organizations are at the heart of many of our residents.

Get involved with one of the existing ones or start your own – think outside the box.