Attend Board, Council and Committee meetings.

Read the agendas – let people know if something is concerning
The public may speak during public comments – share covid data, election concerns, whatever else is on your mind (you don’t have to stay all day – just take the time to go)

Email and call your elected officials individually.

Go ask questions! If something is concerning to you and you want to understand it better – go meet with the officials in charge.


Click below to learn how California counties are structured and which positions are responsible for what.


Find out which elected positions are coming up and think about running. I’ll be adding a page about all of the upcoming positions and you can learn about how to run at the link below.

Tehama Board of Supervisors

Board of Supervisor meetings are held each Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. at 727 Oak Street.

School Boards

Get engaged in your kids schools – go to the board meetings.

State Congressmen for Tehama County

Assemblyman James Gallagher

Senator Jim Nielsen

Political Parties

Contact your local political party to see how you can get involved.

Election Integrity

City Councils in Tehama County

City Council is the governing body of incorporated cities. Tehama County has 3 city councils: 

County Government

Below is a link to government pages: departments, codes & ordinances and the transparency portal.

Federal Congressmen for California/Tehama County

California has 2 Senators: Dianne Feinstein & Alex Padilla

California has 53 Representatives – Ours is Doug LaMalfa

Senators & Assemblyman

Local Elected Positions

  • See what positions are coming up in the next few years and consider running for office.
  • Learn about the candidates and help them win by sharing their info – contact the ones you support to see how you can help.
  • Right now, the officials listed below are taking a stand either for or against mandates. Do you know where they stand? Remember which ones were on the wrong side when it comes time for re-election.

Current Elected officials

Supervisor District No. 1Bill Moule – Learn How He Was Appointed
Supervisor District No. 2Candy Carlson
Supervisor District No. 3Dennis Garton
Supervisor District No. 4Bob Williams
Supervisor District No. 5John Leach
AssessorKen Brown 
Auditor-ControllerLeRoy M. Anderson
Clerk-RecorderJennifer A. Vise
District AttorneyMatthew D. Rogers
Sheriff – CoronerDave Hencratt
Superintendent of SchoolsRichard R. DuVarney
Superior Court Judge-Department No. 1 & 3C. Todd Bottke, Presiding Judge 
Superior Court Judge-Department No. 1, 2, 5 & JJCMatthew C. McGlynn, Assistant Presiding Judge
Superior Court Judge-Department No. 1 & 4Jonathan Skillman
Superior Court Judge-Department No. 1, 2, 5 & JJCLaura S. Woods
Treasurer-Tax CollectorDana Hollmer

Become a GOP Precinct Committee Member

We are looking for Republicans to become precinct committee members for Tehama County. Seats available in districts 1, 3, 4 & 5.

Letter to Tehama Board of Supervisors re: Concerns of Election Systems

Dear Supervisor,   As I’m sure you are aware, Shasta County Board of Supervisors has voted to cancel the contract with Dominion Voting Systems and go to hand counting ballots.  I am also aware that some of you believe Dominion is safe and hand counting is prohibitively costly.  Many of our citizens, myself included, have…

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Voting – Nov 8 2022

Tehama County Polling Locations Drop Box Locations & Info The League of Women Voters put out a voters guide which explains the National and state positions & propositions. Easy Voter Guide I’ll be voting Republican for those that are party designated – below are my thoughts for the non- positions and propositions and how I…

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Tina Peters is the Mesa County, Colorado Election clerk. She believed the the election system, including the Dominion machines used in that county, was secure and invulnerable to attack. But she had numerous complaints that said otherwise. Enough so that she hired a forensic auditor to dig into the machines. What she found is shocking.…

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