2022 Elections

Our vote is important – but we need to know who we are voting for and what they stand for. It’s time for us to put people into positions who truly represent our county.

Tehama County Candidate Guide (includes requirement info for each position).

Tehama County Candidate Watchlist

2022 Positions Up for Election

  • Board of Supervisors District 1 (short term)
  • Board of Supervisors District 3
  • Board of Supervisors District 4
  • Sheriff/Coroner
  • District Attorney
  • Board of Education District 2
  • Board of Education District 3
  • Board of Education District 5
  • Clerk – Recorder
  • County Superintendent of Schools
  • Auditor – Controller
  • Assessor
  • Treasurer -Tax Collector
  • Superior Court Judge 1
  • Superior Court Judge 2

Below are candidates running for office in Tehama County in 2020. Photos are used with permission and all information is taken directly from the candidates social media accounts or websites.


The Sheriff has three primary duties: keep the peace (e.g., make arrests, respond to calls); attend the courts (e.g., superior court bailiffs); and operate the county jail. Our Sheriff also serves as coroner. Learn more here

Chad Parker

Chad’s Facebook Page

Dave Kain

Dave is the current Captain at the Tehama Sheriffs Office. I haven’t found info on social media about Capt Kain. I encourage people to speak with former Sheriff’s office employees about their experience. Appeal-Democrat Article


Unlike the separation of powers that characterizes the federal and state governments, the Board of Supervisors is both the legislative and the executive authority of the county. It also has quasi-judicial authorities. Learn more here+

There are 3 Supervisor positions up for election – District 3 & 4 are full term positions, district 1 is a short term position because the previous supervisor resigned mid-term. Learn more about the supervisor 1 appointment process HERE.

District 4

Matt Hansen

Treasurer/Tax Collector

Parker Hunt

Parker is the current Treasurer/Tax Collector. Facebook Profile