Election Integrity

2020 or Bust

Mainstream Media says the claims of fraud are baseless. There’s an awful lot of evidence to the contrary. You decide. Watch the videos – read the reports – learn about the anomalies, eyewitness accounts and testimonies. Don’t rely on someone else’s judgement about this important issue.

There are 2 kinds of people who say there’s no election fraud (or not enough to change the outcome):

  1. Those who haven’t looked into it
  2. Those who are in on it

Look into it. Take the time. It doesn’t take much to see how fraudulent our election systems are.

Some of the ways votes have been proven to be stolen in 2020:

  • Mules were used to stuff ballot boxes – they would drive to various non-profits, pick up pre-filled ballots and then deliver them to ballot boxes.
  • Technology – the machines are designed to weight the votes (so they can give .75% of a vote to 1 candidate and 1.25% to another. This happened. See the California actual vs weighted here: The Truth
  • Registration roles across the country have not been updated in many years. In our county, it’s been 10-15 years. This leaves the opportunity for voting of people who are deceased or moved out state. Yes – this happened!
  • Fraudulent ballots were added – there is evidence of ballots being pulled out from under tables and trucks delivering pre-filled ballots (in some cases, across state lines)
  • Fraudulent ballots were run through the tabulators multiple times (again – it’s on video!)

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