Stand Together Tehama County

Please watch Erik’s video. Feel encouraged to contact us with any questions:

When our founding fathers penned our Declaration of Independence they knew, that in order to defeat the tyrants who lorded over them, and to protect the freedoms on which they built this country, they would have to depend upon one another, and upon their communities, entirely.

Now, as then, those freedoms are being trampled upon by tyrants who believe that they, rather than WE THE PEOPLE, are the ones who control this nation, its government, and all who inhabit it.

We are choosing to STAND TOGETHER in support and protection of businesses and our fellow citizens who stand for liberty by refusing to comply with the current, or future, unconstitutional decrees.

Can You Help?

We are in the process of creating a 501c3 to try to help those in Tehama County who have been affected by the mandates. If you would be interested in helping support this effort or have other ideas of how we can help, please contact us.