Stand Together Pledge

When our founding fathers penned our Declaration of Independence they knew, that in order to defeat the tyrants who lorded over them, and to protect the freedoms on which they built this country, they would have to depend upon one another, and upon their communities, entirely. Now, as then, those freedoms are being trampled upon by tyrants who believe that they, rather than the people, are the ones who control this nation, its government, and all who inhabit it.

Acting on this belief, the tyrants who presume to control us have handed down corrupt and unconstitutional mandates and orders that would strip the citizens of this nation of their bodily autonomy, rob them of their property in the form of their businesses, and brand them as undesirable in the pursuit of fair and honest work. If they are allowed to be imposed, these false laws will cripple the businesses of our communities and bring their citizens to heal beneath the boot of tyranny. That is unless we do not allow it.

This can all be stopped. Our republic can be restored, and our community can be protected if

we simply STAND TOGETHER; in support and protection of businesses, and our fellow citizens, who stand for liberty by refusing to comply with the current, or future, unconstitutional decrees from our tyrants. Our local business must know that if they defy these decrees, that we will keep them funded when they are fined, or when their accounts are seized for refusing to pay those fines.

They must know that we will literally stand between them and any enforcement agency who comes to close their doors. Our neighbors must know that if they stand for their own freedoms at the expense of their job, that they and their families will be supported; that they will not loose their homes, and their families will not go hungry.

We all must be willing to commit our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to each other, and to our communities. If you are willing to make such a commitment, then we ask that you place your information on this list below, so that you may be called on should any citizen or business of our community need support or protection.

If we all stand together, no one has anything to fear, and we will all be free.



Erik AndersenRed Bluff
Jimmy FaggardRed Bluff
Shawn GreerWestside
Vicki BurgessRed Bluff
Robin TaylorRed Bluff
RachelRed Bluff
Laura LynnRed Bluff
Whitney FortierRed Bluff
Loni DaSilvaRed Bluff
Jessica NeelGerber
Betty MoralesLos Molinos