Shasta County BOS Boots Dominion


Whether you believe there is election fraud in our county (and country) or not, every one of us should be able to know for a fact that it doesn’t exist.

It’s not enough for election officials to simply say it. They ought to be able to prove it. Can they? With machines – can they actually prove that fraud doesn’t exist? Can they show me that MY vote counted fairly?

The Shasta County Board of Supervisors have determined that there is enough question with the Dominion machines to be concerned. So they are cancelling their contract.

Learn more about the Shasta BOS decision:

Shasta County Agenda Item Jan 24, 2023


Courtney Kreider interview with Shasta Supervisors Kris Kelstrom & Patrick Jones – the Supervisors discuss why they made the decision to cancel the Dominion contract.

Jan 24, 2023 Shasta BOS Meeting – Watch discussions during the meeting with the County Clerk, Cathy Darling and the Supervisors.

So what about Tehama County?

We use Dominion machines. We have very outdated voter rolls. And many of us have concerns.

I personally believe our Elections Clerk is doing her job “by the book”. I do not believe she is corrupt. However, she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know! And she has been less than willing to hear and understand our concerns.

My expectation of EVERY elected official is that they be 100% transparent – more than that, they should be looking for ways to instill trust with their constituents.

During the last election, my daughter noticed a blue, ethernet cable connecting the voting machine to a small black box when she was casting her vote. Upon hearing about it, my husband looked for it when he cast his vote and then asked the poll worker about it. She told him it was a power cord. A few hours later, a third person who went to vote noted that there was no blue cable.

It clearly was not a power cord. So I have 2 questions:

  • Why was an internet cable connected to the machine?
  • Why did the poll worker lie about it?

These are very small, but important, examples of why WE THE PEOPLE are concerned about our elections.

What can we do?

The Board of Supervisors are the decisionmakers about the contracts we issue. Like Shasta, they can cancel the Dominion contract and look for alternative solutions.


This is an uphill battle. We need people who are willing to dig in and do some work. We need to review voter registration data, canvas to verify the data, learn about the issues with machines and work to find solutions to ensure we have free and fair elections. We need to talk with our elected officials about our concerns and ask them to take action.

We also need to be prepared to be part of the solution!  How will votes be counted?  Who will count them?  Who will observe the counting and ensure it is being done fairly?    

Start by learning about the issues. I have shared a lot of information here on this website – read, watch videos, study data shared by experts.

Talk to our elected officials and insist they learn as well. A copy of this message is being sent to the Tehama County Board of Supervisors. I encourage you to follow up with them – their contact info is listed below.


Got questions? Or just want to chat? Reach out: