Vaccine Injury Help

I remember being nervous when covid first started. I didn’t really think it was as bad as they said, but I was upset about the shut downs and wanted to get our local businesses back up quickly.

So I complied with the 14 days and stayed home.

The longer it went on, the more we learned. So by the time the shot was available, we had chosen a side. Either we were afraid of covid, or we were afraid of what the government was doing.

People who got the shot truly thought they were doing the right thing. They had hope that it would stop the virus.

Many have had severe effects including certain cancers, mental health, reproductive and heart problems. Even death.

Would it concern you to know that Pfizer’s 28 day trial showed a 23% excess mortality in the treatment group. More people died than were saved from Covid by taking the vaccine.

If you’ve taken the shot and need help with symptoms, there is hope. Dr. Christa uses homeopathics.

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Dr Stella and her team have a protocol that includes prescription ivermectin. Check it out below:

Dr Stella Vax Detox Protocol