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GRASSROOTS: Change from the ground up


School Options

We are considering starting a homeschool co-op as an option for parents who do not want to send their kids to public school forced to wear a mask, or to test or get the jab.

Tehama County Issues

BOS Resolution Opposing Mandates

While we wish this resolution included some better information explaining the concerns about shot safety and covid treatment protocols, we appreciate the Board taking a stand against the mandates.

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Red Bluff Daily News

I was confronted by a man last week after he overheard a conversation I was having about our rally on 8-14. He let it be known he was against our…

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Red White & Blueprint

I am following the Shasta County efforts to restore the government to We The People. We may not follow the same path, but we are going to do the same…

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Victims, Enemies, Warriors

Last night a young woman was brave enough to share that last year she had been angry with me over my stand on the mask mandates. She feels bad about that because she sees now that she was wrong. She was scared. Mostly for her kids. She was terrified they would catch covid and die.…

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Letter to the Editor of the Red Bluff Daily News

On July 28, an article written by your reporter Mandy Feder-Sawyer titled Red Bluff Schools Return to 100 percent… was published by your paper grossly misrepresenting the parents of hundreds of students who are standing against the mandates set in place by our state as our children return to school. The reporter made it quite…

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Tehama Citizens for Freedom

Let’s do this! If you’re sick and tired of covid lies overtaking our community, get involved with TCFF and help us take back our community and our lives. “If you’re under 70, covid is half as dangerous as the flu…” John Ioannidis, professor of medicine and professor of epidemiology and population health

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