Watch for Earthquakes

The video below gives some in the interesting info about seismic activity. What’s fascinating to me is that many of the areas he was watching yesterday were also being flown by military aircraft.

Dutchsinse – Seismic Unrest (7/29)

Rock under stress produces massive amounts of electricity. The satellite image below shows showing yellow & red hot spots, electromagnetic activity.

Watch today & tomorrow:

  • 6.+ in Bay Area
  • 5’s in Idaho Yellowstone
  • 4’s Colorado Utah Oklahoma Texas
  • 3’s along the Eastern states
  • Christchurch NZ


  • How will you contact family if power and cell coverage are out?
  • Where will you meet if you can’t return home?
  • Who will check on elderly and disabled?


  • Water (3 days)
  • Non-perishable food (3 days)
  • Pet supplies (meds, water, food, leashes & carriers)
  • TP
  • Fuel for vehicles & generators
  • Flashlights / candles
  • Battery powered radio
  • Extra batteries
  • Solar powered chargers
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Soap, shampoo, cleaning products
  • 1st aid kit
  • Medications
  • Wrench (turn off gas line)
  • Can opener

Go bag:

  • 1 gallon water = 7lbs
  • Prepackaged food (granola bars)
  • Whistle
  • Swiss army knife
  • Glasses
  • Cash (small bills)
  • Important papers
  • ID
  • Extra Keys
  • 1st aid kit
  • Good walking shoes
  • Clothing – layers
  • Blankets / sleeping bags / tent

How to Make an Earthquake Emergency Supply Kit

Author: Shawn

"The burden of suffering seems a tombstone hung about our necks, while in reality it is only a weight which is necessary to keep down the diver while he is hunting for pearls" Jean Paul Richter

One thought on “Watch for Earthquakes”

  1. Great information to share! Whether Preparing for earthquakes, fires, power outages and storms this applies. With the severe drought food prices, especially beef are going up!

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