BOS – IMPORTANT MEETING! (Draft Resolution in Support of Voter Rights)

Our county Board of Supervisors meets tomorrow, Tues, Aug 17 for their regular meeting.


I would like to encourage you to attend this meeting if possible – or you can send emails or call in to have your comments included in the meeting minutes.

There are 3 issues I think need to be addressed:

1. Covid mandates: while there is nothing on the agenda at this time, it is important for our board to hear from us every week. They need to know we are taking a stand – and we need to ask them to stand with us.

You can speak on this during public comments at the beginning of the meeting.

The next issues are the last 2 items on the agenda – you can speak on these issues when they are discussed during the meeting:

2. Discussion of salary increase for management employees – most of the employees in our county are paid a much lower wage than other counties in California. It is time for this to be rectified. To their credit, the board recently passed an increase for our sheriffs association. The fact this is on the agenda is a good sign.

I will be supporting this effort.

3. Draft Resolution in Support of Voter Rights

As you can see in the draft resolution below, there is one statement of grave concern:

  • “…curtailment of early voting, elimination of same-day registration, reduction of polling places, vote dilution tactics, and needlessly cumbersome voter ID laws reduce and restrict the full expression American political voice.”

This draft resolution is being considered because a former supervisor brought it to the table.

H.R. 1 is currently being circulated through congress, sponsored by a Democrat representative, is very concerning. I encourage you to read more about it here: HR 1

I am strongly against these measures because they create opportunities for fraud in our elections.

I believe EVERY American has the right and responsibility to vote. EVERY AMERICAN!

But making it easier for people to vote also makes it easier for people to cheat. This is not ok.

I will share more today about my concerns but I wanted to get this out to you all as quick as possible.

Please please please – if you can, plan to attend this important meeting tomorrow.

Public comments will be shortly after 10am – salary increase and voter integrity at the end of the meeting (dependent on how long the other items take).



Agenda Packet

Author: Shawn

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